Vivo V21 5G Review – Price in India & Stong Cameras

If you have decided to change your old phone and buy a new one that has almost every new feature installed in it, then you must have done some quick online research because of course a lot of money is required while buying a phone and you don’t want to waste it on average working ones.

There is no shortage of Android phones in the market, you will get plenty of options, each of them claiming to be better than another and they are, that’s what the problem is. You get so many good options that selecting the one for you becomes a challenging task.

But this challenging task can be made a little simple if you do thorough research on different brands of the phone. Make a list of what you expect from a phone and then look for brands accordingly.

One obvious thing is that we all need the latest version of everything because obviously nobody wants to feel like falling behind when technology is growing so rapidly.

No need to worry, because many android phones believe in being up to date with the growing technology, one of which is the famous company Vivo.

Vivo always believed in providing the best of everything to their customers. Whatever product they launch, they make sure to impress their customers with their excellence.

One of the latest products Vivo launched is the Vivo V21 5G

What’s so special about Vivo V21G?

It is an easy and capable smartphone to use. Many found that it’s the previous model and this one has not much difference but there are features that its predecessors lacked.

The most appealing feature is that Vivo V21 5G supports a 5G network.

They also have a first-rate 4-Axis OIS technology on the rear camera which creates an amazing, top-quality level of photography experience for you.

The phone works at a 2.4 GHz of speed with its 7nm octa-core MTK Dimensity 800U processor, which is really an attractive feature. You will get super smooth online experiences with its 5G+5G Dual SIM support system.

Vivo V21 5G special feature
Source: 91mobiles

The phone comes with a 6.44-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1080 x 2404 pixels and an aspect ratio of 20:9, another reason to try this phone out.

It measures only 7.3 mm in thickness and weighs just 176 grams, this good-looking phone is really a nice phone to carry. Vivo V21 comes in three color options – Sunset Dazzle, Dusk Blue, and Arctic White, all of these colors are really pleasing and appealing to all its customers.

But this phone misses out on a 3.5 mm headphone jack. This was just a small look at what Vivo V21 5G is, but this is not enough. If you are looking for a new phone to buy, a little introduction won’t do anything, you need to know everything in detail about the phone you are going to buy.

So, below is a detailed explanation of V21, its good and bad points to help you decide whether this phone is for you or not.

Features Review of Vivo V21 5G

General specifications

Vivo V21 5G general specification

The latest addition to Vivo’s V20 series brings to you the power and speed of 5G with a screen resolution of 1080 x 2404 pixels and an aspect ratio of 20:9. It is powered by a 2.5GHz octa-core processor, with 8 GB of RAM at its disposal, and also provides dual sim technology. Vivo V21 runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G, an Adreno 618 GPU that takes care of the graphical requirements. It runs the Funtouch OS compatible with the Android 11 and has a 4000 mAH battery for long-lasting battery life with 33 W flash charging. It provides users with 128 GB internal storage that is expandable up to 1000 GB by installing an independent Memory card. It also has high sensitivity sensors which provide low booting and response times. It has 4 Sensors, Accelerometer, Gyro, Proximity, and Compass.

The Vivo V21 5G measures 159.68 x 73.90 x 7.29mm (height x width x thickness) with a screen size of 6.44 inches and weighs 176 gms. It is available in 3 Colors; Arctic White, Dusk Blue, and Sunset Dazzle. 


The rear camera boasts a 64-megapixel primary camera along with an 8-megapixel secondary camera and a 2-megapixel third camera, which means that it can be compared to other triple camera phones that will usually cost you more than 1000 USD.

Vivo V21 5G camera

It also has a 44-megapixel front camera for all the selfies and Vlogs you might want to make. The phone also had 2 flashes one for both sides. You can edit your pictures and add various filters to selfies with the help of the AI Selfie Lighting feature. Vivo phones in general are known for their cameras but with V21, looks like Vivo is ready to take the next step in lens technology.

5G compatibility

In many places 5G speed for the internet is not provided, most phones that provide 5G connectivity are extremely expensive and fragile. 5G is a relatively new concept and so, Phone companies can face difficulties strategizing according to people’s needs and desires. This is not the case with Vivo, as they have multiple options in 5G compatible phones that are both values for money and durable. V21 is one of their top-tier models and has full compatibility, the only issue is that in many countries, 5G connectivity has not been achieved, and so in those countries the highest speeds possible are 4G. However, our question is if it can reach such speeds and the answer is a Yes.

