Review 2021 – 10 Reasons to buy Best Managed WordPress Hosting

9.8Expert Score Review 2021 is an ultra-fast Premium Managed WordPress Hosting provider with the best features like Cloudflare EnterPrise with Edge, 200+ locations, 14 days Backup, and Great Customer Support as per the review.

  • This is an independent company and not owned under EIG.
  • Have Super Fast SSD Servers
  • Great Customer Support via phone call, live chat, and emails
  • Provides free CDN with 200+ PoPs
  • You will get expert WordPress Optimizations and tweaks. Hence you need not have to worry about the technical detail as the support team will help with everything for you.
  • Provide enterprise Servers with guaranteed resources
  • Rocket has about 200+ Global CDN Locations
  • Delivers fastest Managed WordPress hosting experience with the Edge Cloud.
  • Outstanding security.
  • Have a WordPress optimized stack, which is best suited for hosting WordPress Websites.
  • Highly expensive for beginners
  • Don't have an email hosting feature
  • No domain registration available
  • They will automatically install some WordPress plugins

Hello friends, today I am going to tell you about Review 2021. This is the best-managed WordPress hosting, which comes with a lot of premium features, which you will not find anywhere. So let’s start.

I reviewed lots of other hosting providers before now its time to try hosting after trying Cloudways. is the only all-in-one WordPress platform that’s optimized and delivered by Cloudflare Enterprise. With built-in CDN and WAF, every WordPress install is delivered as fast and secure as possible.

TypeHosting Platform
TrialGet 30 days trial at just $1
Features1. Global CDN with Full Page Caching
2. Enterprise delivery with HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 support along with brotli compression and image optimization.
3. Argo Smart Routing
4. Cloudflare Enterprise WAF
5. Powered by Imunify360
Explore moreVisit
Get the First month hosting at just $1 from our Exclusive Coupon Code “LAUNCH“. At checkout, select a three-year plan and pay the equivalent of a two-year plan (means 1 year Free)

When we speak about the web hosting provider, you can find a wide range of hosting providers, promising to give you the best hosting solution for your website. The reality is….they are actually not the best. It is better to select the best web hosting provider than to keep on migrating from one hosting provider to another one.

Selecting the best web hosting provider will make or break your website. Okay now, we can prefer hosting based on the top website’s hosting provider. Over 350 Billion people voted for WordPress for its outstanding mix of functionality, speed, and ease of use. Once you start using WordPress as CMS, you have to decide how and where to host it. You can do self-hosting with the help of a Linux server but you’ll need some serious Linux chops for that. For creating an outstanding, hassle-free website, Linux is not the perfect solution.

Well….you can go for This is an awesome website hosting solution for your website with tons of features. Rocket net is an exclusive hosting provider and they are offering Cloudflare Enterprise plans with all WordPress hosting plans of $30 per month.

To be absolutely honest, I was skeptical when I first heard about It didn’t seem likely to be true! However, after reading the testimonials and articles on their website, I decided to give it a shot for my own blog.

My Story

Initially, I used GreenGeeks hosting (review).

While the frontend & backend performance is good but TTFB is around 500-800ms which is very high.

To address these difficulties (particularly the high TTFB), I was curious to try Cloudways‘ High-Frequency servers from Vultr. However, Cloudway’s server performance was better (25% approx) than Greengeeks but customer support is very slow. It pushed me to return to GreenGeeks Hosting.

GreenGeeks is an excellent shared Web hosting provider, with exceptional and quick customer service. If you require assistance, you can contact GreenGeeks via Live Chat. You will be connected to an agent within seconds (10-15 seconds). If you are looking for shared web hosting then you must choose GreenGeeks.

Later, in a Facebook group, I came across and decided to do more investigation.

It was a difficult decision for me to consider due to the fact that it is a relatively new hosting company.

However, upon more investigation into their company and owner Ben Gabler, I discovered he had an extremely strong history in hosting and CDNs.

The founder has a strong track record, of being as COO at HostGator, President at HostNine, Senior Product Manager at GoDaddy, and Chief Product Manager at StackPath (MaxCDN), among other positions.

