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Razer Kraken Ultimate Review

Advantage –  The Razer Kraken Ultimate is a wired gaming headphone. These have a loud and full sound and these also have THX spatial audio function. The headphones come with a powerful excellent quality mic and have programmable lightning too. The headphone build is solid and overall these are great gaming headphones.

Drawbacks –  The cons with these headphones are the support USB connection only and the cable is undetachable so you can’t detach it, this will result in changing the headphone if anything gets damaged with the cable which is a full investment. 

The bottom line – These are excellent headphones with good sound quality and the mic is also amazing. They are great wired gaming headphones with powerful bass and programmable lighting.

Razer Kraken Ultimate details 

Razer is a company known for its gaming headphones. They have introduced many gaming headphones in a while. There are many gaming headphones suiting every game type made by the company. The Razer Kraken ultimate is a headphone that uses a wired USB connection. These are not as flexible as tournament models but do work great with pc. They provide a strong clear sound with programming lightning and a good quality microphone which provides a clear audio transfer. 

It is an impressive gaming headphone that can be used by pc gamers who invest their half of the time in playing and need good headphones to play and communicate together. These are also considered by the people who have to work from home for the call center companies where you have to answer many calls in a day or the company where you have to attend many online video call sessions.

Overall these headphones have a clear strong noise with impressive bass. The Razer Kraken Ultimate weighs around 363 grams which is a bit bulky but they are more comfortable on-ear so you can wear them for a longer period of time. The headphones cost under $150 which is good for gaming headphones and keeping in mind what you get the price ultimately suits it.

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Razer Kraken Ultimate design
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The Razer Kraken Ultimate looks like the typical gaming headset launched by the Razer in the past few years. The headset has a large circular earcup. The build of the ear cups is plastic, the entire headset has a monochrome black finish. It used black anodized metal on the sturts and headbands. There is a faux leather fabric used in the headband and the ear pad padding. The Company placed the Razor logo on the back of each ear cup which lights up after you connect them to the PC for use. The color can be programmed according to your taste and vibes by using Razer Synapse software.

Coming to the earpad the air pads are soft and cushioned with soft gel technology which feels like a memory foam that does not allow heat to generate. It used fabric cushioning for the earpads which are quite breathable the comfort is at its level best.

The head is lightly padded with faux leather padding on the top side while in the bottom a mesh fabric is used. These headphones are comfortable and the user can wear them for long gaming sessions. The headphones are a bit heavier as the material used makes them bulky but they sit comfortably on the neck and head, so the comfort factor will not be affected by the weight of the headphones.

The left slide of the ear cup has the boom microphone with all the controls holding on that side. 

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The headphone connects to the PC via a 4.3-foot wire which is fabric wrapped.  The volume controlling unit sits on the backside of the headphones, this also has the indicator light and the button supporting THX spatial. The boom microphone rests on the left ear cup which can slide into the headphones when not in use. The microphone serves as the mute button itself.  

Overall the Razer Kraken Ultimate is the gaming headphones that servers the purpose perfectly. The microphone is good and the design is comfortable and wearable for a long time.

Features of Razer Kraken Ultimate
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The Razer Kraken Ultimate provides complete access to the Razer Synapse software. Which supports the 10a customizable equalizer with multiple presents.  The software helps in customizing the light programming too, you can change the lights according to your taste and vibes. The software lets you customize the light of your Razer keyboard and also the Razer chroma. The THX spatial audio provides 7.1 channel surround sound. You can activate it by pressing the headphone’s button. You don’t need an app to do this. 

THX Spatial audio features help in the more precise and directional sound output. This helps in noting the minute details like the impression of the objects, directional sound, and many more. This will help you give full access to the sound in the game.

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Microphone/Active Noise-Cancelation

The microphone of the Razer Kraken provides the active noise-canceling feature through Razer Synapse that helps incomplete block of the additional sound. Unless you are working in an area where there are many noises following you can turn this off. Overall the microphone is of decent quality and gives the normal output. You can use this for attending the call and even as a good option for conversation between the game. The quality and the work are ok but if you want a powerful microphone you have to buy a dedicated USB microphone for that purpose if you are a streamer and want that crystal clear voice output.


Connection type USB / Wired
Frequency Response
20 Hz – 20 kHz
32 Ohm (1 kHz)
112 dB (1 kHz)
Drive size 50mm
Weight 363 gram
Boom mic yes
Microphone Retractable 
ColorsClassic Black
Release DateNovember 14, 2019


Razer Kraken Ultimate Review talks about the wired gaming headphones. These headphones are powerful and great for gaming enthusiasts. The quilty and build are sturdy, you can wear them for a longer period of time comfortably. This won’t pain your head. The cool gel pad in the ear cups helps in relating the ear and also does not allow the heat to generate. 

It has a great feature of multi-programming color lights. You can change the color according to your taste and preferences using Razer Synapse software. The sound quality is amazing. THX Spatial Audio features help in the refined game sound. This gives you a live gaming experience and provides minute details of all the background songs. You can activate it from the left side button of the ear cup so this is easy to access.

The microphone which it comes with is also of great quality and gives an amazing output. The only drawback with the headphone is this comes with the USB connecting cable which makes it less versatile you can use this for limited pc gaming. Overall the headphones are a great buy if you are a gamer and need a headphone which will give you great gaming experience. 

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