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OUKITEL WP15 5G Review

When you hear about purchasing some gadget or electronic device, or say if you are asked to advise with the purchase of a certain electronic gadget or device, the first thing that strikes your head would be the budget and then would be branded with no other thoughts. This is actually very common to blindly believe in brand value. The concern is to play safely without experimenting with your comfort as well as hard-earned money. Not everyone likes to try something new when it comes to mobile phones, mostly because it is a kinda one-time investment for a bit longer duration.

Nobody obviously buys or changes mobile phones now and then. Also, while buying a mobile phone most people still go on to specific brands and not specifications. However, in the 21st century, you cannot trust anyone, as nowadays even the best brands might compromise with quality while small brands might outperform the biggies with new advanced technologies. One such brand that is gaining a lot of attention is Oukitel. Its recent launch was WP15 5G that holds so many unique features that you would be amazed. Here are all the specifications summed up for you if you have a new mobile phone on your mind under the budget of 20k to 25k in the form of Oukitel WP15 5G.

Oukitel WP15 5G was recently launched with the strongest protection. It also has a large battery capacity of 15,600 mAh, which is very much attractive in this price range. The offering company even claims that the battery has a backup time of up to 1,300 hours; this is something daring to claim as no other company has made such claims to date. The phone can also provide 100+ hours of on-call time. The battery can last up to 4-5 days.

This awesome phone uses a carbon fiber texture-based design. It also is IP68 certified which means it can withstand up to 30 minutes underwater at a depth of 1- 1.5m. It has also successfully passed IP69K certification testing and precisely can withstand high temperatures and pressures. Oukitel WP15 5G can also be freely dropped from a height of 1.5m.

Oukitel WP15 5G pricing and global availability 


The only variant available is the 8GB + 128GB storage model of the new Oukitel WP15 5G. It is priced merely at around US$ 300. It comes in a unique classic black mixed with carbon fiber texture design making it look impressive and sophisticated at the same time. This phone can exclusively be purchased through AliExpress.The smartphone has been popularized all around the world with its massive launch as well as the unique claims by its manufacturers. The phone however was not launched in many parts, maybe the manufacturers are waiting to see the response received by the world’s first 15600 mAh smartphone.

Oukitel WP15 5G Features Review


In terms of real performance, the Dimensity 700 version of WP15 is generally inferior to other devices that are currently running on the MediaTek Dimensity 800 platform, obviously an upgraded version. This can be explained by different core arrangements like WP15 has two large cores supporting six small cores instead of four large cores and four smaller ones and thereby giving a bit lesser performance compared to other devices. The overall performance is however really good. A smaller number of graphics cores are also installed that affect computing and video performance. Another advantage is that it can support 2 5G SIM cards simultaneously.


OUKITEL WP15 5G display

WP15 is designed with a 6.52-inch HD + IPS (720×1600 pixel)) screen. Such an extravaganza display provides a beautiful, large and vivid screen for users to view photos and enjoy multimedia. No need to mention buffering for a 4K video, opening it is like opening a TV channel. When you open this screen with good volume therein, you might feel like you have switched on a television. It really gives certainly good performance in display and screen quality. The IPS screen comes with an aspect ratio of 18:9, a pixel density of 270ppi, and a brightness of 400 NITs.

Android Version

OUKITEL WP15 5G android
Source: Xiaomi Today

Oukitel WP15 5G runs on Android 11, which is the latest version of android available currently. It is supported by the MediaTek Dimensity 700 SoC chipset. The whole system cabinet is combined with 8GB of memory and 128GB of internal storage and can be further expanded through a hybrid microSD card slot (up to 256GB), obviously, the best possible in this price range. The latest processor along with a powerful chipset provides super mobility and excellent 5G speed.

As WP15 runs on Android 11, and like all MediaTek-driven smartphones, it has many Dedicated applications, take, for example, GameMode optimizes the device for gaming, the system manager is a set of utilities designed to adjust the phone for the best performance while gaming, whereas when you have Child Mode, it would allow the administrator provide a safe and limited area to the children while they are using the device. The Default Tool Bag comes with nine tools like Compass, Sound Meter, Protractor, etc. Smart Panel allows you to quickly switch between applications.


OUKITEL WP15 5G Battery
Source: Aroged

The Oukitel WP15 5G comes with a 15,600 mAh battery. As mentioned above, it can be believed to provide standby time for around 1000+ hours. It also supports 18 Watts fast charging, however, it would take about 5 hours to fully charge. The phone also supports reverse charging, allowing users to charge other devices.

5G connectivity

Connection options include USB TypeC port, Bluetooth v5.1, WiFi 802.11 ac, which is the latest version for Wifi connections, a dual 5G SIM card availability, WiFi Direct, and NFC too. The SIM types are nano-SIM types. The phone measures 178.2 x 86.2 x 23.8mm and weighs 485 grams.

