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Samsung Galaxy A52 Review

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Samsung Galaxy A52 Review

The gorgeous Galaxy A52 also comes in a 5G flavor, but unlike the lesser Galaxy A32 duo, where LTE and 5G variants cost the same and come with an inferior screen and camera, this A52 5G really provides upgrades and a price rise. The Galaxy A52 5G features a 120Hz Super AMOLED screen, a Snapdragon 750 5G CPU, and a 5G connection.

  • Stereo speakers
  • IP67 rating, unique design
  • AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 90Hz
  • 3 major OS upgrades
  • 4 years of security fixes
  • 4K video capture is possible
  • 15W charger with 25W enabled Smartphone
  • Average low-light camera performance
  • Average 1080p video recording

The Galaxy lineup of Samsung has the Galaxy S series, which can be considered overachieving, and the Galaxy M series, which can be considered value for money. The middle child of both is the Galaxy A series. The A-series definitely had its portion of good-looking smartphones in the past, but when you compare it to other phones at the same prices, it falls short of the benchmark in terms of performance.

Now, let us focus on the Galaxy A52 and try to find out if Samsung tried to improve and work on the areas in which it was lacking? Is it a phone in which you should invest your money and expect happy returns? The phone, launched at a starting price of 26,499 INR and with many new features to look forward to, made its debut on 17th March 2021 in the Indian market.

Samsung Galaxy A52 Design and Build

If we were to say that design is one of the most appealing and best points of the Galaxy A52, we will not be exaggerating. With its minimalist looks and a very smooth feel, this phone is a very exciting one in the matter of design and build. Its color variants – namely awesome blue and awesome violet have a flashy look, while the more subtle versions are awesome white and awesome black.

Samsung Galaxy A52 Design and Build
source: samsung.com

This phone also reduces fingerprints on its back because of usage due to its matte finish. The back has been redesigned very sensibly, with no textures, no hard edges, no taglines, just a solid finish, and a camera that elevates seamlessly from the back. There is an HDR-compliant AMOLED display of 6.5 inches with a punch-hole display. The bezels are almost uniform on the sides, with the chin being marginally thicker. It also has a plastic frame. The right side of the phone has the power and volume buttons, and the left side is empty with no function buttons or slots.

The phone contains a hybrid SD card slot and an audio jack, with stereo speakers also as one of its features. The phone is dust and water-resistant and has been certified officially with an IP67 rating. The weight has been kept in check by the use of a polycarbonate shell. There is also the assurance of gorilla glass 5.

Samsung Galaxy A52 Specifications

The phone in question, Samsung Galaxy A52, in matter of display sports a 6.5 inch AMOLED display with a 90 Hz rate of a refresh. The refresh rate can be toned down to 60 Hz, instead of 90 Hz which is the default setting for increased battery life.

The processor seems a bit underpowered at this price range, which is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 720 G. The internal storage is fixed at 128 GB, but the RAM varies at 6 GB and 8 GB. The base model starts at 26,499 INR. 

Although the device is a Dual SIM, memory expansion comes at the cost of a second sim as the slot is hybrid. Four satellite navigation systems, Bluetooth 5, Dual-band WiFi, and NFC are supported. 

The User Interface (UI) is UI 3.1, which supports the latest Android 11. The UI is navigable easily. Although the default system is a 3-button layout system, it can be changed for swipe gestures too. A fair amount of bloatware has been installed, so if you want to keep your phone clean you can uninstall them.

What is inside the box?

When you open the box of your brand new Samsung Galaxy A52, what you get inside are a charging adaptor, which is 15 watts, a USB cable that can be used for both data transfer and charging your phone, and a tool that can be used for SIM ejection, and the phone’s documentation, like warranty card and a manual on how to operate the phone basics and on disposal of the phone.

Samsung Galaxy A52 Display

The phone has a 6.5 inch AMOLED display, which is of a very nice quality on par with the Galaxy F62 or Galaxy M51. A high screen refresh rate of 90Hz, however, certainly gives it an edge as this helps in making the transitions and animations smoother.

Samsung is known to offer in its high-end smartphones a smart variable mode refreshing rate, but in the Galaxy A52, the refresh rate for most apps is locked at 90hz, which is not suitable for gaming. For gaming, Standard motion smoothness, achievable at 60 Hz is required, which we had to switch manually. The natural and softer on eyes sRGB mode color profile is preferable, although the phone comes with two of them, the other color profile being DCI-P3 pace. 

For people who like to stream movies and shows, HDR streaming works only on Youtube. Other streaming services such as prime video, Netflix, and other similar apps support Full HD streaming. The phone is DRM L1 certified. The phone’s one of the best features is that whenever the phone gets an HDR signal, the brightness is locked and pushed to the maximum. The best possible HDR experience can be experienced by users because of this feature only. 800 nits of maximum brightness possible has been claimed by Samsung for this phone, so even under direct sunlight, the display is easily readable.

Samsung Galaxy A52 Performance and Gaming

In India, The Galaxy A52’s processor feels a little off, rather old especially when you are paying at this price range. However, The octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 720-G chipset is still capable of powerful performance and giving a smooth experience with One UI 3.1. When coming to gaming and demanding performances, this phone still lags behind, the performance can not be called amazing or impressive. 

