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Samsung Level U Wireless Headphones Review

Advantages: The Samsung Level U wireless headphones have a very comfortable fit, lightweight, around-the-neck design with good sound quality and decent battery life. It has in-built button controls and vibrates when the call comes.

Drawback: The open design of earbuds let the ambient sound leak in and you can feel some imbalance in higher volume levels.

The Bottom Line: Samsung Level U are comfortable, lightweight, well-built bluetooth headphones and a great in-ear model for the person who doesn’t like to have eartips shoved in their ears.

Super Comfortable Samsung Level U Wireless

Around-the-neck Bluetooth wireless headphones are quiet in fashion these days. Samsung Level U wireless headphones connect to the smartphone through Bluetooth and improve your music and calling experience by the headset. These are available in two colors; Black & Sapphire under $50.

Samsung Level U Wireless
Source: pcmag.com

Comfortable In-ear Wireless Design

These earbuds don’t get jammed, these are designed to sit loosely in your ears. It is a very comfortable in-ear wireless headphone with a flexible lightweight neckband that sits comfortably around the back of the neck.

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One-Size-Fits-All Eartips

The stabilizing wing ear tips provide a better secure fit than the standard ear tips. Both the ear tips came in the same size but fits most of the ear sizes. These sizes of ear tips are one-size-fits-all.

Magnetic Ends secures it when not in use

Samsung Level U have magnetic ends which join the both earbuds to each other when not in use. When not in use, you can leave the headphones hanging around your neck and forget even if you are wearing anything. The magnetic necklace-type shape also makes it secure from falling and breakage. That’s why it is loved by people, You can just stick the buds and leave it around the neck. You can also just use a single bud while making calls.

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Dual-mic Noise Reduction Technology

Samsung Level U wireless headphones have the dual mic for noise reduction to prevent surrounding noise from disturbing your music experience or while you’re on a call. The noise reduction is good, but the open ear design of earbuds let the ambient sound leak in. So it can’t be the best for noisier surroundings. 

Samsung Level U noise reduction
Source: trustedreviews.com

Great Battery Life and Interesting Additional Features

Samsung Level U has a decent battery life of 10 hours for a Bluetooth headphone. The voice cue tells you when the headphone is on and in pairing mode. The neckband vibrates at the back and alerts you for incoming calls. These additional features are interesting and make it better.

In-built Control Buttons

There are in-built buttons to control the right side of the neckband. The buttons are well placed and easily manageable. You can pause or play music, skip tracks backward or forward and raise & lower the volume levels.

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Samsung Level U controls
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There is a companion Level App for Android users, you can free download it from playstore. You can use the Level App to access and control advanced settings of the headphones, like activate headphones to read text notifications to you. 

The one drawback anyone can feel is that it’s not sweating or water-resistant. Due to its amazing grip, you can use these wireless earbuds for running and these also work quite well as workout wireless headphones, but we can’t be sure about how well it’ll handle sweat over time. 

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Samsung Level U Impressive Performance

Samsung level U wireless headphones serve super sound quality to all the devices either it is Android or iOS. These have 12mm drivers and deliver decent sound quality with less demanding music but have slight incapacity for heavy-bass and highly complicated tracks. The sound is fairly balanced and has a fair amount of bass but the bass is not well-defined and gets disfigured at higher volumes.

These wireless earphones are great for everyday use but not great for the Audiophiles. It delivers better sound clarity and deeper bass than the other in-ear headphones available in the market. These are good headphones for phone calls, the caller sounds clear and your voice is also heard clearly as long you’re not much in noisier surroundings.

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Samsung Level U Bluetooth connectivity is decent, but you can experience a few irregular hiccups when the phone is moving. The connection is more stable when the phone is put on a stable surface. 

Samsung Level U Specification

  • In-ear wireless
  • Neck-band design
  • 12mm driver
  • Dual Mic
  • Noise reduction technology
  • Magnetic ends
  • Level App for Android Users
  • Micro USB charging
  • Three sizes of ear tips
  • Color: Black & Sapphire
  • Price: under $50

Conclusion: The Samsung Level U wireless headphones have a comfortable fit, lightweight, around-the-neck design with good sound quality and decent battery life. Read the review in detail and buy now at Amazon. (links are given above)

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