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Plantronics Voyager 6200 UC Review

Advantages- Plantronics voyager 6200 UC review earphones comes with a powerful bass depth. The headphones are easy to operate and there is dedicated control for each purpose. These headphones come with decent Active Noise-canceling function and also vibrates when there is a call. These are neckband style earphones.

Disadvantages- The earphones have highly sculpted audio which is a bit uneven. The price it comes under is way too expensive for what you get.

The bottom line- If you are looking for earphones on a good high budget which gives you many features and comfort and decent sound. Then you can choose them.

Plantronics Voyager 6200 UC details

Plantronics is known for their headphones and earphones for great sound quality. One such earphone launched by Plantronics is Plantronics voyager 6200 UC wireless earphones. These are neckband style earphones that are supremely comfortable. The issue with the earphones is the tips. The tips may not suit everyone’s ear and sit stably.

This is designed to compete the Jabra’s Elite 65e, Bose’s Quiet Control 30 and Sony WI-1000X, and many such neckband style earphones. They are priced at around $300 but you can always find them at a discount. The price is a little bit too high for the earphones but the feature it supports totally justifies that. These are better than Jabra’s Elite 65e on the basis of sound and noise-canceling features. But these aren’t as sturdy as Bose’s QuietControl 30.

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Plantronics Voyager 6200 UC is available in two colors. One is black and the other is tan both come with red cabling. The earphones are having flexible soft matte rubber neckband which provides comfort. The thin cable that connects to the earphones is a little tacky. The silicone ear tips give extra rest to your ear. This gives stability and gives a secure fit. There are three tips available with the earphones each of different sizes.

Talking about the button there is a multifunctional button on the right end of the neckband. This handles playback rack navigation and call management. There are dedicated plus and minus buttons on the outside. This handles the volume of the earphones. A small powering or pairing button is near the connection point of the right earbud.

On the left side, there is a red button that controls the active noise Cancelation. The neckband has a unique feature that vibrated when there is an incoming call.

There is an additional pairing via Bluetooth with a mobile device. The earphones can be linked to your computers using a Bluetooth adaptor.

Battery life of Plantronics Voyager 6200 UC

Plantronics assures the estimated battery life to be around 16 hours for music playback. If you have a job related to calling the battery takes around 9 hours. Plantronics claims 90-foot connectivity distance. Whereas it is around 40 to 50 feet. 9 hours for talk time, but your results will vary based on your volume levels and your mix of calls and audio playback.

Plantronics also claims a 90-foot Bluetooth range, whereas most models are about 33 feet. Our own testing didn’t yield those results, but the performance was solid within 40 to 50 feet. Battery life with Active noise cancelation is nearly around 9 hours which is manageable. Also, these do come with a magnetic dock charger and also a unified communication USB dongle.

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Call Quality of Plantronics Voyager 6200 UC

There is 4 array mic that uses a digital signal proceeding. The mic system is having smart features so when you start talking and the headsets mute the voice prompt will notify you about the same. So this is something you are paying the hefty amount for. The audio was bit laced up with fuzzy voice hiss.

The mic clarity is quite average not over the top. The sound is not crystal clear. Also, the issue with the earphones is that when there is a loud atmosphere it cancels out the at voice also cancels out the background noise too. For low rumbles atmosphere, it does work great by canceling the noise around and give a clear output. If you have no work with the calls as such then these are good pairs.

Audio Output

The audio quality of The Voyager 6200 UC Active Noise cancelation does an ok job, not over the top. It does tamp down the low intensity and rules that you are going to hear on the plane. This is not the best active noise cancelation feature earphones that you will find in the market. These do an average job and solve the purpose quite effectively.

For music or tracks, these do are an amazing option they have a high audio quality which gives you superior listening experience. The bass is amazing the treble produce is great. The high and mid-frequency actually perform well. Overall for music, these are an amazing option to invest in.

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plantronics voyager 6200 design
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Features of Plantronics Voyager 6200 UC

Talking about the feature the earphone has done quite a job as it provides you with some amazing features list. The main feature is these earphones come with the Active Noise Canceling feature which helps in canceling the background sound when on-call or listening to music. The earphones come with professional-grade audio enhancement and also supports digital signal processing.

This is great as the audio takes a step above. This comes with a call alert which means it will vibrate on call. Plus the dynamic mute alert is also great. The voice prompt will tell you about the mute. There are a customizing call and media option. These come with Class 1 Bluetooth with a 98-foot/30-meter wireless range. There is also a Hi-fi stereo which is great for amazing sound quality. These earphones support passive noise canceling with the earbuds. There is a dedicated mute button so you can easily mute your calls.

Overall for the price you are paying the features are amazing and work effectively.


Bluetooth profileAdvanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)
Active Noise Cancelationyes
Sound outputstereo
ControlsVolume, mute button, answer/end, play/pause, next/previous track
Capacity340 mAh
Run time16 hours
Accessories included3 pairs of ear tips, Bluetooth USB adapter, USB charging cable, carrying case, desk base stand
Colors Availableblack and tan
Bluetooth Version4.1


Plantronics voyager 6200 UC are high-end earphones with great sound quality. These earphones are powerful on-ear earphones with many features. These earphones come with a magnetic dock charger and USB adapter too. These earphones have average mic quality with good Active noise-canceling features. These have a sturdy finish with comfortable to wear design. These look stylish one ear so overall these are great earphones to invest in keeping the price in mind as they are a bit expensive.

Overall if calls and ANC are not a bigger issue you can out from these earphones.

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