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On Ear vs Over Ear vs In Ear – Which type of headphone you should buy?

When you are all set to start your day you will take your phone, keys, and wallet. Now, most people add headphones to their list. No one hates relaxing for a while by listening to their favorites. 

Now the technology advances help you in noise cancelling to cancel the external noises. Well, then what kind of headphones suit you? We are here to give you complete details about the In-ear, Over-ear, and On-ear headphones.

On Ear Headphones

On-Ear Headphones
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These On ear headphones will rest on top of the outer ear, instead of settling inside your ear or wrapping it completely. You may have noticed it in some 90s movies. These On-ear headphones vary in size and portability depending on how you want to protect them.

The advantage in some models is that you can easily fold the earcups inwards and carry it without any worry. Otherwise, if you got an expensive one, you should safely carry your headphones with a case to transport them.

Speaking about the comfortability of wearing these on-ear headphones depends on your personal preference. Many people feel this as comfortable and give a good fit. Some people don’t like the feeling of something scrubbing against or pushing against their ears. However, to have a comfortable feel with the headphones, you have to consider the material on which the headphones are made from. You can get affordable or even cheap headphones made up of leather. Though it looks comfortable at first, later it becomes scratchy.

These On-ear headphones deliver good sound output as they are larger than the casual in-ear headphones. To be honest, quality mainly depends on the brand and the cost of the headphones. Sure, you can find many cheap yet attractive On-ear headphones available today, but don’t invest in something which delivers a crummy sound.

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Over Ear Headphones

Over-Ear Headphones

Most music fans and audio experts prefer these Over ear headphones. It delivers the best audio quality without compromising comfortability. Despite this goodness, they are not ideal to wear on your workouts and not have great portability.

Over-ear headphones are somewhat large and they are mainly designed in that fashion. This is why they deliver great sound quality with great comfort. As these headphones are heavy to carry anywhere, it is often used while relaxing at home or work.

This headphone’s ear cups will entirely cover your ear, unlike the on-ear headphones. The drawback of these headphones is that it may cause you to sweat. So, you have tried them out before buying these over-ear headphones. 

This is worth noting that, in some models of over-ear headphones, you may find it ultra-heavy depending on their composition and components they have. This is a second factor to consider before getting over-ear headphones. You have to ensure that, whether the shop has a good return policy or not, you can replace it if it is too heavy.

The interesting fact is that these Over-ear headphones have the largest drivers of all headphone types. Thus, it will produce a great range of frequencies. You can hear everything from high notes to low bass with accuracy. It is well suited for noise isolation as it covers your entire ear.

In Ear Headphones

In-Ear Headphones

In-ear headphones are nothing but earbuds. This is similar to the headphones that come standard with a new iPhone. They are specially designed for those who need everything on-the-go. If you are a sports enthusiast or doing regular workouts you can choose this as your companion. The shape is different from that of on-ear and over-ear headphones, as it has a small pod-like structure.

The main advantage is that In-ear headphones are highly portable. You can carry it even in your pockets, as they have a lightweight and compact design. If you get any new pair of earbuds, you will get a travel case. Though this case is small, it will add some bulk. You can think about the problem with the tangles, for this issue you can prefer a tangle-proof cord. You can even use a case that keeps the cord neat and untangled.

When speaking about comfortability, it is mainly based on personal preference. Many people find it comfortable and some may get pain after wearing earbuds for just a little while. You can get a pair that is made up of foam rather than plastic to experience a comfortable feel. Otherwise, you can also go for the one with a silicon pair and that has some tips included to select the most comfortable one. 

Some people face issues like the earbuds don’t fit well in the ear and fall out easily. If you are among them, get earbuds with a small piece that wraps around the back of your ear to stay in place.

You can also find some high-performing earbuds which deliver an excellent sound, however, they are not the good one to pick if your priority is for sound quality. It will block out the external noise up to some range, as they fit snugly into your ear. However, you won’t feel the richness of sound like the other headphones, as the sound directly goes straight into your ear canal and eardrum. 

Wrapping Up by Choosing a Good Headphone

You will get the best on what you pay for the in-ear, on-ear, and over-ear headphones. Many headphones are found in the extra-cheap to luxury-priced. However, the best sound quality and comfortability depend on what you pay for. If you want a more convenient one, go for wireless models. This is a very comfortable and affordable one. 

Always remember that the on-ear and over-ear styles will give the best audio output, while the in-ear headphones are for working out and listening to music on-the-go. Before buying, try the headphones and listen to music with them. In the case of online, read as many reviews until you get proper feedback.



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