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SurfShark Review 2022 – Is it a Good & Trustworthy VPN?

9Expert Score
SurfShark Review 2022

Surfshark is one of the best VPN in the market today because of the cheapest prices for 2 years plan subscription and it comes with almost every necessary feature with an unlimited device policy.

  • Cheap Price
  • Reliable Support
  • Unblocks all major streaming sites
  • Easy usage
  • Android Pause VPN Function
  • Unreliable kill switch

This article is a review of the very popular VPN service, SurfShark VPN. This article provides a detailed and in-depth review of the VPN service so as to help you decide if it is the right and best VPN service for you.

So What is a VPN and What is its use?

A VPN is a service which when switched on, allows you to be connected to an encrypted tunnel created between your device and a server used by the VPN company. The VPN company sends all of your web traffic through this tunnel, which creates the illusion of the web traffic being created by the VPN company instead of your device which helps in masking your IP address flawlessly.

A VPN service is used to protect the privacy and identity of the user. When someone uses a VPN service, it masks their IP address which makes it very hard for people to track your online activities, and thus, protects your anonymity and privacy.

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What is the SurfShark VPN and how is it different from other VPNs?

SurfShark is a widely popular and well equipped VPN service, and it claims to be capable of doing it all, be it torrenting, streaming, or even browsing the dark web. It is a very capable VPN and it is equipped with a lot of features and is available at a pretty affordable price for its effectiveness and quality. 

In fact, according to the Surf One of the most intriguing facts about the SurfShark VPN is that even though it is very reasonably priced, it is constantly ranked about the best VPN services available in the market currently. It is packed with a whole lot of advanced features and it is capable of working in almost every location you can think of. 

SurfShark comes equipped with all of the VPN basics, like the AES-256 encryption and has over 3,200 servers. It is also equipped with a plethora of additional features like MultiHop, which allows you to connect through more than one server at a time, split tunnelling features, which works excellently for streaming content, and also some features not usually seen in other VPN services, like the ad blocker and a ‘Kill Switch’.


  • Total Number of Servers: 3,200+
  • Total Number of Countries: 65+
  • Names of Supported Platforms: Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, Fire TV, Apple TV, PlayStation, other TVs, Xbox, Chrome and FireFox.
  • Maximum Number of Simultaneous Connected Devices: Unlimited
  • ++Does it have Split Tunnelling? : Yes
  • Does it have a Kill Switch? : Yes
  • Names of Supported Protocols: WireGuard, OpenVPN UDP, OpenVPN TCP, IKEv2
  • Country of Registration: British Virgin Islands
  • Customer Support: 24/7 Live Chat, Email, KnowledgeBase

Features Review of SurfShark VPN

1. Servers and Server Locations

surfshark vpn servers

The number of places that a VPN service covers is very important because having a lot of choices in locations ensures that you can easily find one that is closest to your actual location, and you are provided with a lot of locations to spoof your own. SurfShark covers more than 65 countries across the globe with its servers, and such a big number of available locations is not usually seen in many VPN services. 

SurfShark is designed to be capable of providing a secure server even in countries with a closely monitored Internet facility, like China, Russia, Turkey and Vietnam. It is also capable of providing a decent internet connection in places that are not usually taken as an option by other VPN services, like South America and Africa. 

2. Privacy

SurfShark is fully equipped to ensure that your privacy is unharmed at all times. The SurfShark VPN is equipped with all the classic privacy measures like the AES-256 encryption, and it also has secure protocols like OpenVPN UDP and OpenVPN TCP, IKEv2 and WireGuard in place.

This is however not all, as SurfShark is equipped with a lot of advanced privacy features. For example, SurfShark VPN uses a private DNS on each of its servers, which further allows the users to add an extra layer of protection and helps prevent third parties from intercepting any browsing sessions. SurfShark also uses a VPN chaining mechanism that helps users route their internet traffic through two different servers. This VPN chaining mechanism can be accessed by using the MultiHop button, and it allows the users to connect to one location and exit from a different location. This ensures that even if a cyber attacker is able to access your exit server, they still will not be able to intercept your IP address, giving you true security and anonymity.

For this, SurfShark offers 15 routes, and for the server one, which is your connection location, your options are the UK, USA, Germany, Singapore, France, the Netherlands, India, and Australia. The second connection, which is your exit location, and the location that appears to anyone who snoops around to see where you are located. The choices for this in SurfShark are Germany, France, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Portugal, Sweden, Singapore, the UK, and the USA.

3. Security

Surfshark vpn security

SurfShark comes equipped with an in-built Whitelister panel that allows you to create whitelists of apps, IP addresses, and websites that you are able to redirect around the VPN. This entire process is quite similar to split tunnelling, and in cases of the VPN disrupting an app or a site, the Whitelister panel can be used to fix the issue with ease. The Whitelist panel can also be set up in a way so that it allows only chosen apps and choose sites to be routed through the SurfShark, and the best part is that this feature works in a desktop app too!

The SurfShark VPN service is also equipped with a CleanWeb feature that blocks any malicious content, ads or web trackers on your devices. It also has an option that allows you to activate the VPN automatically when you log into Windows, and it is possible to ogle between various protocols to fit your security needs. 