With a download capacity of 2.3 GBp/s and an upload capacity of 1.2 GBp/s, the network will end all buffering time and make users’ lives easier. In fact, it is equipped with an excellent chipset, 8GB of RAM will ensure that all pre-read and write can be completed immediately. WP15 not only supports 5G but is also an updated and powerful rugged phone with mid-range performance. The phone also supports 4G however, 5G gives more download and surfing speed than 4G. It also has Volte support which means you can make calls over 4G network. The plus point is that it is compatible with most available networks. Like all usual phones, it also has powerful hotspot support that sometimes acts as a router providing internet connectivity in the whole area.


This phone comes with a128 GB of storage. The 128GB storage can be expanded to about 256GB with an additional TF card. This comes with internal 8 GB RAM too that gives the desired speed and support to the overall processor. However, it doesn’t have a dedicated microSD slot like many phones.


OUKITEL WP15 5G design

The actual problem comes herewith; WP15 is the largest and the heaviest smartphone you might have to deal with so far. With the dimensions 178.2 x 86.2 x 23.8 mm and weighs 485 grams it feels like a brick, however, its V-shaped unique design makes it easier to hold. The company Oukitel, like most other rugged smartphone manufacturers, uses a traditional and safely designed smartphone that is made with bronzed metal and black rubber to make it look like some Sci-fi device. However, there are some smart additional precautions, such as adding resistant rubber corners to prevent any damage to the screen. There is also a rubber cover on the bottom of the phone to hide the USB Type C port when not in use. There is also a connector ring.

Fingerprint Reader

On the left side of the WP15, there is a customizable button alongside the SIM card tray. While the other side contains a fingerprint reader that doubles as a power button and a volume controller that keeps the adjustment of volume precise. Fingerprint recognition and face unlock are also features of the Android 11 5G mobile phone, which has been sold worldwide and is now shipping. The face unlocks feature is nothing new but is quite powerful in this one. Also, this provides good security to your phone. 


The rear camera has three sensors on the rear and four LEDs arranged in a strange V shape making this area look extravaganza. The 6.5-inch+ HD display is covered with an oleophobic coating. The screen is surrounded by a thick rubber protective frame. There is also a teardrop-shaped 8MP selfie camera sensor in the middle. The 48MP camera front of the WP15 is a real specification and a good concern for selfie lovers.

OUKITEL WP15 5G camera
Source: Oukitel

The front camera is an 8MP AI selfie camera. A 2MP macro camera and 0.3 virtual camera are also installed to provide multiple shooting options with enhanced quality. Also, the camera beauty mode can be applied to all cameras, a feature that mostly comes with certain applications. WP15 is definitely not a pony. The camera is also a Quadcamera with 16MP internally and 48MP externally, so you can expect good image quality at least digitally.

The solution to your dilemma is if you want to purchase this beast.

The real decision should be based on your requirements and budget. But here are some features that would give your mind some sort of clarity.

1. You can handle the largest battery and have some extraordinary usage on a daily basis. The 15.6 Ah battery in WP15 will not only allow your smartphone to run longer, but because of its reverse charging, it can also serve as an emergency battery charger for other devices at the same time. Unfortunately, wireless charging is not supported. However, a good feature is low pricing.

2. If you want a reasonably priced 5G rugged smartphone, then WP15 5G is also an option for you. It is one of the most affordable 5G rugged smartphones on the market. Actually, this might not be a bad place to start or experiment with. As long as you can bear that its circumference is greater than average, that is it is slightly heavier and spacious.

OUKITEL WP15 5G pros and cons
Source: Droid News

You shall drop out the idea of buying this phone if you have any of the following concerns:

1. If you do not want a big phone. WP15 is a huge smartphone as told. It is one of the largest smartphones one might have seen. It would absolutely be understood that it will not appeal to many people due to its size and weight.

2. If you want rock-solid after-market support services. Oukitel and most Chinese rugged smartphone retailers are very keen on future firmware and operating system updates. They thus tend to stick to after services too. You can online or offline deal with issues faced after buying Oukitel WP15 5G.

This product is also equipped with a laser rangefinder. Thereby, it is a multifunctional smartphone that can easily double as an affordable all-weather mobile hotspot for busy outdoor teams and sports. Although it is unlikely to challenge dedicated 5G access points. The Octa-Core Processor is an upgraded one that supports the overall system cabinet. The device comes with a customizable button on the side tray, a WIFI extender, and an App Freezer that serves some additional features.

Conclusion – OUKITEL WP15 5G Review

The most common practice by many smartphone manufacturers, especially brands, is to add an attractive price tag and some high-resolution camera sensors to the phone and you will finally have a truly unique smartphone for users, as these are the main considerations to seek out the brands. Also, most people use smartphones for selfies and snaps. But this is not the case with Oukitel WP15 5G. It can truly be considered as a subtle phone with some powerful build-in that keeps it a good alternative in a low price range. So, before investing in some big brands, you should consider experimenting with some low-end brands as these struggle for new customers and focus on providing the best services as well as products to new customers.

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  1. I found this Oukitel wp15 5g in March 2022 on GearBest.com for $229, shipped. It is my third cell phone and the best of the three. It is big and heavy, but I found a belt holster on eBay for $10 that fits perfectly, also a case also on eBay for $6. A week between charges. The best phone that I’ve owned. E-mailed Oukitel support a couple of times without a response, so support is non-existent.

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