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PlayGo BH70 Wireless Headphones Review

Advantage PlayGo BH70 review is comfortable wireless headphones. this comes with the QUALCOMM aptX codec code. This has spacious and detailed sound output. This has the deep bass and crisp high notes. Hence these are great headphones that sound good.

Disadvantages- The built of the headphone is more of plastic which does feel like one. Also, the headphones take time to get charge.

The bottom line- These are the AI-based noise-canceling headphones introduced by the company. The sound output is great and the bass is also good. Overall an ok ANC supporting headphones that have great wireless support.

PlayGo BH70 Wireless headphones details

Gurgaon-based company Play is known for making only neckband-style earphones so far. Recently they have launched wireless Bluetooth headphones with ANC. The headphone is priced at rupees 14,999 which is quite on a good budget. Headphones with noise cancellation are becoming more and more popular day by day as they provide peace and hassle-free listening. People are going towards such headphones choosing them over normal ones. These headphones are having plastic built which maybe not everyone’s preference. These come with AI which is great. They are quite comfortable and easy to wear design. These are good on-ear headphones.


This headphone comes in two different colors. They look good and feels comfortable but aren’t of that premium quality you pay according to that. the overall built of the headphone is great nad sturdy they are comfortable but the plastic is more. The plastic body of the headphone is done effect the built the glossy part of the headphones starts to rip off after some use. The company has packed a carrying case within the box of the BH70 which is great as they are more secure and comfortable to wear. The box does look premium and offers protection to the headphones.

BH70 wireless headphones

The foam-type material under the headband makes it easier to wear and that provides comfort to your head. The same material is used on earcups which provides comfort to the ear. This also helps to set them properly for a longer time. The weight of the headphones doesn’t bother much but after the use of 4-5 hours, you will start feeling bulky due to this on your head.

The headphones feature physical buttons on both the earcups. The right earcup has three buttons. These are responsible for the volume up-down and the music forward-backward related issues. These also control the pause and play feature. The left earcup holds the power button and the ANC button feature. You can turn off and on via the left side button. The Active noise cancelation button allows you to switch between three modes. the one which provides total noise cancelation, one provides transparency and the one is to off the feature.

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Features of PlayGo BH70

The PlayGo BH70 is good and comfortable to use. The change between ANC is not that appropriate and fast but the voice assistant is quite great. When you open the ANC and to the complete transpiration the music does stop working and you get to interact with the outer world. As soon as you put your finger down the ANC starts working. So with a finger touch, you can operate Anc.

The feature is quite useful as this gives you complete access to ANC usage. If you want to listen to someone is talking you just need to put a finger on the headphones and transparency starts working. The headphones are equipped with five microphones. Four of the microphones are dedicated to measuring the noise signal. The active noise-canceling is not up to the mark.

The headphones also come with a proximity sensor under the left earcup which automatically pauses the music when you take off the headphones and also playback when you wear them back again. The feature works well and gives a great experience and performance. There is a sweat-resistant feature too.

Sound Quality

The audio by the headphones is rich and is great to listen. The heavy bass tracks are great to enjoy and are very heavy and rich.

The sound produces by the headphones focuses on the lows and keeps the vocals of the song clear. The mids and highs range is also good. There is no point where the audio deteriorates or sounds like noise. The instrument separation by the headphones is great and commendable. You can easily distinguish every sound in a song played which is great.

The surround sound also hits perfectly and gives a feeling of being a movie theatre.

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Battery of the PlayGo BH70

The company claims that the headphones go on for 24 hours with the active noise-cancelation feature. With ANC mode the headphones can go up to 16 to 20 hours in normal usage and the headphones can go up to 5 to 6 days. The headphones come with a Type-C port for charging. The charging takes around 2-3 hours.

PlayGo BH70 ANC

Connectivity and Calls

PlayGo BH70 comes with Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX support. It is able to connect easily with laptops, tablets, and smartphones also. It also connects with the two devices at the same time.

When it comes to receiving or making calls is not the best. The audio is a bit unclear when comes to calls it has some unwanted disruptions.

Case Cover for PlayGo BH70

The headphones come with a case. The case is quite sturdy. It keeps the headphones safe and there is a pouch to keep the cables inside the headphone case. Overall the case is great and sturdy does the job perfectly by keeping the headphones safe.


Frequency20Hz to 20k Hz
Battery24 HOURS, TYPE C
Weight300 GRAMS
Driver40 mm


PlayGo BH70 are good active noise canceling featured headphones. These come with sweat resistant technology. The sound quality of the headphones is great. These come with a sturdy case that keeps them safe and durable. Overall the headphones are great if you want to try mid-range ANC headphones then these are great options.

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