Simple line Drawing of Christmas Decorations and Ornaments Step by Step Images

We can decorate our house with colourful Christmas decorations with the help of ready-made ornaments. All we need is, just to hang them in your place, it will add instant beauty to your place. Try something new by doing drawings of Christmas decorations.

In this article, we will give you about 50 drawing ideas to bring a colourful and creative Christmas. Have a look at them.

Christmas Decorations Drawing Images

1. Reindeer Drawing

Reindeer Drawing of Christmas Decorations

Draw a leaf and branch for ear and horn. Make a flower vase as your body. Now add legs and eyes to get the reindeer.

2. Gingerbread man

Gingerbread man Drawing of Christmas Decorations

An easy drawing can be done with simple lines. Add a cute smiling face as a final touch.

3. Let’s make a candy cane

Let's make a candy cane Drawing of Christmas Decorations

Use this step by step method to make a colourful candy cane.

4. Playful ornaments

Playful ornaments Drawing of Christmas Decorations

Get playful by drawing the Christmas ornaments with your favourite shape. A simple drawing of Christmas decorations. 

5. Christmas Advent Wreath

Christmas Advent Wreath Drawing of Christmas Decorations

Create a beautiful wreath with your pen. You can even add some ornaments too.

 6. A Bauble Full Of Ornaments

A Bauble Full Of Ornaments

Look unique right! Make a bauble with mosaic Christmas ornaments. All in one drawing of  Christmas decorations.

7. Get a Cute Gnome

Get a Cute Gnome

Make a cute Gnome with 6 steps….yeah your Gnome is ready, fill them with colours!

8. Winter Snow Globe

Winter Snow Globe Drawing of Christmas Decorations

Don’t let your snowman melt…Keep it in the winter snow globe.

9. Christmas Stocking

Christmas Stocking

Make cute small stockings drawing and fill them with Christmas gifts. 

10. Get the Angel 

Get the Angel - Drawing of Christmas Decorations

Make your angel in 6 steps. Fill it with colours to make it cuter.

11. Light strings

Light strings

This is very easy to draw and include letters to say the word ‘Merry Christmas’.

12. Make It An Ornament

Make It An Ornament

Create beautiful images within the ornament shaped drawing. You can even cut them and hang as an ornament.

13. A Peace & Joy Baubles

A Peace & Joy Baubles

Draw a big bauble and add some quotes or words to create meaningful decorations.

14. Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House Drawing of Christmas Decorations

Add candies to the Gingerbread house by drawing some candy canes, candies on the Gingerbread house.

15. Christmas Crib

Christmas Crib

Draw a cute & small Chris Crib with simple lines. Add a cute drawing for Christmas decorations.

16. Banner With Ornaments

Banner With Ornaments Drawing of Christmas Decorations

Create a Christmas banner drawing and add some ornaments to give a bright look. 

17. Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes

Convert normal squares and rectangles into some beautiful gift boxes. 

18. Snoopy And Snowman

Snoopy And Snowman

Get the joy by drawing your favourite characters and colour them as per your wish.

19. 3D Ornament Drawing

3D Ornament Drawing

Wait.., this is not an ornament, just a drawing. You can draw this beautiful one, as it is not too tough to draw.

20. Christmas Candles

Christmas Candles

Will Christmas be complete without the candles? This is an easy drawing to make.

21. Santa

Santa Drawing of Christmas Decorations

Make a cute Santa drawing to celebrate Christmas.

22. Have Fun Time With Olaf

Have Fun Time With Olaf Drawing of Christmas Decorations

Drawing an Olaf would be more fun if you join your kids too. 

23. Mini Santa For Kids

Mini Santa For Kids

This cute mini Santa would be an ideal one for kids to make a drawing of Christmas decorations.

24. Animation Tree

Animation Tree Drawing of Christmas Decorations

Add aliveness to your drawing by adding an animation tree.

25. Elf out the Chimney

Elf out the Chimney

Feeling difficult to draw the whole Elf? Hide him inside the chimney.

26. Christmas Owl

Christmas Owl

Draw a cute owl and give it a Christmas hat and handful of gifts.

27. Penguins


This is Christmas season, meaning the Winter season. Where are the penguins?

28. Christmas bear

Christmas bear

Looks strange? But no one hates this bear.

29. You’re the North Pole

You're the North Pole

Create your north pole sign and add colours to it. 

30. Mantle Decorations

Mantle Decorations

Make your Mantle decorations with your creativity. Don’t forget to make it colourful.

31. Draw a Drink

Draw a Drink Drawing of Christmas Decorations

Make fun of making your creative drink for Christmas.

32. Your Gloves

Your Gloves

It seems to have more designs! What about you?

33. Winter village

Winter village

Add a mini house, trees and snowman to your village and give the winter look. 

34. Jingle balls

Jingle balls

You can add more jingle bells to add more festive sounds.

35. Lanterns


You can draw some lanterns and give it a traditional look.

36. Inverted Shoes

Inverted Shoes

Feeling touch to draw a Santa image? Hide him inside the Chimney.

37. A gift bag

A gift bag

Only one gift is not enough….! Try adding more.

38. A cartoon deer

A cartoon deer

Creating a cartoon drawing is always an easy one and a simple one. Isn’t it?

39. Tie it up

Tie it up

Draw like banding two candy canes together with a cute bow on the centre. 

40. Snowman with snowflake

Snowman with snowflake Drawing of Christmas Decorations

Draw a snowman with the snowflake as the centre. Add more designs to make it attractive.

41. Tree Rex

Tree Rex Drawing of Christmas Decorations

Make a fun drawing with this Tree-Rex idea.

42. Fill with Gifts

Fill with Gifts Drawing of Christmas Decorations

Include the tree, mantle, gifts and Santa to give the entire Christmas scene.

43. Snow skies

Snow skies Drawing of Christmas Decorations

Don’t forget to add these snow skies while drawing your winter scene.

44. Gringe

Gringe Drawing of Christmas Decorations

Why leave Grange? Add it into your drawing.

45. Cute tree

Cute tree Drawing of Christmas Decorations

Don’t forget to add the topper while drawing your Christmas tree. 

46. Candy tree

Candy tree Drawing of Christmas Decorations

Love candies? Then add it on your tree drawing.

47. Reindeer snowman

Reindeer snowman Drawing of Christmas Decorations

Try something different by changing the snowman head into a reindeer.

48. Bells

Bells Drawing of Christmas Decorations

Add big ribbons and other ornaments to make your belly look more pretty.

49. Bear wreath

Bear wreath Drawing of Christmas Decorations

Some tiny bears are looking out from the mini wreaths.., it adds more cuteness to the wreath.

50. Chirping Cuckoo

Chirping Cuckoo Drawing of Christmas Decorations

Draw these cute cuckoos, to sing the Christmas song.

Thus we have provided all the unique ideas. You can add your creativity for making a Drawing of Christmas decorations.

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