Tidal HiFi Review

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Tidal HiFi Review

Tidal with its high-quality streaming and audio stands out in the market. You will go to love it in your sporting events and host concerts. So when are you switching towards it?

  • Lossless FLAC streaming
  • Excellent UI
  • Credit functionality
  • Excellent Sound Quality
  • Live Stream & Exclusive Backstage Content
  • No local file playback
  • Less social features
  • No Free Version
  • Expensive

So let’s explore the Tidal HiFi streaming services review. If you are listening to music at work, on road trips or simply just while you are hanging out twice a week or so on, then Tidal HiFi is definitely for you the best choice. Tidal HiFi does a great job of connecting your music to your community, it is constantly innovating with new features. Well Tidal HiFi itself on being lossless quality tracks. So let’s explore reviews on Tidal HiFi streaming services.

What is Tidal?

Tidal is a premium music streaming service. It launched on October 28, 2014. The streaming service itself has two separate plans, Tidal Premium and Tidal HiFi. The first one has 60+ million songs available at 320kbps via AAC to stream for a monthly fee.

Tidal HiFi offers Master Quality Authenticated music files at 96kHz/24bit for some of its content. It is a wonder because no other music streaming services offer this.

Tidal also has a variety of options like podcasts, music, videos, live concert recordings, and professional playlists. It is accessible with a wide variety of devices including smartphones, tablets, smart speakers, and platforms like Apple and Android TV. Also, you can make and share playlists and save your favorite music.

How to use Tidal?

To view or make changes to the audio quality on your desktop, go to settings on the left-hand slider. Manage your sound quality, either normal, high, or HIFI/MASTER, and confirm your output device just by selecting the streaming.

While the song is selected, you can find the type of audio quality to the right of the shuffle button.

Tidal Subscription Plan Pricing

Tidal features two primary subscription plans, namely premium, and HiFi. The premium option costs $9.99 a month and stacks up evenly to many other music services. For that price, you get standard quality streams for over 50 million songs as well as access to a library of HD music videos.

tidal free trial

So let’s talk about the HIFI plan if you want to experience higher-quality listening with lossless music, then go for the HIFI plan. This option costs $19.99 per month. Basic features are the same as the premium plan, but you will get the ability to stream CD-quality and MQA hi-res tracks that are additional. This is a feature that many less expensive music services, like Spotify lacks.

Tidal offers a Huge subscription discount for students and military service members.

Tidal also has specific plans for student, family, military, and first–responder pricing available for each plan. The family upgrade includes support for up to six family members on one account. The other specialty plans are just adjustments to the price. Find the full details of prices below:

Tidal 30-day free trialFreeFreeFreeFreeFree
Tidal Premium$9.99/mo$14.99/mo$4.99/mo$5.99/mo$5.99/mo
Tidal HiFi$19.99/mo$29.99/mo$9.99/mo$11.99/mo$11.99/mo

Well, student, military, and first-responder accounts need to be verified before signing up. Student accounts also need to be re-verified every 12 months.

Tidal is a really impressive streaming music service in its way. If you just want standard-quality streaming the tidal $9.99 per month premium plan is just not enough to compete with competitors like Spotify. So if you want to experience the best appealing quality streaming then go for Tidal $19.99 per month HiFi plan.

Now let us talk about its sound quality with other streaming services:

Tidal HiFi vs Spotify

Tidal HiFi vs Spotify

We found that Tidal streams offered a more detailed soundstage and sounded a little bit more engaging. Tidal offers you the best option to listen to tracks in better than CD quality.

Also, Spotify does not offer lossless streaming like Tidal so it is not the best choice for audiophiles. Here tidal wins this one hand down.

Well in terms of music discovery features that are available in Tidal I am happy with that being its user. So Tidal does a better job when it comes to exclusives, though.

A lot of famous artists like Beyonce and Rihanna released their albums/songs on Tidal first, before publishing them on competing services months down the line.

Spotify also has videos just like Tidal but they do not play as significant a role as with Tidal. There is no dedicated section for videos.

If you are still in doubt regarding which one is a better fit for you then take advantage of the free trials and experience the services.

Tidal HiFi vs Master

Tidal HiFi vs Master

Tidal HiFi is CD-quality lossless [ 16 bit 44.1kHz uncompressed] lossless means that no information from the original recording is removed for the sake of space as in other streaming services. While master quality is just an even higher lossless quality according to Tidal it is typically 24 bit/96kHz.

So Tidal HiFi comes with lossless high–fidelity sound quality. HiFi audio offers a superior lossless CD quality of 44.1 kHz/16bits, which is apt for sound intensity for audiophiles.

You can enjoy a better quality than HiFi sound with the master edition. The authentic and unbroken audio version with the highest- possible resolution offers a Tidal master bitrate at 96kHz/24 bits, so users are going to feel and enjoy the music.

Tidal HiFi vs Premium

Tidal HiFi vs Premium
source: Soundguys

Well, if you are an audiophile who has a passion for lossless, high-resolution music then HIFI will complete your music feelings desire. It presents the highest possible audio quality you will ever experience while streaming.

It is worth speaking about that most devices with a standard headphone output support HIFI quality. Tidal premium with its huge music library should be enough and worth it. Which one to choose between it is all about users’ preferences.

So in these comparisons, you still have the question that which one is winning? Right. Your music taste, preference, and needs can better answer this question.

Tidal HiFi Pro and Cons

Tidal HiFi Pro and Cons


The major difference in Tidal from other streaming services is that it does not offer a free ride like a free subscription with ads, but Tidal does that to those who pay.

Another factor to be considered is the tidal-centric business model. Jay-z has offered stakeholder equity to artists who are entering a particular deal, which means the direct ownership of the company and has direct naming rights to its prices.

So users also feel to support their favorite artists and buy their music, and this is the best way to do so. Well if you are really dedicated to your favorite artists, TIDAL is probably for you. Plus if you are really dedicated to high–quality streams of your favorite albums then TIDAL is the right option.


Well the only vital con of TIDAL is the high price of streaming, which is a major concern for college students who can not afford it. There is the basic, $9.99 a month option that only gives you audio at low quality, and another $19.99 service that delivers the high- quality.

That’s all in Tidal HiFi Review, this might help you with various features and of course the with the application.

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