Sony Xperia 10 III Review

Have you ever got stuck into a dilemma while choosing your new smartphone? Well, the answer would definitely be yes as you have so many options in smartphones that too in the same budget line but having varying features. The top searches on Google sometimes include search phrases like; best phones under budget 20k or maybe the best phone under budget 15k. This has been a common practice and which is why you have so many websites, Youtube channels, or technology-oriented apps that provide honest reviews of the products making the investment journey a little easy for you. Mobile phones are mostly one-time investments for the average person until or unless you are massively rich. So, you definitely need to think aptly before moving in this direction of choosing a great yet budgetary phone.

You shall be doing certain researches through the websites, shopping apps, newspapers, gadget magazines, and various other platforms to leap towards purchasing the final product, but this goes on until you finally end up with something as you have so many phones offering similar features at a similar price and this is where the review comes into the scenario. 

For this concern, you must have gone through many phone reviews while conducting your research, however, the Xperia series of SONY has been the talk of the town since its very beginning. The Xperia series by SONY has been one of the most successful series of the company. The reason for the same is the uniqueness with the features and continuous up-gradation in the device with the growing demand and preferences of the users. One such addition to the Xperia series is SONY Xperia 10 III. The phone is due for launch but has already been able to attract users and aspiring buyers. It is maybe one of the first 5G phones by SONY. It is priced around $500-$650. 

Sony Xperia 10 III is the continuous addition to the previous phone of SONY’s Xperia 10 series. Compared with its last model Xperia 10 II, Sony has made a lot of adjustments and additions. It especially managed to install a more powerful battery without actually compromising the size and weight of the device. In addition, the port has been updated and now stands out from most other models in this price segment.

Features Review of SONY Xperia 10 III

This piece of goodness is filled with extremely good features. Following are the specifications of this product:

Gorilla Glass 6 and Waterproof Cover

Sony Xperia 10 III is available in more colourful and vibrant versions, such as blue and pink apart from typical black and white. The front and back are protected by Gorilla Glass 6 and the frame is surrounded by plastic. It looks quite sophisticated. 

SONY Xperia 10 III gorilla glass 6

The overall performance of this Sony smartphone is very good. Trial runs to twist the smartphone case were unsuccessful and didn’t even crack out. The camera only comes out for about 0.8 mm from the main slot. It is quite similar to Xperia 10 II which is IP6X dustproof and IPX5/IPX8 waterproof

Xperia 10 III includes an Audio Port, MicroSD, and USB 3.2 

When you end up comparing it with other smartphones, the Sony Xperia 10 III device looks pale and weak. It has an audio port. And there is a way to expand the storage space by using a microSD card. SONY’s USB 3.2 installation in this smartphone allows high data transfer rates of up to 5 Gbit/s if you provide the corresponding cable. By making use of a suitable adapter or HDMI, you can even watch up to 1440p wired display output all along.

Android 11 Software with Slim Xperia User interface

Sony Xperia 10 III comes in Google’s Android 11. It also has an internal Xperia user interface. Though it provides few changes if compared to the original version of Android, this looks very clean and neat. Some of the default apps you will find are Facebook, Netflix, and LinkedIn on your smartphone. These get installed even if you deselect them for the very first time. However, you can uninstall these applications later. Xperia 10 III’s upcoming Android 12 has been confirmed, and it is assumed that there will be at least two years of quarterly security updates.

Communications: Xperia 10 III Single-Frequency GNSS and WiFi 5 

In terms of connecting to mobile data networks, the Xperia 10 III supports all current mobile network standards, and additionally including 5G. When it comes to WLAN, Sony does not make full use of all the features of the Qualcomm chipset and only provides WiFi 5 with a speed provided by antenna technology. But on the contrary, competitors like Mi 11 Lite 5G or iPhone SE already support the faster WiFi 6 standard. Thus, the Xperia 10 III somewhere fails to impress on this feature.

Phone features and Voice Quality Conditions

Sony uses a standard Android application to make calls. Xperia 10 III supports VoLTE and WLAN calls. However, it doesn’t support eSIM. The main card tray can hold 2 NanoSIM cards together or can hold 1 NanoSIM card and a microSD card for expandable memory. The voice quality of Xperia 10 III is enduring. Using earphones, the smartphone convinces you by clearly transmitting the voice of the interlocutor. The speaker does not produce an echo but transmits the sound deeper and clearer. The phone can be a good option for music lovers and those who have phone calls the whole day long. Also, the very noise suppression quality is satisfactory. Only very loud noises may take some time to be completely filtered out of the disturbances.


Sony Xperia 10 III’s front camera has only 8 MP, but it can still click very good selfies even in low light conditions. Videos can be recorded up to full HD resolution. For the main back camera, Sony also did not use a high-resolution sensor to give out better quality but used a structure quite similar to the previous year. The only nominal change is the wide-angle lens to capture more coverage in one photo.

