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Puro Sound Labs PuroQuiet sound solution for the whole family

Advantage: Check out the Puro Sound Labs PuroQuiet which is a popular headphone set for kids. It has an in-built volume limitation feature that helps to protect hearing. The headphone is both wireless or wired and has a dynamic noise cancellation feature with long-lasting battery life.

Drawback: Bluetooth, noise-canceling feature, and the aluminum construction make this headphone a bit more expensive than the other volume-limited headphones.

The Bottom Line: The Puro Sound Labs PuroQuiet ANC Bluetooth headphones have all the qualities and features of an adult headphone inside a kid-sized headphone.

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After checking Puro Sound Labs PuroQuiet headphones I remembered when I was a kid my parents used to hesitate to give me a Walkmanas the high volume would give pain to my ears. They knew that I would play with high volume and one day would end up having a hearing aid.  

Nowadays, kids are quite responsible and they “turn the volume down” while wearing headphones. The video game chiptunes, pop music, and movies songs have such a loud bass that you need volume limiting features in your Bluetooth headphones.

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Source: techhive.com

All the kids out there are headphones and mobile phone lovers. For those kids, there are some headphones designed by the Puro Sound Labs PuroQuiet on-ear noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones that come in different sizes for kids and have a volume limiting feature with which they can limit the sound from hurting their ears. To have healthy habits, it’s suggested by PuroQuiets to always keep the volume at or below 85 dB. It has an all-day battery life that will keep you and your family hooked up to music, calls, and games. As soon as the charge runs low, plug in the charger and the fast charger will let your kid back in the game in no time. It comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee and a full one year warranty. Also, has a case, USB charging cable, volume limiter all packed in the box.

It comes in three different colors Pink, Gray, and Blue. So, choose your kid’s favorite one!

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Puro Labs BT2200 vs PuroQuiet

Puro sound labs are a small family run company that indulges in the coming of the age headphones for kids and adults. They have been on a mission to prevent NHIL completely and design their earpieces, allowing you to soothe yourself without damaging the organ.

If you’re willing to save some money then you can go for Puro Labs BT2200 Bluetooth headphones which are also designed for the kids is available for less than $80. Whereas, PuroQuiet is a bit expensive for some parents as it is available at $100. But it is worth paying a high price when it concerns your kids with noise-canceling features. And with an extra benefit of volume limitation. Also, the PuroQuiet designed for smaller heads so it can fit best on your kid’s heads.

Features of Puro Sound Labs PuroQuiet ANC Bluetooth Headphone

Puro Sound Labs PuroQuiet design
Source: CNET

Active Noise-Cancellation Feature

With the help of the ANC switch, you can put the world on mute. Your kids can enjoy gaming and learning clearly without any disturbances. They are safe with this headset as they can limit high volume with ease. This headphone can make the environmental noise sound up to 22 dB quieter and accompanies 82% noise isolation.

Volume Limitation for Kids Safety

It has a volume limitation of 85 dB which is is the maximum safe sound listening level. The digital signal processing system minimizes the volume without disturbing the listeners. That’s why its amazing lightweight headphone for kids and teens out there.

Wireless Headphones with Bluetooth

With one touch you can pair your Bluetooth device with any Android and iPhone devices. Then, you can enjoy hassle-free listening while moving in a range of 32 feet. This wireless headset eliminates all sorts of dangers and time investments in the entangling of the audio cables. The best companion for online learning with a built-in microphone.

Long-lasting Battery Life

The users can enjoy up to 22 hours of battery backup and 200 hours of standby mode without any disturbance. It can be recharged with the help of the lithium-ion battery that includes the USB cable with the volume-limiting cable wire.

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Why Puro Sound Labs Puro Quiet Bluetooth Headphones are best for your kids?

  • The Puro Sound Labs Puro Quiet Review tells the two things that they keep in mind. First, the durable design, which can withstand the carefree and reckless usage by your kid and second, the comfort.
  • Its adjustable headband and extra soft cushion ear pads give you comfort like never before.
  • It comes with active noise cancellation and shuts all the unwanted noise from the outside and gives you a completely immersive experience whenever you’re listening to music or watching a movie or playing a game.
  • The headphones come with an option to manually limit the volume, not more than 85dbs for when kids plugin and hence keep their ears out of harm’s way.
  • The Puro Quite headphones are wireless and are Bluetooth paired. Hence, you can use it on the go without the hassles of wires. This headphone also comes with a built-in microphone, allowing you to even take calls keeping your hands free.
Puro Sound Labs PuroQuiet features
Source: techhive.com

Why prefer buying Puro Labs PuroQiet Headphones?

The Puro Labs PuroQuiet is a good choice for those who are looking for headphones that can protect your small ears. They are safe for listening to music. These are the reasons why you should buy this headphone:

  1. Kids, youngsters, and adults all can use this headset.
  2. Anticipates noise-induced hearing loss by controlling the sound pressure level at 85dB.
  3. Minimizes the overall volume level by attenuating environmental noise.

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What all things come in the box?

The headphone comes with three other things:

  1. Puro Hard carrying Case
  2. 3.5 mm Limiting Audio Cable to watch movies while traveling.
  3. Charging Cable
Puro Sound Labs PuroQuiet Box
Source: forbes.com

Specifications of Puro Labs PuroQuiet

Type:Active Noise-Cancelling On-ear Bluetooth Headphone
Volume limit:85 dBA
Ambient noise reduction:Up to 82% of noise
Wireless version:Bluetooth 4.0 wireless headphones
Range:Up to 30-32 feet from the Bluetooth source
Battery life:16 hours with ANC and 22 hours without ANC
Battery type:Lithium-ion rechargeable
Drivers:40 mm custom dynamic drivers with neodymium magnets
Dynamic range:20Hz – 20kHz with <1% total harmonic distortion


So, have you referred to each and every detail of the Puro Labs PuroQuiet Bluetooth 4.0 headphones? The best part about this headphone is that it is available at lower prices than its competitors. It’s not only designed for the youngsters but the adult ones can also buy it. It represents to be the favorite audio set for the younger listeners knowing that the listeners won’t care about audio quality, isolation, or the noise-canceling feature. Not everyone but it would be a great option for a lot of people. All you need to do is make sure they fit your head before buying.

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