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Sony‌ ‌XB950N1‌ ‌Review

8.6 Total Score
Sony XB950N1 Review

The Sony MDR XB950N1 is a fun sounding headphones that emphasizes bass above all else. If you are looking for skull-ratting bass, you’ll love them. However, if you want full-featured headphones that excel in all genres you should look at some other headphones.

Noise Cancelling
  • Comfortable headset
  • Great battery life
  • Enjoy with heavy bass music
  • No multiple pairing
  • No autoplay/pause
  • Rolled off highs
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Sony XB950N1 vs WH-CH700N

The Sony WH-CH700N Wireless are better headphones than the Sony MDR XB950N1 revealed in the review. They’re easier and have noticeably better sound quality. The XB950N1 has a really dark sound profile that’s better suited for very bass-heavy genres like dubstep.

Unfortunately, both headphones’ ANC feature is disappointing and barely block ambient noise, but the MDR-XB950N1 are slightly better in regard.

On the opposite hand, you’ll get more battery life on the CH700N, although they take a really long time to charge. Also, their app offers more controls and an honest 5-band EQ, while you’ll only play with the bass levels of the XB950N1.

SpecsSony XB950N1Sony WH-CH700N
Weight0.65 lbs0.5 lbs
Low-Frequency Extension10 Hz10 Hz
Bluetooth Version4.14.1
Battery Life24 hours34.1 hours
Charge Time3.9 hours6.2 hours

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Sony‌ ‌MDR XB950N1 noise cancelling features review


The Sony MDR-XB950N1 are large headphones with an over-ear design that helps isolate listeners from outside noise. The headphones are available in black or green models with a semi-matte finish and a subtle gritty sparkle.

The earcups and headband are padded in plush leather which makes them extremely comfortable to wear for extended periods. The underside of the scarf is additionally comfortably cushioned and covered in black leather. Overall, the planning features a sharp, minimalist feel despite the rather bulky build. 

The left earcup, there is a power button, a Bass Effect button, and a Noise Cancellation button. Each of those features a status LED next thereto so it is easy to inform when one feature is enabled or not at a fast glance.

The proper earcup houses the dedicated volume control, also as a multifunction rocker-style button that controls playback, call management, and track navigation.

In terms of durability, the headphone is formed mostly of black plastic but has black metal adjustment sliders that make them feel sturdier. Travelers are going to be happy to understand that the MDR-XB950N1 can fold flat or up for transport and are available with an easy cloth pouch.

Sony‌ ‌XB950N1 design
Source – Bassheadspeakers

Sony XB950N1 App

You’ll want to download Sony’s companion Android and iOS app once you get these headphones as that will help you to adjust the bass effect EQ and virtual soundstage options.

A free app called Sony Headphones Connect. You’ll also adjust the amount for the bass effect, which is nearly essential. Pressing the Bass Effect button on the headphones pushes it to the amount you set within the app.

Using the Voice Memos app on an iPhone 6s, we could understand every word we recorded, however, we occasionally heard artifacts that are pretty common when using wireless mics.

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Sound Quality

If what you’re seeking is skull-rattling bass, the Sony XB950N1 have you ever covered. Even without the bass effect, EQ turned on, the Sony has a bass-heavy sound that creates taking note of rap, electronic, and trap music fun.

Taking note of the Sony XB950N1 with the bass effect turned off, we could immediately hear the mid-bass emphasis that has the unfortunate effect of drowning out a number of the mids as per my review.

Highs are rolled off and instruments just like the violin lose their sparkle and determination. Turning down the bass helped with revealing a touch more of the mids but the rolled off highs stayed.

With the bass effect cranked all the high, We felt bass in a visceral way but was fatigued by the sound after several minutes. When the bass effect is about to max, bass sounds energetic but uncontrolled and flabby.

mdr ‌XB950N1 sound quality
Source – DigitalCitizen


Active noise cancellation from the MDR-XB950N1 performs well but still lags behind the class-leading Bose Quiet Comfort 35. The headphones did an honest job drowning out the sound of the train but it couldn’t block out the maximum amount as Bose. There is a persistent hiss when noise cancellation is on but you won’t notice it as soon as the music plays.

After the review of Sony XB950N1, we were left conflicted. The headphones are great with specific genres of music but we couldn’t recover from the very fact that the headphone was a 1 trick pony.

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Battery Life

The Sony MDR-XB950N1 has an honest battery life at 22 hours of continuous playback. However, they take quite a little bit of time to charge and lack good power-saving features like an auto-off timer.

They also can’t play while charging which might are convenient if you’re near an influence source like being at the office. On the upside, they will be used even when the battery is totally depleted as long as you’ve got the audio cable with you.

How to pair Sony MDR-XB950N1?

These headphones don’t have multi-device pairing just like the Bose QuietComfort 35 II. But on the upside, they are doing support NFC which makes pairing with smartphones a touch easier.

The Sony MDR-XB950N1 wireless headphones perform better than most wireless Bluetooth headphones for latency and also support aptX. Unfortunately, even with the higher than average latency, they will not be the foremost suitable headphones for gaming or watching high frame rate videos.

Sony‌ ‌XB950N1 pairing
Source – ChannelpostMEA

Sony XB950N1 Specs

Model NameXB950N1
Release DateMarch 20197
Weight698 grams
Product Dimensions22.23 x 7.7 x 29.03 cm
Battery Life22 hours
Connector TypeBluetooth
WarrantySony XB950N1 has 1 year warranty
Price Sony XB950N1 comes under the price of $300.


As per my review, you’ll love the Sony MDR XB950N1 wireless headphones. The adjustable bass means you’ll dial within the headphone’s bass response just the way you wish. We might have liked to see a multi-band EQ but Sony kept it simple with just a bass slider.

The Sony MDR-XB950N1 have an overwhelming and bass-heavy sound quality and even with their noise cancellation feature they are doing not isolate tolerably for all environments.

On the upside, they need a sturdy, durable wireless design and don’t leak much. This suggests they will not be the simplest headphones for critical listening or commuting but with their active features, they’re decent enough for many use cases.


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