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Sony MDR-1A Review

Advantage-  As per our Sony MDR- 1A review, it is the lightweight and comfortable headphones. This is a full-size headphone that provides improved sound quality and the headphones support a high definition bass from mid-range to treble. They are very comfortable and sit on the neck perfectly. The ear cups rotate in the proper direction. The headphones come with an inline remote for smartphones and a good quality carry bag so that you can travel with it easily.

Disadvantage- The price range it comes under is a bit expensive not everyone can afford that. The inline remote doesn’t support all the functions with an iPhone. The headphones lack the noise-canceling feature too.

The bottom line-  Sony MDR-1A  are very versatile headphones which provide superb comfort to the users. The sound and the bass quality is amazing. If you are looking for a full size headphone then this is a consideration.

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Sony MDR-1A wired headphone detail

Sony has provided an end number of headphones in the market from the past few years. The headphones have improved with sound quality and comfort. The major things that Sony has by far worked on is the comfort and sound quality.  Each model is better than the previous model with each upcoming model they clear the gap of complaints and cons with the device. MDR-1A is the successor of Sony MDR-1R (which is now discontinued).

These are more comfortable and greatly designed. The ear cups of this particular headphone are softly padded and cushioned. They are slightly angled so that it can provide more comfort to the ears. The headphones are slightly more textured than MDR-1R.

The outer design hasn’t changed much compared to the previous model. They have a sophisticated look which also gives out a luxurious vibe. Overall the headphones are improved and polished compared to the previous launch. The headphones cost under $300 which is pretty expensive but the quality you get is perfect for the price you pay.


MDR-1A headphones are lightly constructed. The headphones weigh around 225 grams which are quite light in weight. This has a low tension headband which will not be tight on your head. This can be used for a longer period of time without causing a problem.  The design is not that potable friendly as the ear cups can be folded in 90 degrees but they cant be folded inwards. The outer part of the ear cups is covered with cast aluminum.

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Overall the headband is plastic which is more sturdy. This can cause issues with saving space in your bag as this will take complete space. This headphone has flat ear cups with cushions around. The cable is removable and it can fit a 3.5 mm jack that is a basic size. They are plain headphones with no such features like noise-canceling, or wireless Bluetooth system. 

The outer design changes it into the cable connector. The base of the connector is plated with a gold ring which isn’t there in MDR-1R. The accessories which are available with the headphone are a standard cable which is 1.2 m long.one of the candles have an inline button which works with the android as well as with the iphone. The only problem it causes with the iphone is the inline button doesn’t provide all the facilities.

They are more advanced and also a bit expensive model. The cable it comes with is pretty thick and sturdy. They work pretty well with iPhones. All the functions are not available with the iPhone but the basic one does work. 

Sound quality 

Its sound quality is quite good and the bass of this particular headphone is overpowering. The headphones have refined voices which are great for the listeners. They provide a smooth and refined sound that provides plenty of higher frequency. These provide a wide and expanded sound stage. The mid-range tone of this headphone is great. 

They are pretty good with sound both spoken and sung one. Overall these have an accurate base with warm sound and a mid range tone. This has a sophisticated sounding treble which delivers quite a good performance. 

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Sony MDR-1A provides a balanced sound. The balance of bass and mid-range and treble is smooth and strong. The backstage stereo sounding is spacious and way more dynamic. They are more comfortable and easy to wear. This plays well with well-recorded acoustic music. Overall the headphones perform great, the sound clarity is good, the voice is stable and feasible. The headphone performs great with all the music genres. 

Sony MDR-1A Earpad Replacement 

The best feature of Sony MDR-1A is the ear pads can be replaced easily. It happens that using the headphones for a longer period of time the earpads can be worn out and start peeling off. After a time the comfort converts to discomforts so the earpads of Sony MDR-1A can be replaced by a new pair of earpads that are available on Amazon and other major buying sites. You can change the earpads depending upon how much they are worn out, it usually happens after one to two years of rough usage that you need to change the earpads. 

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Sony MDR-1A Bluetooth adapter 

As mentioned above, Sony MDR- 1A are wired headphones. People prefer wireless Bluetooth headphones over wired ones. So there is a Sony MDR-1A Bluetooth adapter by plugging it to the headphones it converts the wired headphones to Bluetooth one. So if you want to upgrade your headphones to Bluetooth one you can buy these online. They are available on every portal so it will be the easiest option to purchase and play.  


weight225 g
Frequency response 3 Hz 
Impedance 24 Ohm
Sensitivity 105dB/mW
Brand Sony 
Connector type 3.5 mm 4-pole
ColorSilver, Black


Our Sony MDR-1A review has cleared that it is a great premium and luxurious looking wired headphones. It does a great balancing with the music and bass. This is a versatile headphone that performs great with android and iOS. The only problem with iOS is the inline control does not support many features this is the only drawback with iOS. Overall this is a great buy and good wired headphones to invest in. There are options to convert this into Bluetooth headphones. So if you want to invest upon these you can. 

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