UA True Wireless Flash Review

Advantage: According to the UA True Wireless Flash Review they are waterproof, fit in your ears, and sound good for true wireless headphones. Also, they work well for making calls and have two transparency modes that allow sound to come into your ears for safety reasons.

Drawback: Charging case is bulky, and also the buds may be too big for some people’s ears.

Conclusion: If you are looking out for a sports earphone, the UA True Wireless Flash is an excellent set of true wireless earphones — except for its bulky charging case.

JBL Tune 120TWS vs UA True Wireless Flash Earbuds

JBL Tune 120TWS are available in black, blue, green/black, white, white/pink, or yellow models, the Tune 120TWS earpieces have a glossy exterior surrounding the JBL logo/control panel. The earpieces also snap into cradles in the larger-than-usual charging case. The case has a flip-top lid, status LEDs on the outer panel, and also a covered micro USB port for the included micro USB charging cable.

The control panels divide tasks between the left and right earpieces. Both can for the power up/down (when held for two seconds for on, and five seconds for off). A single tap of the left earpiece also skips forward a track and a double tap skips backward, while the right earpiece handles play/pause with a single tap, or answers an incoming call. Tapping the whole right ear’s button twice summons your phone’s voice assistant, and holding it down for three seconds mutes the mic (or unmutes it).

UA True Wireless Flash are sports earphones, they include three different-sized sports fins and tips (JBL calls them “Flex Ear Tips”) to help lock the buds in your ears with a tight seal to maximize sound quality. You achieve a good fit with the medium fins and large tips and I found the buds fit in a comfortable way.

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JBL UA True Wireless Flash Earphone Details

JBL UA True Wireless Flash Earphone
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The Flash earbuds do not diverge from what you would expect from a true wireless model. There’s no cable here, meaning both earbuds are untethered, with silicone ear tips and a rounded casing to keep them fitting inside your ear. As is par for the course with earbuds, you will get three sizes of ear tips included in the box, though we found the default sizing perfect for our (too small) ears.

The earbuds are a matte black color, both also with red detailing and a protruding silver logo that also acts as an action button for pausing, playing, powering on, answering calls, and the like.

Battery Life

The battery life of the Under Armour True Wireless Flash by JBL is very good. According to our objective testing, standalone battery life clocks in at about 4.95 hours. This reaches the posited five-hour battery life, and if you play your music at lower volumes than 75dB—which you do—then you’ll benefit from extended playback times.

For the price, it’s surprising that the whole Flash by JBL uses micro-USB charging rather than USB-C. However, this archaic choice is forgivable since it takes two hours to complete a full charge cycle. Also, the water-resistant charging case provides an extra 20 hours of battery life, so it’s unlikely you’ll be without power.

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How is the connectivity of UA True Wireless Flash?

The connectivity of the Under Armour True Wireless Flash by JBL is fickle even for true wireless. Connectivity stutters, while not frequent, also occurs a few times an hour which may be too off-putting for some. These earbuds operate via Bluetooth 4.2 and—unlike the Plantronics BackBeat Fit 3100—don’t support multipoint connectivity. Also, if you plan to stream Netflix from the treadmill, you will experience some audio-visual lag as these don’t support any high-quality Bluetooth codecs to reduce latency. With all that said, auto-connect works without a hitch.

UA True Wireless Flash sound quality
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What about the UA True Wireless Flash Sound quality?

Even though most consumer audio products are to exaggerate the low-end, this takes the cake. To experience this total same bass response without compromising clarity, make sure to find the right fitting ear tips for your ear canals. This takes a few moments and if none of the included ones work, there are always third-party options.

They sounded well-balanced, with natural-sounding mids and meaty bass that is very pretty well defined. You are dealing with Bluetooth streaming so you are not going to get as clean or detailed a sound as you would with a good pair of wired headphones, but most people should be with the sound quality.

Sound-wise, the Flash is better-sounding, with superior bass performance in particular. However, the Jabra, which doesn’t have sports fins (but still manages to stay in most people’s ears) is the more comfortable earphone. It is also a little smaller and you feel it in your ears a little less. Of course, with these types of in-ear headphones, their fit also varies from person to person and some earphones won’t be a good match for your ears.

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Why should you buy these UA True Wireless Flash Earbuds?

These earbuds were very good when they came out, but as the years have passed, these earbuds are less and also less impressive compared to the competition. There are plenty of great options abound, however; in fact, we also have even compiled an entire list of the best true wireless workout earbuds. If you want to stick to a price of $150 budget, the Jabra Elite 75t ‘buds are a great pick. Also, you could even get the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, which features IPX2 water-resistance as well as Spotify integration. There are also plenty of excellent alternatives, and it’s not that the Under Armor True Wireless Flash is a bad deal, rather that there are much better ones out there.

UA True Wireless Flash Earbuds Specs

  • Designed for runners
  • Sweatproof
  • Can be used during the workout
  • Work well for making calls
  • Have two transparency modes
  • Good battery life

So, have you read the UA True Wireless Flash Review? Go through it again and look at the features it provides and buy now!

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