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Powerbeats 3 Wireless Review

Advantage: Our Powerbeats 3 Wireless review says that it offers reliable operation, and strong battery life (12 hours). Pairing is dead-simple for iOS users and the headphones also work fine with Android OS phones. Also, it has an improved fit and offers a very good sound for Bluetooth sports headphones.

Drawback: This is not a major upgrade over version 2 earbuds. Also, the competing models are as good or better and cost very less.

Conclusion: It is not a bargain in a crowded market for wireless sports headphones. Also, it is a decent step up over its predecessor.

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Powerbeats 3 Exclusive Features

So, are you looking out for the best selling wireless earbuds? With the PowerBeats 3, we have a pair of dedicated fitness headphones from the brand Beats, which is now owned by Apple and they come fitted with the W1 chip, giving them even greater power within the Apple ecosystem. Let us look at some of the specifications of this Beats Powerbeats 3 Wireless Earbud.

How comfortable are Beats Powerbeats 3 Wireless Earbuds?

It has a flexible cable linking the earphones, which can connect to your neck like a drawstring, the Powerbeats3 Wireless buds have ear hooks that hook over each ear. These earphones are active users, whether gym-goers, also runners or cyclists, so the hooks ensure you shouldn’t need to worry about them falling out of your ears.

Beats Powerbeats 3 Wireless Earbuds
Source: DigitalTrends

PowerBeats Design

The design of the Beats PowerBeats 3 wireless does not deviate too much from the previous iterations, with the buds housed on long plastic oblongs, connecting to your ears with rubberized hooks. Also, the Beats logo on the side for the cachet owning such a brand confers for some.

There are a variety of tips in the box, with these buds among our favourites. However, while the hook design does stop the headphones falling off your head it means that the seal in the ear is not always total. Also, the hook pressing against the outside of one’s ear can prise the buds out, so noise isolation ends up not being perfect.

The power button, which is flush along the top of the oblong units of the buds, can be very hard to find with the finger.  And as it’s not proud of the unit, turning the PowerBeats 3 on and off with gloves is a nightmare, with guesswork your only option.

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SpecsPowerbeats 3 Wireless EarbudsApple Airpods ProSony-WF1000XM3Jabra Elite 75tBeats Powerbeats Pro
PriceUnder $50Under $250Under $200Under $200Under $250

Sound quality and Connection

The sound quality of these earbuds is higher than you will find on many other headphones, but not to an insane level. The buds don’t reverberate in your ears, give more of fullness to what you are listening to. These earbuds do not offer active noise cancellation!

It is the level of bass that makes these headphones feel like a pair of sports earbuds. Bass response is tight rather than booming. Perfect for when you’re on a workout, but less good when you want a more laid-back, relaxed listen. 

Beats Powerbeats 3 Wireless Sound quality
Source: TheVerge

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The connection on the PowerBeats is strong throughout their use although we did have a couple of issues with them during the best test. It only occurred on a run in -6C temperature, but twice the PowerBeats shut off and also needed to be re-paired with the iPhone 7 Plus to get music playing again.

The initial connection can sometimes be tough to work out. The way most people use Bluetooth headphones is to place them on their head then turn the power on, using all the audio prompts to confirm connection.

What is the battery life of Beats Powerbeats 3?

A two-hour run at the weekend saw just a 20% drop, which is an excellent performance from headphones that do not look like they’ve got massive batteries inside.

Charging times are also swift, with a few minutes on charge enough to see you home if you have realized they are empty ahead of your train ride.

In terms of battery longevity, we can use PowerBeats 3 for four to five days on average before needing to charge them again, and that is with both regular runs and general commuting use.

battery life of Beats Powerbeats 3
Source: FreePhoneStores

Beats Powerbeats 3 Wireless Features 

As per our Powerbeats 3 Wireless Review 

  • It has a great battery life
  • Solid Bass Response
  • Great Wireless Range
  • Pairing is dead-simple for iOS users.
  • The headphones also work fine with Android OS phones.
  • Offers very good sound for Bluetooth sports headphones.
  • A bit bass-heavy
  • Fit could be better
  • High price

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