The Kill Switch of the SurfShark VPN has to be one of its most popular and important features. The Kill Switch button allows you to disconnect from the Internet automatically, in case of any disruptions or severing of your VPN connection.

8/26/2021 Update
Surfshark introduces their latest feature in Surfshark One Bundle – VPN with Antivirus

Surfshark Antivirus for Windows & Android – The Ultimate Suite of Essential Cybersecurity Tools

surfshark Antivirus

Surfshark introduces its latest security feature which is Antivirus for windows and Android. It is available to all new or existing users as an add-on to their VPN subscription plan. If you wish to use this extra security feature then you have to pay an additional charge of $1.49/m.

According to the survey, more users are willing to buy a VPN if it includes antivirus for better security at a lower price. So it is a win-win offer for those users.

4. Logs

surfshark vpn logs

The SurfShark VPN originated in the British Virgin Islands, a location where the local laws do not require any provider to log in a lot of VPN related activities, which results in the SurfShark VPN not keeping logs at all. 

The full information about the SurfShark VPN’s logging policy can be found on its Frequently Asked Questions page. However, to sum it up in short, the SurfShark VPN service does not collect its users’ IP addresses, browsing history, bandwidth usage, timestamps, information regarding sessions, or the VPN server location history, ensuring full privacy of the user at all times.

The only information about the user that is recorded by SurfShark VPN is their email address and their billing information, and some anonymous statistical data which can include crash reports, statistical performance data, and any such similar statistics. 

When it comes to security auditing, SurfShark has been audited by the pioneering security company, Cure53. 

5. Speed

surfshark vpn speed

A VPN service that is fast and provides reliable connections is hard to come by, and the SurfShark VPN is one of the very few VPN services out in the market that brings these two things to you. 

SurfShark is a VPN service that provides its users with a very fast, safe, and trustworthy VPN service. The speed of a VPN, however, greatly depends on the individual geographical locations, and the SurfShark VPN has proven itself worthy by retaining its high speeds in most locations barring a few. 

6. Streaming

Many VPN services claim that they are ideal for streaming content but they barely live up to these tall claims, but that is not the case with SurfShark. The SurfShark VPN is able to effectively unblock streaming sites for your viewing pleasure. 

If you are someone who loves to binge watch your favourite shows on Netflix, and are looking for a new VPN service, SurfShark has got you covered. SurfShark is very comprehensive as a Netflix VPN, as it is capable of not only unblocking Netflix in 15 jurisdictions, but it also lists the specific jurisdictions in which it works, which includes the countries of Japan, Italy, France, USA, and Australia to name a few.

SurfShark is also capable of being an excellent streaming VPN for sites like YouTube, Disney+, and Amazon Prime. 

7. Torrenting

surfshark torrenting

Even though the SurfShark VPN does not list torrenting as one of its prime features, it can most definitely be used as a torrenting VPN. SurfShark allows P2P support for most of its servers, and also allows the users to pay for the VPN service using cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, which help them maintain absolute anonymity.

The users of SurfShark VPN can also use it for another function that can help them in torrenting, which is its whitelisting abilities. The user is capable of singling out their torrent client and enabling it to drive the traffic through the VPN while the other internet traffic is sent out through a standard connection. 

8. Installation

The installation process of the SurfShark VPN is pretty easy and the VPN service is extremely easy to use and user friendly in all senses of the term.

The first step to start the SurfShark VPN is to tap the ‘Connect’ button, and then a notification appears on the screen of your device that lets you know that you are connected to the VPN. Once you are connected to the VPN, the interface goes on to display your IP location.

9. SurfShark as a Desktop App

surfshark desktop app

As covered in the previous point, the installation process of the SurfShark VPN is pretty easy and hassle-free. The Interface of the SurfShark VPN is impressively flexible and versatile. It quickly adapts to any resizing changes that can be made by the user. When the interface is expanded by the user, the SurfShark VPN reveals various options and panels that the user can choose from. The list of locations is not very effective at showing latency, but there are add ons that completely make up for this tiny flaw. There are several icons that help you to flag your favourite location choices, and there is also a Favourite tab present, which allows you to store your most favourite locations with ease. 

10. SurfShark as a Mobile App

surfshark mobile app

It is worth mentioning that SurfShark does a better job as a mobile VPN than as a desktop VPN. Both its Android and iPhone VPN services are very functional, efficient, and full of interesting features. The apps are very pleasing to the eye, thanks to its simple interface, and it also has tiny thoughtful add ons like the dark mode, which is sure to help increase its popularity. 

11. SurfShark Browser Extension

SurfShark has two browser extensions available currently, one for Chrome and Firefox each. The user is able to avail all the benefits and features of the SurfShark when using these browser extensions. You can connect to any server out of SurfShark’s 3,200 servers which are spread out over 65 countries. The users also have the added benefit of using features like the CleanWeb ad and Malware blocking, and more, which will help ensure that the security, safety, and anonymity of its users are safe and unharmed throughout use. 