Additionally, based on his interviews, he appears to be dissatisfied with traditional hosting services and has extensive experience optimizing website performance.

I created a clone of my websites from GreenGeeks Hosting and copied it to and serve them over their own temporary staging URLs so that I could monitor performance for a couple of weeks prior to pulling the trigger.

I was really very impressed by their hosting performance and decided to move my sites to WordPress Hosting after review. Hosting PerformanceGreenGeeks Hosting Performance
GreenGeeks vs Gtmetric performance difference
The performance difference between GreenGeeks vs

Google is putting a stronger emphasis on fast websites and has introduced a new ranking factor called Google Core Vitals. I’m also including screenshots of my core vitals when I switched to hosting. When I saw my website’s Google Core Vitals results, I was astounded, and only one voice came out of my mouth. Wow!

google core vitals of bestplaceforyou Review 2021 – Managed WordPress Hosting Features

Reason 1 – Time To First Page

We have evaluated the speed and performance by looking at the simplicity of the hosting provider’s login process, from registering a test page directly from a new client to the Internet. This plays an outstanding performance in this place. Your signup and payment process is available on a single page and it looks only a few minutes to get completed. Hence, you can create a new WordPress site and rotate it in a few more minutes. In fact, you have to wait a long time for the DNS provider to settle the domain for your new IP address.

With this, you can easily get everything done within the span of 10 minutes, to get a test page on the internet.

Rocket net migrate wp site

Reason 2 – Control Panel

A control panel is a place, where you can control all your website settings. provides you with a clear dashboard, where you can check about what you are currently using. WordPress Hosting Dashboard

They have the simplified dashboard view that you are getting with this You will get all the details of your WordPress websites, once it goes live on the internet. You can manage the FTP and SFTP accounts and your websites in this control panel. also providing a temporary domain for testing your website before changing the nameserver of your domain.

With this you can also record and display your visitor’s stats without installing the plugins and prefer the third party. Definitely, this makes your WordPress install lighter and easier to manage.

Reason 3 – Provide Automatic Backups

To have a solid web presence, a constant backup is needed. There is no need to go for other backup restore plugins as, provides the option for both manual and automatic backups. WordPress Hosting manual backup automated backup backup retention duration is 14 days, which means you should not worry about your website if something happens wrong because you have 14 days backup without installing any third-party plugin.

You can even restore your backup within a click. Don’t worry as your data was safely stored on fault-tolerant hardware.

Reason 4 – Automatic Updates

WordPress has many themes and plugins, hence a frequent update is needed to get the new features, functionality, and security fixes. Hence you should update them as regularly as you can.

But now with this, you don’t need to worry about frequent updates. will update the WordPress site automatically. Hence you can save your time by frequently logging in and updating your WordPress. Have easy management with this control panel.

Hence with, you can easily manage your WordPress site PHP version through a single toggle. You can choose your preferred PHP version from these 5.6, 7.0, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4. & 8.0. It is a very easy process now. advanced features site settings

Reason 5 – Reliability and Uptime

We have tested this and it didn’t show a single minute of downtime. Hence, it delivers 99.99% uptime which is an outstanding performance. WordPress Hosting review uptime

Most of the web hosting providers won’t achieve this uptime, where intermediate network hiccups and hardware issues are the most common and are widely credited. Rocket plays an excellent role in this. 

Reason 6 – Performance

Visitors won’t visit your website again if your website has slow loading. Google report says that pages that take 10 seconds of loading time, will suffer a 123% bounce rate. Hence the visitors will switch to another site that is loading fast. WordPress Hosting review performance

In general, this performance level can be achieved only by managing lots of factors that include, PHP and Apache settings, implementing a caching layer, and other arcane server settings. Rocket is providing outstanding performance with its tools and plugins. You don’t have to mess up things to achieve this performance.

