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Shure SE425 Review

Advantages: From the Shure SE425 review, we know that this earphone provides extraordinary sound quality, sound isolating feature, comfortable fit, and durable design. The earphone comes with a hard case that is perfect for traveling, a detachable cable, a quarter-inch adapter, and the Shure Premium Fit Kit.

Drawback: The Shure SE425 earphones are not designed to fit everyone comfortably and tightly. Some might have to put on some extra effort for a perfect fit and the sound quality might not suit anyone and everyone. Shure SE425 removed its modular cable design and is a bit expensive too. 

The Bottom Line: The Shure SE425 is an excellent sound-isolating feature that is best for eclectic listeners who are ready to pay high for stellar audio and high-quality design.

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The Shure SE425 review enables its users to carry the earphones wherever they go. These earpieces not only fill your ears with music but also block any type of environmental sound from entering your ears. For more than 15 years, the Shure brand has been producing some excellent in-ear headphones with some heart-winning features. 

Shure has launched some new models like Shure SE425 which follows Shure SE420. The new model has a better noticeable design than the Shure SE420. When compared to Shure SE530, then you’ll know that the size of the earpiece is a bit smaller. Thus, Shure SE425 sound isolating earphones is a perfect fit for all the customers.  You need to twist your earbuds on the right, and the cable will loop over the top of your ear. And it’s a comfortable fit!

Shure SE425 earphones are on the second number on the Shure series of sound-isolating in-earphones. It fits inside your ear canal and blocks all the noise from outside from disturbing. Now, you don’t need your ear tips to block the noise.

Shure SE425 vs SE215

Shure SE215 uses dynamic micro drivers like any other regular speaker whereas Shure SE425 uses dual BA drivers. From that one is for the higher frequencies and the other one is for the lower frequencies. It also has a mini crossover circuit. Shure SE215 cannot beat the driver speed of Shure SE425. Also, Shure SE425 gives less bass but deeper bass impact than Shure SE215. Shure SE425 ear tips have higher resolution in comparison to Shure SE215.

Now, you might be thinking about which one to choose? Shure SE215 can be a good option for those who wish to enjoy listening to music. But for the professional users who need an IEM monitoring on a regular basis should opt for Shure SE425.

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Shure SE425 vs SE535

Shure SE535 is the next level earphone with which you can control volume as and when you want. It is best for singers, professionals, music composition, and mixing. It comes with a noise-canceling feature and a comfortable fit. The lightweight Shure SE535 includes three different speakers out of which one is a tweeter and the other two are woofers that make it a bit difficult for use.  

Why should we buy Shure SE425 Bluetooth earphones?

The SE425 delivers accurate and flat sound. It features a dual balanced armature driver configuration. Having dual drivers ensures there are separate dedicated tweeters and woofers to deliver the most perfect sound output just like the artist intended it to be heard.

The Gold plated MMX connector has a lock-snap mechanism allowing 360-degree rotation for a comfortable fit. These earphones come with sound isolating sleeves that block up to 37 dB. Keeps your overall music experience as natural as it gets.

Don’t worry if your battery dies, you can always swap for the wired cable. These earphones have an inline mic and three-button control for seamless communication. You can use the remote to play/pause the music, receive/decline the calls, and adjust the volume. The mic helps you to communicate better wherever you go.

lightweight, low-profile shape with an optimized nozzle angle that has been designed to fit comfortably and securely in the ear. The earphones are made up of premium components and cables withstand professional, performance-level wear and tear.

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Shure SE425 Bluetooth earphones Comfort
Source: rtings.com

1. Comfort

They are also included in the best $50 headphones. Adaptable and ear hook design makes them a decent option for sports and they are easy to carry. Lightweight, low-profile shape with advanced spout edge is intended to rest comfortably in the ear. The Gold plated MMX connector has a lock-snap instrument permitting 360-degree turn for an agreeable fit. The over-the-ear design keeps links off the beaten path.

2. Design

Removable links and ear tips guarantee a long-life item by giving proficient and straightforward cleaning and part substitution. Robust, ergonomic lodgings with sweat-safe development are worked to withstand the boundaries of ordinary wear.

3. Noise cancellation

Comfortable, sound-separating sleeves obstruct 37 dB of ambient noise. Avoids outside noise from meddling with sound, regardless of whether in front of an audience or a hurry. Shure Sound Isolating Earphones require an appropriate fit to accomplish the best stable.

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4. Battery life

Bluetooth 5.0 sets with most telephones, workstations, and tablets, with as long as 10 hours of wireless battery life and 30 feet (10 meters) of range. The remote alternative has been redesigned, presenting to ten hours of constant quality sound when matched with any Bluetooth-empowered gadget – a 25 percent improvement over the past form. With ten hours of playback, it basically may imply that suburbanites could go a whole week utilizing these headphones during their drives without reviving. Indeed, even a fast 15-minute can give as long as two hours of remote satisfaction.

5. Pairing

Starting pairing mode on the SE215 Wireless requires one long press of the middle control button when the earphones are controlled off, so, all in all, a charming voice will reveal to you they are prepared to combine. From that point, pair from your phone, laptop Bluetooth settings, and a view will disclose to you you’ve associated, just as how much battery life is left — a pleasant touch for the overwhelming clients among us.

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Charging Case or cover case

Accompanies a similar hard case as the SE315. You can get the hard-sided, zippered conveying case, earwax-cleaning device, and a quarter-inch connector. It’s adequately versatile and shields the earphones from effects and drops just as minor water presentation. It adds a touch of mass to the earphones. However, the case is as yet versatile while being sufficiently large to convey all the accessories.

Besides, there is Shure’s standard fit unit with three sizes(S, M, L) of the flex and dark froth sleeves just as one set of triple-rib and one set of widespread fit yellow froth shelving.


Driver130.8 special driver
Colorclear, sliver
Bluetooth connectivityBluetooth 5.0
Battery10 hours
Frequency range20Hz – 19Hz
Weight9.6 ounces (272.1 g)
Noise Isolation37dB
Manufacturing warranty2 years


Shure SE425 is an excellent all-round IEM. In case you’re in the market for an incredible sounding pair of remote in-ears — and particularly on the off chance that you are trying for your earphones and may need to supplant a link once in a while — the SE425 Wireless is an ultimate choice to beat. The bass is tight and compact, a melodic partition is eminent, and the mids are strong gold. The bass can be missing if the seal isn’t right, so ensure you utilize the correct tips. The high pitch may leave a few things to be wanted. In any case, in general, at the cost, these can be gotten at they are a lot for me.

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