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Sony WF-1000x Review

Advantage: Sony WF-1000x is one of the best wireless earphones that are lightweight, comfy, sweat proof, and great sound-quality which is better than the AirPods. It comes with an effective noise-canceling feature that gives us many reasons to buy this product. Also, the box includes a charging case and two charging cables.

Drawback: Sony WF-1000x earphones have a good battery life but the noise canceling is not strong and effective for everyone. The earphones don’t have an IP rating, meaning they aren’t water-resistant. The users also face problems while pairing.

The Bottom Line: Though the product has some drawbacks like every other electronic device still Sony WF-1000X is one of the best-sounding noise-free, wire-free, and stress-free devices in the market.

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In reference to the Sony WF-1000X review, Sony has been one of the oldest players in sound systems. From making the top of the line headphones to soundbars and home theater systems, now the brand marks its endeavor to the modern trend of truly wireless earphones. 

With Apple’s launch of Airpods, the techies have been going gaga over the new trend of having a truly wireless experience. Sony WF-1000X offers something that the Airpods miss, which is active noise cancellation. The Sony WF-1000X true wireless earbuds have a very sleek design to it and come in ravishing black and effluent gold colors.

The Sony WF-1000X has very decent and competent drivers and they don’t compromise on the quality of sound. They are very elegantly built and fit in the ears perfectly. They can be your new gym buddies. Although it doesn’t come with IP rating so don’t take greater risks getting them wet. These buds also come with an Ambient Sound feature, which you can turn on or off to listen to the needed surrounding sounds while crossing the streets or wanting to hear the sound of waves while you lay back at the beach.

WF-1000X vs Apple Airpods Pro
Source: thequint.com

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The Sony WF-1000X  line up is the first to truly wireless earbuds launched by the brand. This might not be the best we can expect from Sony, but we surely can see a vast scope for improvement in future products. The sloppy software is bound to get updates to pair easily in other devices.

The Sony WF-1000X is for the ones who need to enjoy a true wireless earbuds experience but can overlook a few nitpicks of the first generation earbuds. For the price point, the Sony WF 1000X gives you more than a decent experience of listening to music while on the go. The exotic-looking case is also very easy to carry around and place the buds inside for a quick charge and a few extra hours of seamless music.

Sony WF-1000X vs Airpods

WF-1000X vs Airpods
Source: thequint.com

Well, the AirPods shook the market with the big wave of modern and aesthetic design and being truly wireless. Sony decided to give Apple the run for its money by launching it’s first-ever truly wireless earbuds with the WF-1000X series. Having a few better features, decent premium looks, ergonomic design, they did make an impact on the eager audience and kept them wanting more. Sony WF 1000X comes with Active Noise Cancellation with an optional Ambient sound mode, which is absent in Airpods. While both lack the IP rating, Sony buds give you an option of choosing from ear tips, to fit more comfortably. But with Airpods, if they don’t fit, they just won’t. 

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They both are compatible with  Android and iOS platforms, but Sony’s companion app can be used to play with the EQ settings and save presets that suit you the most. You could also work with the Noise Cancellation levels. Well, Sony WF-1000X battery life is better than AirPods.

Sony WF-1000X vs Bose Soundsport Free

The Bose SoundSport Free is a step ahead in the race. The sound quality is better, the beats are crisp and the bass is much softer. Bose SoundSport Free also offers solid battery life for truly wireless earbuds devastating Sony in this competition. Sony WF-1000X is water-resistant like Bose SoundSport Free. Well, if you are on a strict budget then you can settle for WF-1000X, but compared to Bose, it might be a bit difficult to recommend.

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Features of Sony WF-1000X

Features of WF 1000X
Source: rizknows.com

Sony WF-1000X True Wireless

Go hassle-free with no wires at all. The small lightweight earbuds are very easy to keep them on for a longer period. With industry-leading noise cancellation carefully sculpted keeping in mind the hot minimalist design with some exciting features.

Smarter noise-canceling

Sony WF-1000X wireless noise-canceling headphones just got snappy and satisfying. The WF-1000X sits almost perfectly and comfortably in your ears isolating the outer unwanted noise.

The buds come with exotic and compact designs, good quality sound, and snuggly and comfortable fit. Delivering fine sound from a tiny but competent 6 mm drivers, this buy won’t make you regret your decision.

Small but perfectly clear

A tiny 6 mm driver is very powerful and delivers a nice sound, a fair balance of bass, and treble giving a very nice quality sound.

Built to stay put and keep playing

The ergonomic design tailored for your ears keeps your headphones in place and the internal antenna and fitting supporter keep the signal strong for constant streaming. So, now you could NETFLIX and chill literally anywhere.

How to pair Sony WF-1000X

The Sony WF 1000X comes with a sleek metal finish case, which is very easy to fit in the pocket. The earbuds can be paired to any Android, Windows, or iOS devices. There are dedicated buttons on the left and right earbuds. 

Removing the headset from the case turns the buds on, automatically. To pair the headphones with a new device, press and hold the left button for about 7 seconds and select the “Sony WF 1000X pairing” option on your device to pair to the earbuds. Make sure the right bud is still in the case while pairing takes place. The earbuds remember the device, so connecting any paired device would be easy as a cherry.

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Why should you buy Sony WF-1000X?

This is Sony’s first feeble attempt to take on the truly wireless headphone market, and the WF-1000X feels like the first generation. The design is sleek and premium but not bleeding edge. For the features that we get out of the box, the SONY WF1000X price might be aggressive.

There are a few nitpicks, but if you ignore these and are loyal to Sony products, then yes, they do deliver a decent job. But for the bucks you’re paying, well you would expect something more and Sony struggle there. 

For the casual listeners and for those who just can’t fit the AirPods and won’t spend a couple of extra bucks to go to even better brands like BOSE and BEATS by Dre, the WF-1000X is a definite pick. The sound quality is great, no doubt, and it fits better than AirPods and also has active noise cancellation and some gimmicks, which will just fill the purpose.

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Dimensions:4.96 x 2.36 x 6.02 inches
Weight:8.9 ounces
Battery:1 Lithium-ion battery required
Fit type:In-ear
Connectivity type:Bluetooth
Special features:Environmental noise-cancellation, wireless, fast charging, Ultralightweight earbuds, Voice assistance.
Other components:Hard case, USB cable, earbuds, and reference guide.
Battery life:9 hours
Device interface:Buttons


From the Sony WF-1000X review, you might have gone through all the necessary details and specifications about the Sony ear tips. Sony WF 1000X with premium design and fit comes with Active Noise Cancellation with an optional Ambient sound mode, which is absent in Airpods. So, don’t miss a chance to try this product. 

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