Note:- You have to install autoptimize cache or another caching plugin for getting a better score in GTmetrix. delivers an impressive speed for your website with several advanced web technologies. Coupon Code for First Month

Get a Flat 50% Discount with our Exclusive Coupon Code for the First Month.
$15$30 Buy this item
Reveal coupon
10898 days left


Caching stores your website assets in a speedy layer that sits between your visitors and your website. This caching layer will give an instant speed for the visitor to use your website immensely. 

You will get this amazing caching feature with all plans and you don’t need to set up anything. Just start exploring by creating your beautiful website. 

Image optimization and asset compression

A web page size in MB will make it load slower and the visitor should wait to get all the data to load on their device. This would be worse on the mobile with slower Internet connections. 

With Rocket, you won’t face this issue, as they optimize the image automatically. This will make the images smaller without changing the quality and also they compress the files that build the webpages. They use plugins such as ImageBoss to reduce image size with on-the-fly image compression. As with other features, it is also automatic and you don’t have to worry about the settings.


It doesn’t matter how super-fast a website you are having, if it gets hacked, it will go useless. provides a whole suite of security tools to protect your site. This plan is also included as an automated function on all the plans. They assure you with,

  • Spyware Prevention
  • Proactive Malware Protection
  • Blacklist Monitoring
  • Realtime Upload Scans
  • Automated Quarantines
  • Always-On Protection


WAF is a Web Application Firewall, which is an advanced security tool that will scan each web request before reaching your WordPress site. Even it blocks the malicious request from the hackers who attempt to bring your site offline.

Two Factor Login

This login technique will protect your login. If you enable this action, no one will know your login details except you. Otherwise, they need your smartphone to crack your login details. Hence this security assures that it is impossible for them to hack into your account.

Network Firewall

This security setup is a standard one, that will filter all the malicious data before they reach your website and cause harm. 

Free SSL Certificate 

This SSL certificate will power the secure HTTPS websites and they used to cost up to $100 USD per year. With, you will get a free and unlimited SSL certificate for your site and protect your visitors by assuring them that you take their privacy seriously.

Reason 7 – Cloudflare Enterprise Benefits

Free Cloudflare Enterprise: CloudFlare is a powerful part of the Rocket platform, that’s why we are explaining all key benefits in detail for your WordPress account.

A CDN is a content distribution network commonly used by platforms like Netflix and Amazon, which ensures that their web assets are geographically close to end-users. Hence, these settings make sure that the user’s experience is very fast.

You will get this Cloudflare Enterprise automatically with all of their plans. In addition to this, you will get Full-page caching, edge optimization, full WAF as a default setting with their plan.

FeaturesFreePro Plan $20Business Plan $200EnterPrise Plan
CNAME Activationnoyesyesyes
Enterprise CDNyesyesyesyes (Priority)
DDOS Protectionyesyesyesyes (Priority)
Full Page Cachingnonoyesyes
PCI Compliantnoyesyesyes
Enterprise WAFnoyesyesyes
Automated & BYO SSLnononoyes
Image Optimizationnoyesyesyes
File Compressionyesyesyesyes
Priority Networknononoyes
Rocket Loadernononoyes
Uptime SLAno100%100%100% / 25x
Asset Proxyingnononoyes

The Cloudflare Enterprise plan provides you with advanced security, performance and reliability features, whether you have a small or large business. It is equal to $6000+ per month value features, which are offered by absolutely free with all plans.

Features of Cloudflare Enterprise plan

If you ever used Cloudflare Free Plan then you will be surprised by the Cloudflare Enterprise level protection and all integrated features provided with the Managed WordPress Hosting plans. Try hosting with 30 days money-back guarantee and migrate your website to the Rocket Platform. I can assure you that you will never leave hosting in the future.

  • DDoS attack mitigation
  • Global Content Delivery Network
  • Support via email
  • Enhanced security with Web
  • Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Lossless image optimization
  • Automatic mobile optimization
  • Cache Analysis
  • 24x7x365 chat support
  • 100% uptime SLA
  • Easy PCI compliance
  • CNAME set-up Compatability
  • Use your own SSL certificate
  • Prioritized IP ranges
  • 24x7x365 phone support
  • Role-based account access
  • 25x reimbursement uptime SLA
  • Named solutions engineer support

Reason 8 – Amazing Customer Service

This plays a crucial role in selecting a good hosting provider. A good hosting provider should deliver support whenever we need it. offers 27/7/365 support.

