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Plantronics Backbeat Go 410 Review

Advantage Plantronics Backbeat Go 410 review is a powerful earphone. This comes with forwarding bass and a great audio performance. These come with an active noise-canceling feature. Likewise, the charging cable works as an audio cable for passive listening. These earphones also come with magnet feature. This allows the conservation of the battery. The neckband is comfortable to wear as it is flexible and light on the neck.

Disadvantage- The EQ in the app supports fewer features. This also is not user-customizable. There is some audio hiss due to active noise-canceling.

The bottom line- These are great headphones that are affordable. The active noise-cancelation is also above average. The sound quality is good.

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Plantronics Backbeat Go 410 wireless headphones Features

Plantronics company makes practical ergonomic and good-looking headphones. The Plantronics backbeat Go 410 are wireless headphones. They are moderately priced earphones. Also, these earphones come with an active noise-canceling feature. These offer great sound with heavy bass. The charging cable doubles as the audio cable for passive listening. The audio is sculpted and the sound is clear and loud.

These earphones come with a smart magnet. This turns down the device when not in use. The price it comes in the headphones is great. If ANC is not a prior issue these earphones are good. Comparing to Bose Quiet Control 30 and Sony WH-1000X which are priced near $300. The Backbeat Go 410 cost under $130 which is great for the earphone’s perspective with ANC. Moreover, these earphones weigh around 35 grams.

These headphones work better in comparison to Jabra’s Elite 65e. The headphones sound better and the noise-canceling feature is more effective.


Plantronics Backbeat Go 410 comes in 2 different color variants. These are named graphite and bone one is gray and one is off-white. These earphones have a collar band design. Earphones have cabling which extends the earpiece on the ear. On the right side, there is an inline remote and mic. The ear tips fit over an angled nozzle that points towards the ear canal. In addition, the earpiece back panel attaches to each other due to the magnetic force. The neckband is soft and flexible made of flexible silicon.

There is a small flap that covers the earphone’s micro USB charging port. Also, the right earbud includes an inline remote for power, playback, and pairing. These have magnetic features that help in automatics on and off of ANC. Similarly, this also works as automatic on and off of the device.

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The earbuds do feel bulky but they are quite stable and stays on the ear. also, the company claims them to be sweat-resistant. Inline remote has three buttons which are a central multifunction control handles playback, power, and pairing. This also handles the Google Assistant and Siri depending on how long you press it. Also, the Plus and Minus buttons control volume. When they are pressed for two seconds they help in the track forward or backward. This can create a bit confusion while pressing for the volume you may skip the song.

Pressing the multifunction button you can activate active noise canceling. so when the earphones are snapped together the Bluetooth is turned off.


This paragraph will discuss the comfort provided by earphones. Just like Bose and Sony Backbeat Go 410 comes with a neckband design. These are collar band-designed earphones that sit on the neck comfortably. The earbuds fit inside the ear comfortably. You can wear them for a long time. This won’t is uncomfortable around your neck. Moreover, these headphones provide comfort to your neck and ear.

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Performance of Plantronics Backbeat Go 410

The active noise-cancellation by Plantronics Backbeat Go 410 is not that appropriate but it is also not that bad. The ANC works well and provides enough noise cancelation from the outer environment. Headphones are strong and reliable. These deliver a good quality sound. The bass is loud and is good for the amount you are paying. There is a bit of boost present in the earphones. You can swap and change EQ according to your taste.

Unfortunately, active noise canceling offers a bit of high-frequency hiss which is usually common. The microphone offers a decent output. Although these are not the best earphones with a built-in mic that you are going to use they work pretty well.

Overall the headphones are great they sound great. the price they come in provides basic ANC. There are dual ANC modes high and low. When you witch too high there will be a hissing sound. These are sweat-resistant earphones as claimed by the company. Also, this has a 10 mm driver connect. These earphones also have smart magnetic hibernating sensors that will off the device when not in use. However, the USB charging cable gives two benefits as a charging lead and also as an audio cable to connect. This helps in corded listing and charging at the same time. Wireless earphones perform great keeping the ANC issue side.

Battery life

The earphones offer a battery life of 8 hours with the Active noise-cancellation working. These headphones without active Noise-cancellation the earphones work up to 12 hours. Battery life is decent and also works well with and without ANC. Also, the magnetic clip technology helps in turning off the device when not in use. This can save more battery and give more power backup. Moreover, there is no complaint about the battery life of the earphones.

The Backbeat App

There’s a free Backbeat app provided by the company. It detects your earphone model and unlocks some features you wouldn’t have access to. The Backbeat app provides the Find My Headset function for locating misplaced earphones. Earphones are having two EQ listening modes Bright or Bass and as mentioned above there are dual active noise-cancellation modes High or “Low. There is no such need or importance to download the app. Moreover, It does give you access to some more features of the earphones which is great. the battery life is also indicated via the app so you can use them too.

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Case for Plantronics Backbeat Go 410

The wireless earphones come with their own pouch. You can carry them around when you are using them. and when not simply keep them in the pouch. No additional case for the earphones is required.

Specification of Plantronics Backbeat Go 410

frequency range20 HZ to 20 kHz
weight35 grams
Active Noise-Cancellationyes
removable cableyes
connectionBluetooth Stereo 3.5mm


Plantronics Backbeat Go 410 are good wireless earphones that offer great sound and also an active noise-canceling feature. The active noise-canceling is not that great but the price comes in these works appropriately. The earphones are great on-ear they are stable you can control the further setting via the Backbeat app. The sound is clean the bass is great. The earphones have a sweat-resistant features.

In conclusion to the article, these are a great buy under $130 until and unless the active noise cancelation is the basic feature you need.

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