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PLAYGO N20 Wireless Earphones Review

Advantage- According to the PlayGo N20 Review, it is a powerful wireless Bluetooth earphone. They come with a magnetic lock style. The magnetic lock keeps them tangle-free. Also, the battery life extends up to 7 hours. the earphones with IPX4 sweat and splash resistance.

Disadvantage- The sound quality is not over the top they are decent when comes to sound. The only issue is with the sound.

The bottom line- These are moderate price earphones. The headphones are great for quality, but the sound is a bit issue. Overall these earphones are somewhat to invest in.

PlayGo N20 Review – wireless earphones features

Gurgaon based company PLAY is known for its neckband earphones. The earphones are design and manufacture in the Gurgaon unit. The company is slowly growing and setting its feet in the market. These are Indian earphones producers.

PlayGo N20 are wireless headsets that provide complete comfort to your ear and neck. The headphones have a great battery life. The best part is they are produced and manufactured in India. The earphones are good in quality they have neckband design which is comfortable to wear. The playtime of the headphones is great, these will last you up to 7 hours without charging. The earphones are good in quality. Also, the features are amazing.


PlayGo N20 earphones are available in 3 different colors black, blue and red. The earphones cost under 2000 bucks which is great. These are neckband style earphones. Comes with a sleek neckband that actually looks stylish. There is an inline remote on the right side of the earphones. The buttons help you control the volume, play, and pause and the third button operates the call.

The buttons are not touch-sensitive they are standard push buttons. The buttons of earphones are designed in such a way you can operate call answer and decline via one button. For music, you can play and pause the music. Similarly, for the volume button, it operates the sound increase and decreases, and also these buttons are responsible for music forward and backward playing. The right side of the earphones has the charging port where you will attach the USB cable to charge. Also, the earbuds fit inside the ear completely which makes you enjoy the bass of the music.

The earphones have magnetic back. This allows it to stick to each other for tangle-free use. When not in use you can simply pull them and keep them in your pockets without any hassle.

The design is sleek looks good when you wear them they look stylish. Overall the earphones have nice and sturdy built and feel good on the ear.

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PlayGo N20 bluetooth headset


These earphones are supremely comfortable to wear on-ear. The sleek designed neckband gives comfort to your neck. The earbuds fit perfectly in the ear canal. The neckband around gives comfort wear for a longer time.

Overall comfort with these earphones is a key component. Wearing them for a long time won’t irritate your ears and your neck. Also, the weight of earphones is around 18 grams which are super light. So these will be a comfortable option to choose from.

Battery life

The earphones give a battery life of 7 hours which is great. You can use the earphones for 7 hours straight. The charging takes around one and a half hours to charge completely. The earphones have a battery of 110 mAh. So the battery performs well and it can use to go more depending on the volume and the work you are doing.

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PlayGo N20 pure audio sound quality

Features of PlayGo N20

PlayGo N20 earphones come with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. You can enjoy a fast, stable pairing. Also, this can not only enhance the sound quality but also the bass improves. These earphones come with a 10mm dynamic driver. This brings hi-fi sound quality and bass enhancing dynamic drivers. These come with tangle-free wire and magnetic lock back. The earphones also supports google assistant and work great with Siri. You can command via assistant and your earphones will support them.

Earphones support IPX4 which means they are sweat-resistant and also splash resistant . This means the earphones won’t allow dust to stay on the earphones and yes the water droplets won’t create a problem as such. The earphones have enhanced bass so you experience a great sound.

Overall the features supported by the earphones are great. These have good sound quality not over the top but average. These do not support active noise-cancelation. In all the earphones is a great buy in the budget.

Specification of PlayGo N20 Bluetooth Earphone

Battery110 mAh
Weight18.1 gram
Voltage5 volt
Color available3 colors red, blue, black
Cell compositionlithium polymer
Cable typemicro USB data cable


As per the PlayGo N20 Review, these bluetooth earphones are one of the best in India. These support IPX4 which makes them sweat and splash resistant. The battery life is around 7 hours which is great for a wireless headset. The sound is ok not over the tops. The enhancing bass is good with a 10 mm dynamic drive.

If you want under budget earphones then these are the ones you can consider.

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