Nothing is worse than having bad customer support from the hosting provider. We have tested the Milesweb customer support, and the result is very bad. We have submitted about three support tickets and they didn’t get back to us, even after 1-2 days. Then we tried again by submitting another support ticket and we got the same result again. Thus we found the worst customer service from the Milesweb.

Then we switched to the chat support of the Milesweb. It takes a long time to get connected with someone to clear our queries. Most of the time, they asked us to submit the support tickets. If you face any issues with your site, like your site is not working properly you need instant help. 

In this place, plays an excellent role. Here we will give detailed information and they are the market leaders in providing customer service. They give instant help to solve your queries and we have tested that too. They will solve your support ticket within 15-30 minutes and give instant chat support. You can get in touch with an agent within a few seconds.

You can clear your doubts and get connected to them via Email, live chat, or over the phone.

Instant Chat Support provides excellent chat support. You can get instant help by simply clicking on the Live Chat option and you will get an agent to help you instantly.

Then you can chat with them to solve your queries. They won’t switch you to another area, and they will solve your queries anytime.

You can find some data about how compares to the other 12 hosting providers, you can find it below. The average time they take to solve your problem is only about 5-10 minutes. From our testing, we too had the same result. 

Chat answer time: Instant

Chat resolution time: 5 minutes

Ticket resolution time: 15 minutes

Reason 9 – Website Migration

rocket net fast wordpress hosting provider

If you are not satisfied with the current web hosting provider then you can migrate to another provider by paying some cost. And you have to wait for a long time to migrate your website from them into a new web hosting provider.

With, you can do easy migration for all your websites without paying a penny. It is FREE. In addition to this, the migration can be done in a few minutes and you won’t feel any difficulty in the migration process. If you have any doubts, they will clear that too.

It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Reason 10 – 30-Days Money Back Guarantee

A company can assure this money-back guarantee, only when they are confident about their product. Some web hosting providers will give you money back and some web hosting providers will cost you for what you have used from their resources and will give you the remaining amount.

With Rocket, you will easily get this money-back guarantee and they won’t cost you for what you have used from them. So, if you are not happy with the service they provide, you can cancel your subscription and get your money back. We assure you that you won’t cancel your subscription as they are offering a wide range of tools and features. If you want a trial before making the payment, you can contact them and they will help you with that. Managed WordPress Hosting Plans Managed WordPress Hosting Plans Discount Coupon Code (Annual Plan) is offering 2 months FREE on the annual plan. Get an Extra Flat 25% Discount with our Exclusive Coupon Code.
$225$300 Buy this item
Reveal coupon
10898 days left

STARTER PLAN: You can get this Starter plan for under $25. This plan suits individual who are doing this as their hobby and not as a business.

PRO PLAN: You can get this pro plan for under $50 per month. This suits for those who want to protect and accelerate their professional websites or blogs.

BUSINESS PLAN: You can get this plan for under $83 per month. This plan suits those who are running a small business. It has many features and you will get prioritized customer support.

rocket net boost your wordpress now

AGENCY PLAN: You can get this Agency plan at $166 per month, which suits the large publications, e-commerce stores, professional website designers, and agencies that manage multiple client websites. You can get up to 25 WordPress installations and additionally 50GB storage and 500 GB monthly bandwidth with each account you purchase. On each purchase, you will get,

  • Free SSL,
  • Free CDN,
  • Unlimited migrations,
  • Automatic daily backups with 14 days retention,
  • WAF, hack & malware removal and much more.

You can get the Agency plan under $200 per month, in a monthly billing cycle. You can also get a ~17% discount on choosing an annual billing cycle. It effectively lowers the Agency plan price to $166 per month.