SONY Xperia 10 III camera
Source: Reddit

In general, the triple camera system would definitely take high-quality photos during the day, even if the quality is not very satisfactory. It will be affected by blur and image noise in low light conditions. However, the biggest problem with the camera system is that the shutter lag is too long. You shouldn’t even consider using the Xperia 10 III to take snapshots of moving objects. The video can be recorded for up to Ultra HD resolution.

The phone also has an image comparison option whereby you can compare 2 photos simultaneously side by side.

Input devices and operations

Xperia has an expandable user interface. The Sony Xperia 10 III‘s touch screen can recognize up to 10 touch points at the same time. It also responds quickly and accurately to the input. The glass surface is easy to clean. Google’s GBoard comes pre-installed as a keyboard layout. However, if you prefer to use some other, it can also be replaced with other keyboards on the Play Store. A lot of paper is necessary for accessories and warranty cards. 

SONY Xperia 10 III box
Source: Tech Advisor

The Sony Xperia 10 III box also comes with a modular charger (up to 7.5 watts), a USB cable (TypeA to TypeC), and many brochures in up to 15 languages to get the proper understanding of the usage of the phone. The smartphone has a warranty period of 24 months. The warranty period for accessories that come along is 12 months.

Security and button layout

For biometric security, a fingerprint sensor is built into the power button like most smartphones coming as of today. Its speed and recognition rate are quite impressive. However, it does not support face recognition. The physical button is firmly fixed to the frame, providing a short axis and clear pressure points. The power button is slightly inside fixed to prevent accidental pressing. You can also use the power button to launch the camera by double-clicking. Those who have installed other camera apps can also choose which app to launch. The vibration motor is powerful, provides a comfortable response, and is easy to listen to. Although the Xperia user interface looks very clean at first glance, the icons are also very small.

Display of the Smartphone

Last year’s good OLED display evolved to a grid of 6.0 inches. Sony Xperia 10 III’s OLED display is one of the smaller models in terms of display technologies in other smartphones. It also maintains a small extraordinary atmosphere through to its 2520 x 1080 pixel resolution. It achieves a very high pixel density, making the content look clear and sharp. It has full area content and activated brightness. The screen of the sensor. It can be manually adjusted as per its requirement. A slightly higher brightness level is not only good for compatible HLG or HDR10 models. Also considering competitors from Samsung and Xiaomi, this performance is disappointing. 

Xperia Performance Smartphones Offer Snapdragon 690 5G 

Sony Xperia 10 III is equipped with the current Snapdragon 690 5G and 6GB LPDDR4x working memory. The integrated Adreno 619L is a slightly slower representative of the Adreno 619. This particular part is also responsible for the lower performance tier. However, the SoC should be placed in the low range, but not much slower than the Snapdragon 750. As long as it does not deal with multitasking in the foreground, there is sufficient performance, especially for daily system operations. Compared to the other 5G phones that use the same chipset, the performance of the CPU is only slightly worse in the benchmark test. On the other hand, the performance of graphics and computing is better and the measured value is significantly higher, especially in terms of AI performance. In daily operation, the snapdragon works well and so is the case with Xperia 10 III.

The Game is not suitable for Hardcore Gamers

Though the core system in Xperia 10 III is certainly not a rocket in the graphics unit but is certainly satisfactory. It can be believed to be sufficient for simple casual games. Even current games on the Play Store, such as “League of Legends”, can be played in maximum detail and exotic goodness. However, the brakes are to be used in more demanding and high definition games, such as “PUBG.” On the test front, the Xperia 10 III proved to be quite reasonable on low setup and fewer demands but works supportively well otherwise. It has a small display screen.

Xperia 10 III only provides Monaural Speakers 

Temperature: The surface hotness of the Sony Xperia 10 III mostly, stays comfortable and always keeps the level low even under constant load. The maximum temperature of 38°C (100°F) will be reached only at certain points even though this is certainly normal for humans. Mostly, the Snapdragon will not cause any problems with the heat indulgence of Sony smartphones, but this cannot ensure any performance degradation during the stress.

SONY Xperia 10 III monaural speaker
Source: Droid News

Speakers Output

The Xperia 10 III only provides a mono speaker at the bottom of the screen. However, it does its job well performance-wise. Even at medium volume, simply listening to some music or watching some short videos would be enough. However, if you high up the volume, the sound will become a bit unbalanced and scattered. Sony promises high-resolution quality both graphics and audio output. In fact, the signal-to-noise balancing is at an excellent level. To enjoy wireless multimedia via Bluetooth, it supports all the latest requirements with utmost ease and without disturbances.

Conclusion – Sony Xperia 10 III Review

So after a good description of the maximum specifications regarding the processor, operating system, memory, storage, display, camera, sound quality, etc, you can safely say Sony Xperia 10 III would definitely be a good choice in the price range with futuristic considerations of AI technologies. However, the overall performance will be tagged as average considering the various competitors in this price range but better performances.

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