12. Blind Search

Blind Search is a SurfShark VPNs search tool, and unlike Goggle, it is fully private and ad-free. An added bonus of the Blind Search feature is that it does not track or record your search history on your devices.

13. Camouflage Mode

Surfshark Camouflage Mode

The SurfShark VPN comes with another unique feature that allows the user to bypass a firewall, and it can also come in handy if the user lives in a country that strictly restricts VPN usage. The Camouflage mode on SurfShark allows you to make your encrypted traffic appear like regular traffic under deep packet inspection (DPI), so that no one can figure out whether or not you are using a VPN. 

14. NoBorders Mode

The SurfShark VPM is designed with a special feature that can come in very handy to users who live in countries that are heavily censored, like China or Russia. In case the user is trying to get online in a dangerous area like this, the NoBorders mode automatically detects this and quickly presents the user with a list of the available servers that they can connect to.

15. Android Pause VPN function

If you’ve been looking for a way to put a pause on your VPN connection, this is the answer. You can pause the VPN connection for 5, 30 minutes or 2 hours without disconnecting your internet.  When you need to use your original IP address for a short length of time, this is a good option.

Pros and Cons Review of the SurfShark VPN 


  • Easy to Use: The SurfShark VPN service is extremely user friendly and its native apps and browser extensions are also very easy and effective to use. The VPN service has a simple and clean interface that allows the user to have a smooth experience every time they use the VPN service.
  • Price:  The SurfShark is a very popular and well rounded VPN service, and given its popularity, it could have charged a lot more than it actually did. The price point of the SurfShark VPN service is extremely reasonable and affordable.
  • Compatibility: The SurfShark VPN service is actually a very well designed VPN service, which allows it to be compatible with a lot of platforms, like Linux, Microsoft, Android, Apple etc. It is also ideal for streaming and torrenting the wishes of the user.
  • Speed: The SurfShark VPN has been lauded for its speed and quick outcomes a lot of times, and rightly so. It is capable enough to maintain its high speeds even in areas with problematic Internet availability.


  • The Website: The website is still pretty new, and it is quite simple and drab when compared to the brilliant product. This can, however, definitely be improved over time, and this is not a huge deal-breaker in any way.

SurfShark VPN Customer Reviews

SurfShark VPN Customer Reviews
  1. Quick connection. I like the favourites easy to use. Highly recommend.
  2. Works as stated. The only problem is I can’t get it to work for an Apple TV.
  3. It’s very fast and works all time. Netflix works too.
  4. Found it very good, I would recommend!!! – Took me a few goes to master it but it’s very simple !
  5. Surfshark works very well and is easy to use.
  6. Better than other vpns o the market.
  7. Excellent Service, no issues, would recommend Surfshark.
  8. Extremely easy to use and auto connect feature is very helpful. Superb value for money especially if you opt for a long subscription.internet speed is hardly affected not like other vpns I have used in the past.
  9. Easy to turn on and off. I can watch programs that are not available in my country of residence.
  10. I have used Surfshark VPN for more than 2 years and I’m very satisfied overall with this product and highly recommend it. The best features for me are the low cost 2 year plan and the ability to run it on unlimited devices – I use it on 2 Windows laptops, Apple iPad, iPhone, Amazon Firestick 4k and nVidia Shield TV. I primarily use it to watch geo-locked content in UK and US and have had few connection or performance issues.

Frequently Asked Questions – SurfShark Review 2022

Is SurfShark a good VPN?

Yes, the SurfShark is definitely a good VPN.

Is SurfShark reliable?

Yes, SurfShark is a 100% reliable VPN service. The SurfShark VPN ensures that the safety, security, privacy, and anonymity of the user will be completely protected by the SurfShark team.

How to watch Netflix with SurfShark?

If you are someone who loves to binge-watch your favourite shows on Netflix, and are looking for a new VPN service, SurfShark has got you covered. SurfShark is very comprehensive as a Netflix VPN, as it is capable of not only unblocking Netflix in 15 jurisdictions, but it also lists the specific jurisdictions in which it works, which includes the countries of Japan, Italy, France, USA, and Australia to name a few.

Is SurfShark VPN trustworthy?

Yes, the SurfShark VPN is completely trustworthy and safe to use.

Does SurfShark operate on Firestick?

Yes, the SurfShark VPN can operate on a Firestick, as it does have a dedicated application that is specifically made to accommodate Amazon Firestick and Fire TV, and this allows you to stream your favourite shows without any interruptions. 

Does SurfShark have a free trial period?

Yes, SurfShark does in fact have a trial period offer. The SurfShark VPN service offers a 7-day free trial to potential customers to help them get the hang of the VPN service and allows them to speak their opinion freely, as this opens up room for employment for the start.


As per the review, SurfShark VPN is one of the best VPN services available in the market currently. But what sets it apart is its commitment to preserving the safety, security, anonymity, and privacy of a user. It comes packed with a lot of classics and a lot of fun new features to ensure that the younger generation will enjoy it too. This VPN service is also very affordably priced and is extremely useful and effective. This article provides an in-depth, and clear SurfShark VPN review. 

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