How To Create A New Website On

You can easily create your new website within a few minutes by following these easy steps,

Step 1: After Sign up on hosting, you will come to the Dashboard page and click on Create Site button. WordPress Hosting review create new site

Step 2: Now you have to enter your Website Name and then select your preferred Server location. They have around 16 server locations for your target audience.

One great feature in is that you can choose a separate Location Server for each of your sites if you have a Pro Plan for 3 websites. WordPress Hosting review site details for new webiste
rocket net server locations for new site

Step 3: Then you have to add some details like your username, password, email address and language, and also if you would like to include Multi-site Support and WooCommerce.

rocket net wordpress information

Step 4: Log in to your WordPress Admin. You will get some free plugins with your WordPress installation. These are:-

  • All in One SEO
  • WPForms Lite
  • OptinMonster
  • WP Mail SMTP
  • Akismet Anti-spam
  • Google analytics for WordPress by Monsterinsights WordPress Hosting review admin page Dashboard – Simple & Easy

This is how the dashboard will look like after installing WordPress on your site. You can get all information about the website and track your website performance, visitors, disk usage, and bandwidth usage.

You can see your recent support tickets on the dashboard also. 

rocket net hosting dashboard

Default Plugins on Rocket net Hosting is providing some WordPress plugins with their hosting. You can directly activate, update & delete these plugins from the dashboard instead of log-in into WordPress admin.

rocket net wordpress default plugins

WordPress Themes on Rocket net

This page gives you information about the WordPress themes that you have installed. You can activate/deactivate, update & remove directly from here.

WordPress Themes on Rocket net

FAQ – Review 2021

What is is an exclusive premium Managed WordPress Hosting provider. They provide you the managed cloud hosting services for websites of all types and sizes.

Is there any discount for

Yes. You can get a 50% discount for the first month if you choose a monthly plan. Another amazing Exclusive discount coupon for our users if you subscribe with an Annual plan. is offering 2 months FREE with an annual plan. You can get an Extra 25% OFF with our coupon code.

If you choose a 2-year plan then you will get 6 months of Free hosting and 1 year of Free hosting if you choose a 3-year plan.

Does have any money-back guarantee?

Yes, Rocket net offers 30 days money-back guarantee. Hence, if you are not happy with the service they provide, you can cancel your subscription within 30 days of your purchase with no questions.

Will you recommend Managed WordPress hosting?

Definitely, we will. is worth your money, as they are providing one of the fastest in the market Managed WordPress Hosting servers. They can deliver fast performance by giving 99.99% Uptime and up to 66ms Response time.

What is the need for premium managed WordPress Hosting?

A premium managed WordPress Hosting Company will manage your WordPress website. The hosting provider will take the role of managing, updating, securing, and fast loading. Hence you can now focus on other important things to grow your websites.

According to the review, selecting a premium managed WordPress hosting like, is always a great choice and you can grow better by focusing on the important factors.

What exactly is’s Free $6000 Cloudflare Enterprise feature?

For those who are unfamiliar with Cloudflare Enterprise, it is a very high-end solution that many people may not be aware of… mostly due to the fact that it normally starts at $6,000 per month per domain. One of the most significant advantages of Cloudflare Enterprise is the ability to take advantage of ALL of Cloudflare’s Points of Presence, as well as priority routing. This not only grants you access to premium destinations such as India and Australia, but it also ensures that your traffic takes precedence over all other Cloudflare traffic. Discount Coupon Code (Annual Plan) is offering 2 months FREE on the annual plan. Get an Extra Flat 25% Discount with our Exclusive Coupon Code.
$225$300 Buy this item
Reveal coupon
10898 days left

Conclusion: Rocket.Net Review 2021

As per the review, this is an amazing hosting solution for your website. There is no need to worry about the small setups and plugins that trigger your website. It automatically manages it and they will offer a wide range of tools and features.

If you want blazing fast website performance and an easy-to-use control panel, then I can recommend managed WordPress hosting.

You will get ultra-fast and highly optimized Servers for your WordPress websites. No need to worry about website security.

They provide you with knowledgeable support and automatic updates within seconds.

As per my experience with, I can definitely recommend this to you as a managed WordPress hosting provider.

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