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Sennheiser IE 300 Review – A Guide to the Extraordinary Earphones

This is a detailed review of the Sennheiser IE 300. This article will have all the details about the Sennheiser IE 300 and will explore all of its features. It will also contain all the pros and cons of these cabled in-ear headphones.

It cannot be denied that we spend most of our time on our devices, be it our laptops, phones, or tablets. One common factor that remains constant with all of these devices is a pair of earphones or headphones. There have been many modifications to the design of the headphones, and earbuds are all the rage right now. As such, it is pretty rare to see a pair of wired headphones these days. If you are someone that prefers the wired headphones to their other counterparts, then the Sennheiser IE 300 in-ear wired headphones are sure to peak your interest. Read on to know and decide for yourself whether or not these headphones are the right fit for you.

As mentioned above, the Sennheiser IE 300 is an in-ear wired headphones, so you will not find the features that you would get in a wireless pair of headphones. That said, the Sennheiser IE 300 is a terrific purchase, and the quality is top-notch and is sure to be a treat for audiophiles who take their music very seriously and are not enticed with a gadget just because it might look fancier.

Sennheiser IE 300

The makers of the Sennheiser IE 300 blew it out of the park with the unique design and construction of the headphones. The headphones come with gold-plated connectors and the coating of the cables is made out of a material very similar to Kevlar. The design of these headphones makes it very clear that a lot of effort and attention has gone into the creation of these headphones. The audio components of the Sennheiser IE 300 have employed very clever engineering to ensure that there is ample space which results in these headphones being much more comfortable than your typical in-ear headphones.

If you are someone who is a fan of strong bass, the Sennheiser IE 300 will definitely not disappoint you. It is however, not just geared towards a good bass output, as all genres are handled pretty comfortably by the IE 300, and the audio it produces is very crisp and pleasant to listen to.


  • German made 7mm XWB transducer for natural sound.
  • Resonator chamber to remove masking resonances.
  • New and developed membrane foil for decreased natural resonances.
  • Para-aramid reinforced cables with gold plated MMCX connectors and a 3.5 mm plug.
  • Adjustable flexible ear hooks and a choice of ear adapters including memory foam.
  • Impedance: 16 Ohms
  • Frequency Response: 4 Hz- 20,000 Hz
  • Total Harmonic Distortion< 0.08% (1 kHz, 94 dB)

Features of the Sennheiser IE 300 Headphones

1. Price

The Sennheiser IE 300 undoubtedly is one of the costlier headphones in the market. Priced at around Rs.30K or $300 approx, it is costlier than some of the best-selling headphones in the market and is clearly not targeted towards the average public.

The hefty price of the Sennheiser IE 300 makes it clear that the company did not launch these headphones with the intention of competing with its contemporaries. The price point, in fact, put these headphones in a very weird place, where it cannot be compared to other wired headphones meant for a more affordable budget, nor can it be compared to the high level and top-notch headphones that musicians and professionals in the music and entertainment industry use.

The only justification of the price point of these pair of headphones can be that the makers intended it to be a product that bridged the gap that exists between an audiophile-grade sound quality and headphones that are more affordable but compromise on quality. Even though the Sennheiser IE 300 is very expensively priced, the sound quality and overall performance of the headphones are sure to give the users value for their money.

2. Design and Style

The Sennheiser IE 300 is a pair of wired headphones, which means that it is extremely comfortable to wear, and sits snugly in your ears. The wired headphones set means that the user does not have to go through the constant hassle of charging and recharging the batteries that the wireless earbuds ruling the market currently use.

Sennheiser did not come up with different color variants of the IE 300. The only variant available of the Sennheiser IE 300 is in the color black, which undoubtedly, has managed to remain one of the most loved and most popular colour in the gadgets market.

The units themselves, have a very unique design, as they seem to have gold and blue specks on them, which is noticeable only from close proximity. The wire is dark greyish in color, and has been coated with a material very similar to Kevlar, which ensures that the wire is extremely durable and can tolerate a lot of bending without much wear and tear.

Sennheiser IE 300 design and style

The cable terminates at a 3.5mm right-angle TRS jack, which is compatible with most devices and is very easy to use. The headphones themselves do not have an in-built microphone or in-line volume or transport controls, which comes as a big letdown. The earbuds are detachable, and they can be attached to the included cable using the gold-plated Fidelity+ MMCX connectors. These connectors allow the buds to swivel 360 degrees comfortably, and the connectors also allow the user to change the cable that is included with the headphones, with any cable of the user’s choice, provided it is an MMCX compatible cable. 

The box that these headphones come in, comes equipped with three pairs of silicon tips, along with three pairs of memory foam tips. A cleaning tool is also included in the bag to ensure that you can properly clean the earbuds and keep them free from wax buildup. A softshell case is also included in the bag, and this shell case is meant to help you carry your earbuds safely and tangle-free when not using them, and it comes equipped with some cable and accessory organization straps inside it.

Sennheiser IE 300 case

3. Audio Output

One of the most impressive features of this in-ear headphones is that it produces an extremely crisp, rich, loud, and well-balanced audio. The earbuds have the ability to create a sense of space in their reproduction of music, and this is very rarely seen in other headphones.

The Sennheiser IE 300 uses 7mm Extra Wide Band (XWB) transducers along with additional air chambers which helps in creating clarity in the audio reproduction, and creates the ‘sense of space’ we mentioned earlier. The designing and minute detailing of the IE 300 make it clear that a lot of effort and planning has gone into the making of this product, and the efforts of the makers have truly paid off.

If you are someone who loves a strong bass, or bass in general, you will love the Sennheiser IE 300. The bass it produces is very punchy, but this does not mean that the other aspects and genre of the music go unremarkably. In fact, the Sennheiser IE 300 is a headphone that is extremely well balanced, and it produces high-quality audio every time. 

4. User Experience

The Sennheiser IE 300 comes with a swiveling connection in its buds, which makes it very comfortable and flexible, and this helps the earbuds being easy to fit in the ears without any discomfort to the user at all. This swiveling connection of the earbuds is connected to the cable wire of the IE 300 with the help of some ear hooks. 

The issue that arises with the IE 300 is that it is very prone to micro phonics, which means that even the littlest sounds can prove to give rise to tiny disruptions in the audio quality of the headphones.

Pros and Cons of the Sennheiser IE 300


  • The quality of the audio output, and the overall design of the headphones makes it very high quality and top notch.
  • The construction and design of the headphone is pretty sturdy and durable, which means that it is quite less prone to wear and tear.
  • The bass is very punchy, and quite impressive.


  • The price point is very high, and at this price, these headphones are not targeted towards the general audience.
  • Despite the very high price, these headphones do not have an in built mic or in line remote constructed in it, which is a huge let down. 
  • The Sennheiser IE 300 is quite micro phonic, which means that it picks up even the smallest of noises, and this can cause disruptions in the audio experience of the user.
  • It does not have a noise cancelling feature that headphones of even very affordable prices have nowadays. 


This is a detailed review of the Sennheiser IE 300. It is a set of wired headphones that is priced at around $300 or Rs. 30k, making it quite expensive. However, it is packed with a lot of features, and it is targeted towards a special audience, i.e., audiophiles who are concerned with the high quality of the audio that a headphone produces.

These headphones produce extremely high-quality audio. However, it does not have certain features like the inbuilt mic, the inbuilt remote, and the noise-canceling features, which are considered very common in even affordable headphones.

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