OnePlus Buds Pro TWS Review

OnePlus, as the brand states, is a true wireless stereo or TWS. The OnePlus TWS wireless earbuds will make you enjoy your music on a whole new level. It is an absolute treat and a must-have for all audiophiles.

Priced at around Rs.10k or $150, the earbuds will be a long-term luxurious investment. But the price comes with the promise of a set of unique features.

The product comes with a pair of OnePlus TWS earbuds and one charging case. It also comes with a user manual. Three silicone ear tips (S, M, L) are provided from where you can find your perfect fit. 

It also comes with a USB Type-C charging cable for the case. Last but not the least, it contains a safety and warranty card.

What are the features that you can expect with OnePlus Buds Pro TWS?


The OnePlus Buds Pro comes in two classic colors- Matte Black and Glossy White. They know how to keep it chic and professional. You can use them in an office setting too.

The matte surface of the earbuds provides you with a unique tactile experience. It prevents the earbuds from getting damaged by sweat and dust.

The black earbud is joined with the chrome stalk, and the two blend quite well. This combination and its classic aesthetic add more finesse to the product.

The earbuds are also coated with a state-of-the-art NCL laser coating process. It gives the earbuds a deluxe and smooth luster. It accentuates the pressure-sensitive controls that give you clear and audible feedback. 

The design is tailor-made to your needs and your unique aesthetic, one that speaks to you. It makes the hearing experience all the more exciting.

oneplus earbuds pro
Source: OnePlus

Active Noise Cancellation

The most unique and striking feature of the earbud promises is the active noise-cancellation or ANC.

Experience the most silent atmosphere skin to the void with these wireless headphones. The One Plus TWS wireless earbuds promise to cycle noise even at the peak of 40 dB.

It is designed smartly to adapt readily to your ambient sound environment. It blocks all the surrounding environmental noise. It is helpful as it saves battery life.

Other than noise reduction and travel, the earphones’ new algorithm also filters out and eliminates wind noise, thus significantly reducing outside disturbance. 

This feature will not only give you the luxury of listening to your music clearly but also make phone calls where you and your caller are both comfortable and are clearly audible during the long phone call hours.

You can experience the silence of the void with the Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation. The peak noise canceling is at 40 dB. The OnePlus TWS is designed to automatically adapt and eliminate all the excessive surrounding noise.

You can immerse yourself in any audio anywhere. Whether you are at the coffee house, working, or studying, these earbuds will come in handy to drown out the noise.

Immerse yourself in the deepest sounds with the ambient sound environment it has to offer.

It also comes with the Transparency Mode to make you stay alert when you are on the road or listening to your favorite playlist at home. It serves the purpose of giving you a well-rounded audio experience.

AI-Powered Noise Reducing Algorithms

The earbuds are equipped with an AI-powered noise-reducing system. It has three noise-reducing ENC microphones. These features are designed to deliver precise and measured voice isolation during phone calls.

The design of the buds is elegant and mechanical. They are curved to provide maximum protection from wind and noise disturbances. The curved shape helps reduce the pickup for wind and other environmental or residual noise.

If you want crystal clear calls and a concert-like music listening experience, the OnePlus TWS is the ideal earbud to choose.

OnePlus Audio ID

The device lets you create a personalized user profile. You can save to your settings your preferred options and tailor the listening experience to your needs.

You can enjoy up to 10 different types of sound settings. They are all fine-tuned.

These settings can be activated after taking a custom audio test. The test and the settings let you feel every little beat and every single note of all your favorite tracks and playlists.

The high-definition audio comes with the low-latency LHDC™ audio codec. This feature makes the listening experience on streaming services feel like a seat in the front row of a concert! It is also suited for gaming and movie nights.


The OnePlus TWS earphones feature the v5.2 Bluetooth. This updated and new feature of Bluetooth introduces a high-quality and low-power audio codec listening experience.

This type of Bluetooth is also suitable for people who want to use this for long hours.

The audio device consumes low and efficient power. Not only will they last longer on a single charge but being small and discrete, this earbud brings the style quotient to your audio listening experience.

This feature is a blessing and a treat for audiophiles and will provide them long-lasting hours of their own concert with their favorite playlists.

Zen Mode

The earbuds’ Zen mode is made for you when you want to relax and focus. The seamless Bluetooth pairing and connection ensure there is no unnecessary disturbance.

The connectivity experience is enriched with the OxygenOS is ideal for all android devices.

The Zen mode promises that the bass thumping against your ear will not be painful.

The Zen modes come with a variety of presets for white noise that you can play alongside the adaptive noise cancellation feature. The presets are- Meditation, Summers, Seashore, Night-time Camping to make you feel calm and keep you focused and relaxed.

Water Resistance

The earbuds are water and sweat-resistant. It comes with a take-anywhere IPX4 recharging case which, too, like the earbuds, is resistant to water.


The OnePlus TWS comes with a Warp Charge feature. This fast-charging feature gives you 10 hours of playback time, even if you charge it for only 10 minutes.

It will operate for 38 hours from a full charge with ANC off (28 hours if on).

When fully charged, the earbud will provide up to 5 hours of nonstop playtime, including music playback when the ANC is on and up to 7 hours of nonstop music playback when the ANC is off. A fully charged earbud will allow you to have a phone call that can last up to 3.5 hours. However, the hours will vary depending on use.

This feature really provides you the freedom that every wireless product promises. Truly wireless means no interruption from your movie or songs wherever you are. 

Whether you are on a long flight and you want to listen to an audiobook, charge your battery and enjoy the buffer-free, long battery life benefits of these earbuds.

Once charged, you can have a fully immersive audio experience. The Wrap Charger is unique in its own right. It too can be charged wirelessly with the Qi-certified chargers. When it is about fast charging, the OnePlus TWS has a score of ten out of ten.

Seamless Connectivity

Get instantaneous pairing with your smartphone via Bluetooth. If you have a OnePlus smartphone, a connection will be established as soon as you take the earbuds out of the charging case.

The fast and smooth pairing promises a studio-grade audio experience whether you are watching a movie or a game, anytime, anywhere!


The HeyMelody11 app is exclusive to the OnePlus device. A versatile app, the HeyMelody11 is designed to show the battery life and also provides firmware updates. 

You can get versatile customization for your apps and the device from this app. All of these come with an intuitive UI. 


oneplus earbuds pro comfort
Source: SmartPrix

The product and its futuristic design and features are also comfortable to wear and sport. The earbuds are curved organically. The earbuds pay intricate attention to the user’s comfort. 

The perfectly weighted design and the precision seals make the earbuds sit comfortably in your ears. They are ergonomic and can be used for hours without any discomfort or pain in the earlobe.

It comes with three silicone tip sizes, including small, medium, and large. Each ear tip is designed to give you the perfect size that matches your ear shape for a more comfortable listening experience.

You can find the fit that makes you the most comfortable and embark on a journey to enjoy and discover music and other audio.

Suited to All Types of Weather

The OnePlus TWS is water and sweat-resistant. They are perfect to be your companion at the gym and outdoors. It is rated IP55 and the perfect in-ears for a quick gym routine or a walk in the park.

Powerful Bass

The deep bass of 11 mm dynamic drivers boosts your sound to a whole new level. It will bring your favorite music to life.

The audio and acoustics stay agile with this feature. It comes with Dolby Atmos support.

Final Words

All these features promise to make this product stand out and provide a one-of-a-kind listening experience to the listeners. Whether it does or not, the verdict remains yet to be given by the users. Hear the unhearable with the new OnePlus Pro TWS now!

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