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PlayGo T44 Earbuds Review

Advantages – The PlayGo T44 wireless earbuds have a good sound quality and fast auto reconnection. It has splash resistant body, and the battery life of earbuds is 20 hours with a case.

Disadvantages – The PlayGo T44 earbuds have unreliable touch control, and it is not designed to fit comfortable and secure for smaller ears.

The Bottom Line – The relatively affordable PlayGo T44 earbuds deliver good sound quality as compared to other earbuds in the price of 3K.

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PlayGo T44 Earbuds Features


The PlayGo T44 may have the same design as Apple AirPods, but there are some tweaks made to the design that make them distinctive. The earbuds come in a small box that fits in your pocket. The box is made of plastic but doesn’t attract fingerprints. The weight of the case is about 40 grams, and the weight of the earbuds is about 3.5 grams per bud, which is light and comfortable for a long period of use. The box comes with an LED light that glows green and orange colors.

The PlayGo T44 earbuds have a half-in-ear design. It has a USB Type-C charging port. The earbuds sit within the case horizontally, and the magnets are holding them in place. The earbuds are made up of plastic material, and the long pipe-style stems feature the microphones. It has stem houses touch sensors that can be used to control music playback and calls. Overall, the earphones are incredibly lightweight.

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Sound Quality

These earbuds have good audio quality with decent bass for the price. It has a high-quality AAC audio codec feature, so once you enable this in the Bluetooth settings, audio quality is slightly better. The earbuds come with proprietary EBEL (Enhanced Bass Extra Loud) drivers that output punchy bass and can get quite loud. The earbuds have a little microphone on the base which is decent much of the time in getting your voice clearly for calls. The company says it has eco noise cancellation to cut background noise in calls, which functions well. We didn’t confront any connectivity issues when tuning in to music or video playback, however, there is no dedicated low-latency mode for gaming, which is basic even in budget earbuds nowadays. In general, the sound quality is superior to expected in many conditions. 

PlayGo T44 performance
Source: TechRadar

Battery Life

The battery life of PlayGo T44 true wireless earbuds is capable of 4 hours of playback on the earbuds along with 4 additional charges via the charging case, bringing the total to about 20 hours. The case has a 500 mAh battery. Charging the case from 0 to 100% takes about 2 and a half hours using the USB Type-C port. The LED light on the case lights up, indicating the charge. Overall, the PlayGo T44 feature mediocre battery life, wonky touch controls but solid Bluetooth connectivity and USB Type-C charging.

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The PlayGo T44 supports Bluetooth 5.0, So you can connect with Android, iOS device and along with MP3 Player. You just have to select the PLAYGo T44 from the Bluetooth menu on the smartphone to pair the earbuds. Left earphone automatically connects to the right earphone, and you hear the audio feedback ‘connected’. The Go T44 earbuds don’t have a companion app, but you can launch Siri on iOS and Google Assistant on Android devices when you triple tap on right earbuds thrice.

PlayGo T44 Earbuds Charging Case or Cover Case

The earbuds come with a charging case that fits in your pocket and is easy to carry. The charging case is made up of plastic material, but it doesn’t attract fingerprints or prone to scratches. The total weight of the case is about 40 grams. The case measures 73×39.19x27mm. The charging case comes with a USB cable.

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PlayGo T44 Earbuds Specification

BrandWorld for Play
Model NamePlayGo T44
Release Date08 July 2020
PriceAround 3500
Weight3.5 gram for each bud
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0
Battery Life20 Hrs with Charging Case.
Charging Time2 Hours (case), ~1hr (bud)
Sound frequency20Hz to 20kHz
WaterProof LevelIPX 4


The PlayGo T44 is a good budget true wireless earbuds for a price of around 3500. It has a light-weight design and a compact case. The case has LED indicators, and the earbuds lack a dedicated low-latency mode. It has AAC audio features and good audio quality and also has IPX4 certification and offers good battery life when combined with the case.

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