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Sony MDR XB50BS Wireless Earphones Review

Advantages– As per my Sony MDR XB50BS Review, these are sweat-proof budget-friendly earphones. The audio output is quite decent and they fit great. The bass is strong and battery life is also great.

Disadvantages- The design and style are not up to the mark which is a minor drawback. Also, the earphones don’t come with a protective case.

The Bottom Line- These are budget-friendly earphones that have some good features with great battery life overall excellent inexpensive earphones.

Sony MDR XB50BS Features Review

Sony’s list of personal audio has been evolving steadily which included a wide range of audio equipment. The company has a flagship and the products come with great features under budget, high-end lightweight everything that you expect from a company to give. Sony came up with a new audio headset in the market which is affordable and user-friendly.

The Sony XB50BS is a part of the Extra Bass starters and has a lot going for it in comparison to others in the lineup. The Sony MDR-XB50BS as compared to Beats Powerbeats3 Wireless is lighter and 3 times more cut in price. These fit better than the Powerbeats.

Build and Design

The body of the Sony XB50BS is a little heavy which may be a little overbearing at first. This is resolve after some time of wearing them. The weight helps in keeping the headphones stable on the head. The heavy unit entertains the audio drivers.

The right side of the earphone has a power button and volume controls. The micro USB charging port also sits there. The power button works as both the play and pause buttons.

The buttons are places underside the earphones which makes them easier to access. They are quite well-raised which is easy to click them and access them.

The elongated rectangular design edges are something that is not so complementing. You don’t get that 3.5 mm port of wired connectivity.

The neckband adds comfort and convenience. You have a higher chance of not losing the earphones. These are light on the neck and can be wear for a longer time.

Sony MDR-XB50BS are splash resistant and have IPX4 certification. These earphones are available in black, blue, and orange colors. As said these are splash-resistant but not waterproof.

Sony MDR-XB50BS design

Audio Performance of Sony MDR-XB50BS

The Sony XB50BS sounds somewhat the same way every other Sony’s Extra Bass headphones do. These have a good dosage of bass. The sound is supported by the clear mid and soft highs. Overall, the sound is knitted properly with each other. There is a sense of cohesiveness and the loudness is also good.

As these are the Extra Bass headphones the focus is properly on the low frequencies. The mid-bass as present above is quite define and the sub-bass is clear.

The audio timber is fine. This has a clear and strong t bass performance. The bass is well detailed and there are clear sounding notes.

The low-frequency range gives warmth and lays the base for clean loud and sweet sound output. Overall the sound and the bass perform great.

The sound staging is quite decent for a pair of activity-oriented in-ear headphones. The overall audio has good balance and control, and the audio timbre is good, too.

The XB50BS is provocative, which further adds to the rhythm of the sound that it produces.

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The Sony XB50BS can connect to the source via Bluetooth and NFC. It supports both iPhone & Android. The source world is presumably the smartphone most of the time. The earphones remain connected to the phone till and presumably, the source will be your smartphone for most of the time.

The range connectivity is up to 25 feet wirelessly distance. The range is quite good it stands in middle. There are no breaks in connections while playing it for a longer time and the connection is highly stable.

Battery life of Sony MDR-XB50BS

In terms of battery life, the XB50BScan last up to 8.5 hours. On using it every day it was found put that the battery lasts for 6 hours and 45 minutes on average. The battery life is decent as 6 hours of playtime is great.

It is not majorly inconvenient as these are made for workouts and other exercise stuff. So your workout can go for max 3 hours and an additional 3 hours for active listening. It takes around 50 minutes to charge completely from empty to full. So overall in terms of charging this is also a great option.

Sony MDR-XB50BS earphones battery life

Call Quality

These earphones come with a built-in microphone. Also, these also come along with volume and track skipping controls and earpieces. The call quality is ok not that great but accurate. These earphones also perform better in quiet environments than noisy ones.

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Specification of Sony MDR-XB50BS

Bluetooth ProfilesA2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
Weight0.78 oz
Frequency Range4Hz
Magnet MaterialNeodymium
Response Bandwidth50 Hz
Radio Frequency Range2.4 – 2.4835GHz
Transmission Range33 ft
Run Time8.5 Hours
Standby Time200 Hours
Recharge Time50 min- 2.5 hours


In my Sony MDR XB50BS review, these wireless earphones are great for ones with a tight budget. There are no problems with the Bluetooth connection even if you are working out in the gym. They are comfortable but the design of the hook might not work for everyone.

The outstanding bass sound makes it stand out of the queue. The battery life is quite reasonable and should get you through the day as it goes for 8 hours. So if you are in need of a pair of affordable wireless headphones without the fancy function then this is one of the headphones to consider.

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