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PLAYGO N23 Wireless Earphones Review

Advantage- PlayGo N23 review is comfortable on-ear neckband style earphones that provide features like sweat resistance and splash resistant. The voice is clear and the bass is enhancing. The battery life is surprisingly good.

Disadvantage- The bass is not that appropriate which is bit a drawback for the earphones.

The bottom line- These earphones are good normal budget earphones which is great. If you want earphones for a long listening session then you can go for them.

PlayGo N23 wireless Earphones details

Gurgaon-based company Play is well known for making neckband style earphones. PLAYGO N23 is the first Wireless Neckband earphone it is the brand’s first device in the Audio segment. These wireless earphones come with various features such as Dual speakers, Water Resistant, Voice Assistant access, and dual battery. These do not support active noise-canceling features.

As per my PlayGo N23 review, these have a minimalistic design and built. Two battery Holsters are attached to the ends of a flexible neckband. The two earbuds are also attached to the Holsters with a controller which gives access to control the earphones. These earphones have a plastic and metal built which has PLAY branding on it. These earphones cost around under rupees 4000. You can always find them on discounts.


PLAYGO N23 has the basic design that every neckband style earphone has. These have a plastic body with metal and rubber used and also have matt finishing. The neckband is quite durable and sturdy. These have a translucent back case that matte black finishing and casing. The inline button is the build-up of a rubber kind of finish. That includes three buttons volume up down and the multifunctional button to access the earphones reveals in my Playgo N23 review.

The back case of the earphones has magnets that stuck to each other when not in use. So this helps in detangling of cable or tangle-free cable. The battery is store inside a capsule body which have matt black finish. Also, there are buttons to use and control the earphones. There are dedicated buttons for play and pause and skip and forward the music. There is a button to handle the volume and on and off the device. You can use Siri and Alexa and google assistant. The integrated voice feature allows you to access them. These are easy for handsfree use. You have to long-press the multifunctional button to access Siri and other voice assistants.

Also, the micro USB port is placed on the left side which is covered by a rubber flap. You have to pull the flap and access the charging port.

Overall the design is basic and it weighs around 28 grams which are good and comfortable.

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Buttons and Functions

The key button of the earphone is turn off and on. To turn on the device you have to long-press the multi-function button for 5 seconds. For playing music and to pause music you need to press the button once.

Similarly, for playing the next song you have to press the plus button for two seconds. For the previous song, you need to press the minus button for two seconds.
For volume up and down you need to press the plus and minus button. To activate the voice assistant you need to long-press the multifunctional button. To answer calls you need to press once the multifunctional button. Similarly to cut the call you need to long-press the button.

PlayGo N23 performance

Performance of PlayGo N23

PLAYGO N23 has a dual 6 mm driver. This gives a crisp and loud of clear sound quality which is great. The bass of the earphones is a bit of an issue they aren’t that appropriate or powerful. The distortion of music and noise-canceling is clearly visible. You can clearly distinguish between the instruments played on the song. The mic quality is good they are good for conversation. The earphones have Bluetooth connectivity of 5.0 which is good to provide strong and secure connections.

Battery life

The company claims that the earphones can go up to 20 hours for charging them for one time. According to the usage, they actually go for 16 hours. The battery life and backup are quite up to the mark and satisfactory.

Once you keep the earphones on charging the LED indicators turn to red. Then after it gets completely charged these earphones turn into the blue indicator. If the voltage provides reach beyond 4.2V the earphones stop charging automatically so that they don’t overcharge. If the voltage is under 3.5 V then the LED starts flickering.

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Features of PlayGo N23

These earphones come with a dual battery which is around 360 mAh. The bass of the earphone is enhancing. The headphones give a playtime of 20 hours. Also, the charging takes around two hours which is great. There are dual speakers to give out clear and loud sound. The voice assistant starts working so you can use them freely by just giving the command and access the features. Also, the magnetic built-in lock helps to keep the wire tangle-free. These earphones come with Bluetooth connectivity 5.0. There is an inline microphone which is decent. You can have clear calling without the buzzings noises.

Also, these earphones are IPX5 approve which makes them sweat-proof and dustproof. Which means they are friendly for workouts and stuff. Moreover, these are comfortable on-ear earphones which are super comfortable lightweight and are stylish to wear.

PlayGo N23 battery life


These earphones are having a comfortable neckband design this provides comfort to your neck and ear. Also, these earphones can be used for long hours without getting any heaviness and tiredness via earphones. Moreover, the design is sleek and fits perfectly.

Overall these are comfortable earphones which you can buy in a good budget too.

Specification of the PlayGo N23

frequency20Hz – 20KHz
driver6mm * 2 (Dual Driver)
batteryUPTO 20 HOURS
BT range 33 feet
Weight29.8 GRAMS


As per my PlayGo N23 review, these are great earphones with sweat and dust resistant features. The battery life of these can go up to 20 hours which is great. The earphones are easy to use. These are neckband style earphones. These come with dual speakers and batteries.

Overall these are a great buy under budget which provide good sound and ok bass.

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