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Samsung Galaxy Buds Review

Advantages: Samsung Galaxy Buds are lightweight true wireless earbuds fits securely to ears with noise isolating feature. The sound quality and battery life is decent. It has USB-C and wireless charging with the compact charging case.

Drawbacks: Few features only work with android devices and the charging case only fully charge the buds once.

Conclusion: Galaxy Buds have wireless charging like AirPods and cost much less. It’s the best true wireless earbuds if you’re an android or Samsung user, but there are better earbuds available for Apple iPhone users.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Exclusive Features

Does Samsung EarBuds work with Android?

Samsung Galaxy buds are the best alternatives for Apple Airpods for android users.

Samsung Galaxy Buds work with android
Source: phonearena.com

These are comfortable, lightweight and have a secure fit. The charging case is compact and provides 6 hours of suitable battery life on normal volume levels. You get USB-C and wireless charging with Qi charging pad. All the new Samsung phones have the Wireless PowerShare feature so you can charge your earbuds just by resting the case on the backside of the phone.

Does Samsung Galaxy Buds work with iPhone?

These are Samsung Galaxy Buds but also works with non-Samsung devices. It is compatible with non-Samsung devices like other android and iOS devices and Bluetooth enabled computers and laptops. Few of the features are not available for iOS users, like Ambient Aware mode and Automatic Sync. These features only work with android devices with Bluetooth 5.0. The Ambient Aware mode feature lets you have a conversation or hear the outside world without even removing the earbuds.

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Call and Sound Quality

The microphones are quite good and pick up the voice properly but it also picks the surrounding noises. The noise reduction is not that efficiencies, the caller complained about hearing background noises. The Jabra Elite 75t has better noise reduction and provides better call experience than the galaxy buds.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds call quality
Source: elcorreo.com

Sound quality is decent, but not that great in comparison to other true wireless earbuds. The sound lacks the well defined bass and doesn’t have that premium sound clarity. The sound can be customized according to your preference in the EQ setting of the Galaxy Wearable app

Waterproof Earbuds for running and workouts

The Galaxy Buds IPX2 verified water resistant saves it from sweat and splashes, but you can’t immerse it into the water because it is not fully waterproof. You can use it as wireless workout headphones.

Samsung Galaxy buds wingtips provide perfect secure and stick to your ear. These are good true wireless earbuds for running, It doesn’t fall from your ears even if you shake your head, you have to take it out to remove it from your ears. The tight seal enhances the experience and boosts the sound quality.

Smooth Touch Controls

Galaxy Buds have touch controls like other earbuds and AirPods. The touch controls are highly responsive and work smoothly. One tap play/pause the track, double-tap forward the track and triple tap backward the track.

There is the customizable tap-and-hold function, you can assign the function according to your preference as per your preference. It has the default setting to activate the voice assistant.

The auto-pause feature only works when you take out both the earbuds. Music doesn’t pause when you only take out one bud-like Airpods Pro and Jabra Elite 75t

Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Other Wireless Earbuds

Jabra elite 75t sounds better than the Galaxy buds and also better wireless earbuds for making calls. Anker SoundCore Liberty Air 2 also has better bass definition and richer sound quality than the Galaxy Buds.

Samsung Galaxy Buds for running
Source: alground.com

Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Apple Airpods

Samsung Galaxy Buds have better performance than Apple AirPods. Actually, which is better Galaxy buds or Airpods is arguable. Galaxy buds are better sounding true wireless earbuds than AirPods, especially in noisy surroundings. The performance and preference depending on the fit of the Airpods. If AirPods fit your ear perfectly, you’ll prefer them over this, and it is also better wireless earbuds for making calls

SpecsSamsung Galaxy BudsApple AirPods Pro
Price under$150$250

AirPods have Apple’s new H1 chip with a fast-pairing feature and always-on Siri that gives hands-free voice assistants that activate Siri just by saying the command word “Hey, Siri” without touching any button. You can adjust volume and forward/backward track through voice command. Galaxy buds lack few features for Apple users. Hence if you have an Apple device you’ll most probably prefer the AirPods.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Specifications

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • USB-C charging
  • Wireless charging
  • 3 sizes of eartips and wingtips
  • Water and sweat resistant
  • 6 hours of playtime
  • 15 hours battery life with charging case
  • Qi charging pad
  • Wireless PowerShare
  • Transparency mode
  • Multiple color options
  • Price under $150
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  1. However, the Galaxy Buds really shine when it comes to bass frequencies, which becomes even more apparent when you listen to bassy tracks like Billie Eilish’s Bury A Friend’. On tracks like this, the use of air-displacing dynamic drivers means that you can almost feel the sub bass thumping in your chest – unusual for true wireless earbuds.

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