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Sennheiser HD 202 II Review

Advantages-  Sennheiser HD 202 II review are closed-back designs which have filter ambient noise feature. This has a comfortable fit with some extra padding on the headbands. These have excellent sound quality that comes under great budget.  

Disadvantages-  There are two cons of these headphones first the 10 feet long cable which will be annoying using outside of the house. Also, the cable lacks microphones and other mobile control buttons. Also, the build is of full plastic which can be a concern for some.  

The bottom line-  If you want budget-friendly headphones with good sound quality and performs great with an ambient noise filter then Sennheiser HD 202 II is the one.

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Sennheiser HD 202 II vs 202

Sennheiser HD 202 II are a better buy as this has 2 Hz lower impedance than Sennheiser HD 202. This has 7 dB/mW higher sound pressure. Which ensures the sound is loud and clear. These have neodymium magnets which are lighter and powerful. This is higher up to 54 g. This will be easy and comfortable. This comes with 1 m long cable. Sennheiser HD 202 lacks these features and that is why they are less preferable. 

Sennheiser HD 202 II vs 206

Sennheiser HD 202 II vs 206

Sennheiser HD 202 II is better than 206 because of 3 Hz low frequency. This means the bass of 202 will be better than 206. Also, Sennheiser 202 is better because it also 7 dB/mW higher sound pressure also they are light in weight upto 85 grams. In all 202 is better to buy than 206 as there are more additional features with lesser weight.

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SpecificationSennsieser 202Sennheiser HD 206Sennheiser HD 202 II
Sound 7.578
Value 777.5
Price Under $50Under $50under $50 

Sennheiser HD 202 headphones detail 

Sennheiser has been there in the market for quite a few years and has manufactured some amazon headphones over a period of time. They have come up with many in budget headphones that won’t hurt your pockets and works well too. 

Sennheiser came with Sennheiser HD 202 over ear headphones that have been selling from 2009. Everything about the closed back design of these headphones are amazing. They look appealing, sound appropriate and are very comfortable and come with synthetic leather earcups.  These headphones also help in filtering out the ambience sound. The headphones are comfortable can be wear for a longer time, comfortable and easy to use. 


Sennheiser HD 202 has a sleek understated design. These over-ear headphones have a black color drop for the whole headphone. The build is of plastic which may concern many but the plastic use is not flimsy at all they are sturdy. They do look cheap when examined from a closer distance. The ear pads are made of synthetic leather.

The ear cups are detachable and you can easily attach and detach them. The cable is 10 feet long which ends on a 3.5 mm plug. The design is basic as every normal headphone out there. Design isn’t something that you can rave about it is basic. Overall the headphones are sturdy and great to use and look good on the ear with the price they come with. It is totally worth trying.

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They are a bit on uncomfortable sides as the earcups are not that big and also the ear cups are on halfway which is over and on the ear. The ear cups are made of faux leather which may feel a bit stiff at the initial use but after that, they fit properly. They are made of complete plastic so expectations like memory foams are not fulfilled but being under $50 dollar the material used is good. The headphones weigh around 396 grams which is light for over-ear headphones.

These headphones are quite durable and will last you long. The semi rotating ear cups dont flex that much.

Sennheiser HD 202 ii comfortable


These headphones come with a filter ambient noise feature. This feature does filter out the sounds to some extent for that peaceful playback. These headphones come with a 10 feet long cable which ends on a 3.5 mm connecting jack. The length of the cable is a bit issue as it is very long around 3 meters which can make them restricted to home use as you cannot carry a 3-meter long cable around. These do come with a wire collector box that can be placed on the belt side.

Also, the cable lacks features like a mobile controlling button and a microphone.

The headphones do come with rotating ear cups which makes them easy to adjust on the ear. Also, the company provides a carrying pouch for the headphones you can travel with them. They cannot be folded so they will take the whole space to be kept.

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These headphones gave neutral tonal balanced sound. This has a frequency range of up to 18 to 18000 Hz. This has a sound pressure of 115 dB. These do lack some bass punch but overall the sound delivered by the headphones is amazing and yes you can listen to them for a good time. These headphones sound like any either basic headphones so if you are searching for basic under budget headphones then you can surely choose them. They won’t be a disappointment at all.

The Carrying Case

These headphones do come with their own pouch to keep them safe but if you want cases to keep them safer and secured then you can find many options on there online and choose a good carrying case to keep them safe and secure.


Frequency response 18 Hz
Total harmonic distortion 0.5%
Sensitivity 115 db 
Impedance 32 ohm 
Magnetic material Neodynamic magnets 
Accessories 6.3 mm (1/4″) stereo adapter
Weight 369 grams 


Sennheiser HD 202 II is very affordable side over-ear headphones which come with features like filter ambient noise which is great. The sound playback and out put is good. It is not over the top but according to the price they come in they are appropriate and sound good.

If you are on a budget you can consider these headphones but keep in mind the cord length of these headphones is upto 3 meters.

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