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Sennheiser Momentum Wireless Review

Advantages – The Sennheiser momentum wireless is a productive noise-canceling headset, which is made by the $400 cost. The Momentum Wireless works nicely and has probably the fastest auto-connect innovation I’ve seen. The best part is quick charging, just 10 minutes of charging gives 1.5 hours of listening.

Drawbacks – The Sennheiser momentum wireless headphones are costly as compared to other brand headphones, and you need to carry a headphones case always as it doesn’t fold flat for compact storage.

The bottom line – Ignoring the fact that these headphones are quite expensive, the sound quality of the headphone is impressive.

One of my preferred features of the headset is its auto-delay/play functionally. This happens when the earphones are removed and worn, individually. Another extraordinary component is multipoint, which lets you interface up to two gadgets to the Momentum Wireless 3 at the same time. 

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Sennheiser Momentum wireless vs Sennheiser HD 598

Both of these appear to be drastically unique from the outset. The material of  Sennheiser HD 598 games velour ear cushions, a leatherette headband, shiny burl wood detail, and premium metalwork grilles. The momentum’s by differentiate have real leather ear cups and a metal headband with negligible padding and a sewed introduction.

Sennheiser Momentum wireless design
 Source: CNet

Headband modification of Momentum’s alteration is somewhat one of a kind, with the ear-cups themselves going here and there according to the headband. The 598’s have even more of a traditional adjustment design. The 598’s are probably the most comfortable earphones you can purchase as they use that velour padding as compared to Momentum’s, while promoted as circumaural, are not. They are shut back and do include certifiable cowhide cushioning, however, aren’t genuinely agreeable by any stretch of the imagination. This is maybe the first worry with them.

HD 598 tend to lay on your ears, and just well with tiny eared peeps.  The 598’s are all the more an unbiased, open, and airy set of headphones. They are at their best in an isolation studio condition. The Momentum’s by balance will go with you very well and have a to some degree more “fun” sounding mark. They aren’t noise-canceling, yet give average sound isolation. The Sound-stage of 598’s possess a great deal of it, the Momentum’s don’t.

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Sennheiser Momentum Wireless Features


Sennheiser has sourced real leather for the headband and adaptive padding ensnared in sheepskin leather for the ear cups. Long, matte-treated steel arms stretch out down the ear cups from the headband which have a smooth sliding component to get the correct fit. The cups crease inwards which help in compactness and guarantees that the conveying case can be as compact as could be possible.

They don’t fold down flat, so in case you’re familiar with hanging your earphones around your neck, the nonappearance of ear cups that rotate full 90-degrees may hamper your neck development, and how about we be plain – it winds up looking crazy.

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Noise-canceling is really nice. But the low-end constriction isn’t good as compared to other brands like Sony, JBL, and AKG. If you invest a ton of energy in broken-down trains, you’ll likely prefer the performance of the recently referenced brands. If you go with Sony or AKG, you’ll save a lot of money, as well. There are different advantages of effective noise-canceling, besides calming your general surroundings: great ANC can help prevent noise-induced hearing misfortune. It couldn’t be any more obvious, when external noise is battled, we’re less likely to expand the volume to terrible, eardrum-crushing levels. In case you’re searching for an expensive purchase of noise-canceling, hearing loss prevention is a valid justification.

Sennheiser Momentum Wireless
Source: Sennheiser

Battery life

When the noise canceling is turned on the battery lasts 13 hours. This will get you a full week of commuting if you listen to a level less than 75dB,  which you definitely will, then the battery will last closer to 17 hours. With the Headphone cover they provide you with a USB-C cable so that when the battery is drained, you can quickly charge the headset with the USB-C cable. The best part is a charge for 10 minutes yields 1.5 hours of listening. You can also check the remaining battery with the smart control app.

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You can pair the new Sennheiser momentum wireless headphones to your smartphones with the standard Bluetooth pairing process. A notification will pop up on your phone confirming a pairing process. Once the device is connected, you get benefits for three high-quality Bluetooth codecs: AAC, aptX, and aptX Low-Latency. It streams well on iPhone, but in Android, you can listen to your favorite tune over either aptX codec.

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Sennheiser’s proprietary app is available for both android and ios phones. The Sennheiser momentum wireless has nifty tools that may be of interest due to which this app is not required to use. This app includes a way to enable voice assistant access and customize the EQ. This app also has three ANC modes which are anti-pressure, anti-wind, and maximum.

Sennheiser Momentum Wireless Specification

Product release date10 December 2019
Playback time17 Hrs
Frequency range16 Hz
Color available Anthracite black
Battery capacity 600 mAh
Warranty 2 years


If anyone is looking for full-size, over-the-ear headphones that sound equally good then you should buy the Sennheiser Momentum wireless headphones. The momentum headphones are the most accurate I’ve tested for portable devices. Design and build quality are superb. Avoiding small comfort issues I can say these are the best sounding headphones in their price.

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