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UA Sport Wireless Train Review

Advantages – UA Sport Wireless Train headphones have simple control and expectational sound quality. It has an IPX4 water-resistant.

Drawback – UA Sport Wireless Train headphones are tight in fitting, and it also has mediocre battery life.

The Bottom Line – The UA Sport Wireless Train headphones give bass-forward audio in a secure-fitting, exercise-focused on-ear design.

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UA Sport Wireless by JBL vs Sweat-Proof Headphones EARHUGZ

The UA Sports Wireless Train has a breathable, lightweight fabric. It has 16 hours of battery, and it has speed-charge. They are wireless and offer a good Bluetooth range. But it’s sound quality isn’t brilliant, and noise-isolation is also passive. On the other hand, Sweat-Proof Headphones EARHUGZ are sweat-proof and gym-ready. It has good sound quality, wireless range, noise-cancellation, earpad size. They are machine washable. But does not come with a cover, and it heat-resistant is also not that good.

The UA Sports Wireless Train by JBL is relatively well, but Sweat-Proof Headphones are more profitable.

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UA Sport Wireless Train Feature


UA Sports Wireless Train is an on-ear headphone. They have rubber grooves along with heavily cushioned ear pads which are lined with black, Jersey like material. The earcups have an octagonal, rounded shape. The headphones are generously padded, which makes it a comfortable fit. It has large buttons for easy control during workouts. The headphones come in red on black, black on black colour.

On the left ear cup, it has a USB charging port hidden behind a rubber door. On the right earcup’s have power/ pairing button and volume, playback control button. It also has 3.5 mm cable to use headphones in wired mode. JBL also have the option to use the plus/minus button for track navigation. JBL also provide one good looking travel case it is a hard shell, a zip-up case has rubber material.

The headphones fold down into the cover. The cover also contains Micro-USB cable.

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When it comes to comfort level, the UA Sport Wireless Train headphones aren’t bad. It also has good padding in the ear cups to make sure headphones fit in-ear nicely. The headphones are lightweight, which also helps you to carry it for the gym.


UA Sport Wireless Train headphones are a good pair of sound performance. The bass of the headphones is solid and boosted. The JBL has a heavy-bass sound profile. So these headphones are not made for a mega -bass customer. The kick drums feel like punchy and focused, and on the other hand, has guitar and synths are smooth and strong. The mid-range is well-tuned. If you are looking for natural-sounding quality headphones, this not one to go for but the tunning of JBL is quite good. The high end sounds pretty nice and has a nice level of clarity.

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Battery life and Bluetooth

UA Sport Wireless Train headphones battery life is 16 hours which also based on volume preference. It is the same as a runtime for the BackBeat Fit 500 and less than X-Tra headphones. It got 6 to 8 hours right out of the box. It has a speed charge feature, with 1 hour of playback after only 5 minutes of charging. You can also use the auxiliary cable for wired use when the battery died.

It has 4.1 Bluetooth connectivity with a range of 33 feet and was solid enough to let you walk around the apartment. The headphones are also responsive in pair mode and instantly connected to Google Pixel 2XL.

UA Sport Wireless Train Specification

ModelUA Sports Wireless Train
Model year2020
Battery16 hours
Product Dimensions 9.91 x 20.07 x 24.64 cm
Weight241 grams
Connectivity TypeBluetooth 4.1
Charging Time2 hours
Release Date9 April, 2020


The UA Sport Wireless Train Headphones are light, comfortable and loud to accommodate every workout. It has sweat-resistant ear cushions to the grip material headband. It includes active noise cancellation, but there is an absence of sound quality. If we come to see the ear shape and pain, the ear cushions can be uncomfortable if we wear it over time. The headphones deliver a good listening experience with good bass, which is good for those who enjoy working out to a low-frequency push. Overall, UA Sports Wireless Train is perfectly priced and provide more bang to your buck than the other competitors.

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