AMOLED Display

Vivo V21 5G display

Vivo V21, in contrast to V20, upgrades from AMOLED HDR 10+ to AMOLED, 2.5D ( curved glass ) HDR 10+. What might seem like a minor change has increased the maximum refresh rate to 90 Hz allowing you to game better and also support HDR content? V21 also provides a chipset from Mediatek called ‘Dimensity 800U’ that provides additional features and smoother refresh rates. Even though V20 was one of a kind in terms of Mobile gaming, it seems the next addition to the series takes it a step further.

Cons Review of Vivo V21

We must now discuss some of the shortfalls of the phone and the company in general too.

Vivo V21, despite all its numerous features and humble price point, does have a few areas where it could be improved. For one it does not have an official IP code which will cause many buyers to feel hesitant to complete their purchase.

It does not have a 3.5 mm audio jack, and so an exterior connector has to be functional to use headphones/earphones with the device. This also means that you cannot use them while your phone is charging as the connector and charger have the same port. It also does not have stereo speakers, something that many other phone models do offer at that price range.

While max refresh rate has gone up, in-game experience shows that it is variable and inconsistent at reaching such speeds. This is because it uses Mediatek processors, which are considered outdated in some circles, and also uses low-quality storage-type units.

Another feature that does prove to be a problem in the new age, not just Vivo V21, is the fact that it has a non-replicable/non-removable battery.

However, these are minor issues that shouldn’t affect consumer acquisition in the long run. There are some issues that Vivo faces, as a company, which directly affect individual models.

The first problem is that Vivo is in a tough market surrounded by equally competent Phone companies that provide good quality products at low prices as well. Such companies will force Vivo to come up with newer technologies and lower price points. Critics also remark on their pervasive branding that overuses celebrities and famous personalities to endorse their products.

Another point raised is that Vivo, copy-pastes, other phone technologies such as that of Apple and Samsung. While there are some similarities in the way the phones look and work, there isn’t enough proof that they are a complete copy. Some features get trendy and are meant to be added to phones in general. They also use some imaginative strategies by giving incentives to stores for talking up their models in front of potential buyers. Software updates after a point will expire for older phones and only newer and fewer models will get fully updated.

What makes people not buy Vivo products is the fact that their low-end products have major technical issues, heating problems, low processing power, frequent crashes, and according to some reports even blasts. With such negative reviews, what gets a bad reputation is the better phones. This is true not just for Vivo but many other companies with a similar marketing strategy and similar origins. The fact that most of the lower-end models are the ones that are most frequently bought along with carelessness on the companies’ part, many people are missing out on such competent and noteworthy devices that can make their everyday life more stylish and easier.

That is not to say however that all low-end Vivo phones are not worth the money at all. Admittedly they do have a few glitches and may require some fixes, but overall, they do provide impressive quality and customer service. The top-tier models of Vivo do have good specs but the overall image of the company affects the potential increase in sales. The model V21 in and of itself is a reliable device that can excel in day-to-day phone-related activities. However, it is no question that there are better phones with even better specs that are about the same price. While the phone is excellent at what it does, there are alternatives to it. Some other models of Vivo worth checking out once are; Vivo X60 and Vivo V21E

All mobile phone companies depend on these kinds of tactics and strategies to optimize their profits and sales. While all this information is factual and it does help in understanding the characteristics of the company, Vivo is a well-established, reputed brand known all over the world and is continuously making huge strides in the phone industry. At the end of the day, they provide quality products at affordable price ranges, which is what, according to most statistics, most people want when thinking about investing in a phone.

Conclusion – Vivo V21 5G Review

In Conclusion, Specific models of the company do provide their customers with numerous advantages over other models. V21 is a good phone that has a few minor issues that shouldn’t hassle potential buyers as it provides so much more than it does not. Unfortunately, the brand name and strategies do not work well together with the phone. The phone looks good and feels good, despite having a heavy OS, it manages to run smoothly for the most part. It’s a shame that the way the company functions makes many people second guess while spending money on a Vivo phone. This leads to people buying one of their lower-end models and then regretting it later. If you are willing to look past these issues, if you do not mind the way the company functions and propagates itself, there is an incredibly cost-effective phone that provides so many new and latest features, that is durable and long-lasting, has one of the most top tier cameras at a shy price of around 30,000 INR.

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