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Noise Shots Rush Review

Advantages – As per Noise Shots Rush Review, these true wireless earphones have responsive touch control, and it also has 3 genre-specific EQ  presents and game mode. Overall, it has a warm and pleasing sound.

Drawbacks – These earphones have an uncomfortable fit that causes physical ear fatigue over time. It also has bulky charging and Rush EQ preset ca sound little muddy and tinny.

The Bottom Line – The Noise Rush true wireless earphones are a decent pair of earphones. It comes with secure ear tips which keep them in a place. The Shots Rush also features low latency mode of gaming.

Noise Shots Rush Feature Review

Noise Shots Rush Review
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The earphones come equipped with something the corporate calls ‘sports ear hooks. These are basically large silicone ear tips that loop around and obtain tucked behind your ear to supply a safer fit.

The ear hooks are flexible and simply loop around most ears. However, if you’ve got tiny ears, the ear hooks may stick out from over your ear.

The Shots Rush features a grippy design for the earbuds that ensure, whatever happens, they won’t fall off easily.

The buds themselves are made from plastics. The earbuds’ shape and therefore, the degree to which they’re angled causes extreme pressure and discomfort within the insides of your ear.

The earbuds themselves are IPX5 water-resistant rated, which suggests they ought to stay safe from sweat and rains. The touch controls for music playback and volume are easy to work with simple gestures.

Since the earbuds are big, the case itself is large, and it’s definitely awkward to hold it around in trouser pockets. The case features a soft-touch finish, but it features a micro-USB port to charge itself. Meaning you’ve got to hold a separate cable for charging when it runs out of juice.

Noise Shots Rush design
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Battery Life

Noise promises up to 24 hours of battery life on one charge while the earbuds can make themselves last for nearly 6 hours at a stretch and that we managed to urge over 5 hours of battery life on one charge when listening in about 80% volume, which is sweet.

There’s no battery level indicator on the case, and you’ve got to either believe the LED lights on the earbuds or check the amount of the buds manually from your phone’s Bluetooth settings. The headset automatically turns off when it’s not in use for about 5 minutes.

It disconnects automatically once you place the headset within the carry case. The case has 400mAh battery and Noise Shots Rush charging time is two hours, and charging the case from 0 to 100% also takes about 2 hours using 5V-1A charger via micro USB port.

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Audio Performance

These earbuds offer fairly good audio quality for the worth. Volume was good also, and therefore the bass was decent, because of 12mm drivers. The Shots Rush impresses with clear and powerful frequencies. Volume levels also can very high.

Noise isolation is decent, and while going for a walk or jog, you usually stay conscious of your surroundings while the music gets its own focus. It’s support for top-quality AAC audio codec, so once you enable this within the Bluetooth settings, audio quality is slightly better. Overall the audio quality is sweet in most conditions.

Noise has also baked an 85ms low-latency gaming mode, and you’ll activate it by making a triple-tap gesture on right bud. You get a gunshot wound to the point that it’s enabled, and once you exit there’s a beeping sound. The Noise Shots Rush call-quality is also good you can hear the voice clearly.

The headset features a tiny microphone which is decent in most cases, but in a crowded and noisy environment, it struggles to select up your voice clearly, which is common most budget Bluetooth headsets since they need a tiny single microphone.

Noise Shots Rush performance
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Noise Shots Rush Pairing

The Noise Shots Rush also are powered by Bluetooth 5.0 and support the AAC codec. The Bluetooth range, as per the corporate, is about 33 feet or 10m. We didn’t face any issues in connection or pairing. So you’ll connect it to Android, iOS devices alongside MP3 players with Bluetooth support.

It pairs to your phone quickly once you remove them from the case, and therefore the LED lights within the headset blink blue and red. You only need to select the Shots Rush from the Bluetooth menu on the phone to pair the headphones. You hear a beep when it enters pairing mode and another beep when it connects successfully.

The headset doesn’t have a companion app, but you’ll launch Siri on iOS and Google Assistant on Android devices when tap left earbuds thrice.

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Charging Case

The charging case is one among the most important, if not the most important, cause we’ve seen with true wireless earphones. The charging case has rounded edges and features a smooth matte texture that feels great to the touch. However, the case is way from pocketable. They certainly don’t slot in the pockets of women’s jeans, which are notorious for little pockets.

The rear side of the charging case features a micro-USB charging port. Inside the case, you’ll see massive indents for the earphones alongside golden magnetic tips to carry and charge the earphones. The case also uses a magnet to stay the lid shut, which snaps in an audibly satisfying manner.

Noise Shots Rush charging case
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Noise Shots Rush Specs

Model NamesShots Rush
ColoursCharcoal Grey, Quick Silver, Wine Red
Release Date1 Jun 2020
Weight90 grams
Product Dimensions7.4 x 7.4 x 4.7 cm
Connector TypeBluetooth
Average Battery Life100 hours
Accessories Included1N Bluetooth Headphone, 1N Charging Case, 1N Charging Cable, 2N Extra Eartips, 1N User Manual, 1N Thank You Card, 1N Pairing Card

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Through the Noise Shots Rush Review, we can say that the Noise Shots Rush offers fantastic value at a price around Rs. 4000. The high grip ear tips keep the earbuds in place whether you’re jogging or understanding. It’s an honest sports Bluetooth headset with an honest audio quality, good battery life and features like low-latency gaming mode and built-in equaliser features. The IPX5 rating gives a peace of mind about its durability.


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