When reviewing a famous online multiplayer game, Call Of Duty mobile, the graphics were defaulted to high-high, with a refresh rate of 90 Hz but beyond medium graphics, the performance was not really very smooth with low frame rates. It was only when we dialed down the refresh rate to 60 Hz, which is standard smoothness, that the performance improved substantially and the game could be played at default high-high settings.

If you are a gaming-oriented customer, this phone is not the best choice for you. 

For people who are not that focused on gaming, the processor works fine. With the phone supporting VoWiFi and Dual 4G VoLTE, call quality was pretty good and there are no connectivity issues.

Samsung Galaxy A52 Software

If we come to the software, the One UI 3.1 is very intuitive and excellent. The auto call recording feature has been retained by Samsung, which is one of the few brands that still have this feature. Knox Security is there to keep your phone secure against threats, Google feed is the home screen, and three-year android upgrades have been assured by Samsung.

Battery, Charging and Sound-check

The Galaxy A52 features a battery of 4500 mAh. When the display is set to the default refresh rate of 90 Hz, the battery is able to last for a day comfortably. However, if you need the phone for heavy tasks, you will surely drain the battery fast and will have to recharge the battery by mid-day or by evening. Fast charging can be attained with the use of a 25W USB PD adaptor, but it does not come in the box with the standard equipment. The charger provided by Samsung in the box is only 15 W, which provides only a modest charging rate. The 15 W charger took almost 2 hours and 15 minutes for a full charge, while the 25 W charger was faster, taking only 1 hour and 30 minutes for a full charge. The phone has Dolby Atmos for optimizing sound, which can be turned on.

samsung galaxy a52 Battery
source: samsung.com

There are different preset settings that can be used by you. However, it seemed to make almost no difference, only nominal difference was there. 

The phone also features adaptive sound, which can help you in listening effectively by boosting frequencies. The phone contains stereo speakers, but unfortunately, they are not well balanced. But it does not matter much as while watching multimedia content, such as movies and series, we did not face any difficulties in hearing, and the sound was streamed properly. While streaming audio wirelessly, we did not seem to face any difficulties.

Samsung Galaxy A52 Camera Quality

The Samsung Galaxy A52 contains a quad-camera setting at the backside. This consists of a 64 MP primary camera, a 12 MP wide-angle camera, a 5 MP macro camera, and a 5 MP depth sensor. A 32 Mp camera is in the front for taking selfies. It also contains a scene optimiser, which optimizes the scenery by recognizing the object you are pointing towards with your camera. It is also quite good as it rarely failed to recognize the scenery, and it also worked fairly fast. No manual intervention was required for focusing on objects by the camera, as the autofocus is quite good and fast. 

Samsung Galaxy A52 Camera Quality
source: samsung.com

The pictures taken in daylight were of average quality. When seen after zooming in on a big screen, the pictures taken were not very much detailed but they looked quite good on the Super AMOLED display of the phone. The wide-angle camera produced images with poorer details. However, there was no barrel distortion in the pictures taken, which is a good point. The phone captures good shots in close-up pictures, which have excellent detailing. The scene optimizer was not aggressive and was able to enhance contrast in the produced picture.

The phone managed to take good quality pictures even with the macro camera at a close range. If you are taking a portrait shot, the camera also allows you to set the level of blur in the picture. A plus point is that the camera is able to recognize faces, even if they are wearing masks. If you want to avoid smoothening in the pictures taken, you will have to switch off beautification settings manually which is turned on by default.

The phone is able to keep noise under control and is a bit aggressive in noise reduction which produces a watercolor effect in pictures. Low light shots were not that good, and the phone also has a night mode which improves details slightly in the shadows. Also, when using this effect, it takes almost 4-5 seconds for a picture to be clicked. The camera produces crisp selfies, even in low light mode. It is also able to simulate depth of field.

You can use the super steady mode along with the wide-angle camera to record videos. However, in 4K quality, the video was not stabilized.

Samsung Galaxy A52 price in India

The starting price of the Samsung Galaxy A52 in India is Rs. 23,499. Samsung Galaxy A52 is available on Flipkart as well as Amazon.

Samsung Galaxy A52 price in India
source: Flipkart

Conclusion – Samsung Galaxy A52 Review

As per the review, 6.5 inches sized Samsung Galaxy A52 is light-weight and compact, carrying a rating of IP67 at such an affordable price which makes it a must-buy for a clumsy person who’s looking for a water-resistant phone. From classic design and a large display to respectable performance and a decent set of cameras, the smartphone offers it all.

Not only is it water-resistant, but it also offers dust-resistant quality too that most phones on the market fail to do. The phone misses out on 5G but we are not sure if that should be a must-have in any phone given that 5G technology has to go a long way to be welcomed in our country. 

You may find quicker performance (a better processor, more RAM)  and faster-charging rates in other mobile phones. However, waterproofing, stereo speakers, and photography category make Samsung Galaxy A52 stand out. However, if you are into gaming, the phone may not be the right choice for you. Also, if you are looking at an affordable bargain, the Samsung Galaxy A52 might not be it.

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