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Noise ColorFit PRO 2 Review

This is a detailed review of the Noise ColorFit PRO 2. This article will delve deep into all the aspects of the Noise ColorFit PRO 2, and will also explore its features, pros and cons. At the end of the article, we have also provided a Frequently Asked Questions section for any queries that you might have.

The world is now taken over by two industries in general, the technological industry and the fitness industry. It is no secret that we are making leaps in the technological world and that a huge part of our lives is dictated and run by our various gadgets and devices. However, one thing that has been noticed in the last few years is that there has been a huge boom in the fitness industry. More and more people are becoming aware of how to take care of their health, and trying to stay fit and healthy.

Companies have noticed these developments too, and have started mixing and interlinking these two world to come up with innovative gadgets for helping people. One such gadget is the Noise ColorFit PRO 2. Noise is famous for its top quality and smart accessories, and this smartwatch is the newest addition to their company. The Noise ColorFit PRO 2 is the successor to the previously launched ColorFit PRO. It is priced at Rs. 2,599, but you can always get it at a lesser price during sales and on online stores. It also comes with a warranty of 1 year. The Noise Colorfit Pro review covers all the major features of the product.

Features Review of the Noise ColorFit PRO 2

Design and Build

The Noise ColorFit PRO 2 review can be easily mistaken for the Apple Smartwatch at first glance, because of its eerie similarities to the latter. The ColorFit PRO 2 is the successor of the Noise ColorFit PRO, and there have been some upgrades in the ColorFit PRO 2.

The display of the Noise ColorFit PRO 2 is 1.3 inches in size, and it has a square-shaped touchscreen display. The square touchscreen has a dial upfront which has some curved bezels around it. The bezels are pretty big and thick and can not only look visually unappealing but might also be a flaw in the design of the ColorFit PRO 2.

Noise has launched the ColorFit PRO 2 in 3 colours, Tea Green, Jet Black and Mist Grey. The display is very responsive to touch, and bezels give a good contrast, especially in the Mist Grey version.

ColorFit PRO 2


  • Size of the Display: 1.3 inches, LCD Display
  • Total Weight of the SmartWatch: 35 grams
  • Compatible with: Android and iOS
  • Screen Resolution: 240 x 240 pixels
  • Pixel Density Sharpness: 261 ppl
  • Contents of the Box: Smart Watch, User Manual, Warranty Card
  • Is it Water-Proof? : Yes
  • Does it have a Pedometer? : Yes
  • Does it have an Accelerometer? : Yes
  • Does it have a Gyro? : Yes
  • Can it track sleep quality? : Yes
  • Can it track heart rate? : Yes
  • Can it track steps? : Yes
  • Does it have Bluetooth connectivity? : Yes

The straps of the ColorFit Pro 2 are detachable, which makes things very easy for the user. The straps are made out of silicone and they are quite comfortable to wear, even after having them on for longer durations of time.

You can also buy straps in different colours to match your outfits. The straps are comfortable and do not slip or make you sweat too much, even while you are doing a strenuous workout.

The ColorFit Pro 2 has a button on its right side that allows you to change the options on the menu. It also has a malfunctioning button, which can be used to start or stop any activities, and it is this malfunction button that also works as the home screen button. The back of the ColorFit Pro 2 contains the heart rate sensor and the charging support.


The ColorFit Pro 2 is equipped with a 1.3 inch LCD IPS display with 240 x 240 pixels resolution which ensures that the display is very clear. The colours are very bright and displayed well in the ColorFit Pro 2, and the viewing angles are quite wide too. The display is of very good quality, and the brightness is more than sufficient, so that all the colours and display are visible, even in very bright environments.

The ColorFit Pro 2 has a touchscreen, and is very responsive to touch, and works with extreme ease and effectiveness.

colorfit pro 2 display

The display is pretty strong and tough, but it does not come with a gorilla glass display. One minor issue with the display is that it is not smudge-proof, and it becomes full of fingerprints and smudges very easily. 

The display is also very efficient, and this ultimately helps in saving the battery of the smartwatch. The display itself, is very legible, even under bright conditions, and the user is given the ability to adjust the brightness levels to their comfort. 

The ColorFit Pro 2 is extremely efficient, and helps the user to quickly read the notifications, messages, and also helps them in controlling the music playback very easily.

Performance and Software

The first step to setting up your ColorFit Pro 2 is downloading the Noise Fit Pro 2 app on your phone. This app is available on both Android and iOS devices, and it helps you in tracking and keeping your progress in check. This app is packed with a plethora of features and the user interface is very easy to use and user friendly. The apps ask you to fill in your personal details in it, like your height, weight, age, gender, etc and helps you in tracking your progress throughout the day. The app also displays and monitors your sleep cycle, heart rate and steps.

The sleep tracking feature of the ColorFit Pro 2 is very efficient and helps you track your sleep so that you can monitor the duration of your sleep while also knowing whether you are a deep sleeper or a light sleeper. 

colorfit pro 2 software

Another amazing feature of the ColorFit Pro 2 is that it tracks your menstrual cycle, and predicts the upcoming dates of your menstrual cycle. Even though these predictions might not be very accurate each time, it still helps you to have an overall idea about when to expect your next cycle.

The ColorFit Pro 2 also allows you to set an alarm on it, which is a very useful feature and proves to be very handy, especially because it uses mild vibrations to help wake the user up.

It is equipped with Bluetooth version 5.0, which ensures that the smartwatch connects very quickly to your phone. It is also equipped with a music control feature that allows you to shuffle, skip, play or pause your music according to your wishes.

The ColorFit Pro is also very efficient in tracking your physical activity, be it hiking, climbing, running, walking, or any other form of physical activity.

It is equipped with an IP68 rating, which means that it is able to withstand water, sand, dust, and sweat with extreme efficiency. However, it is advised that you do not use this smartwatch in a sauna, hot water bath, or ocean water.

Battery Performance

As per the Noise Colorfit Pro 2 review, the product is very impressive when it comes to its battery performance. It is equipped with a 210 mAh battery, which ensures that you can use it for up to 10 hours on a single charge. The battery backup of this smartwatch is quite impressive, and it takes around three hours to completely charge this smartwatch again.

Pros & Cons of ColorFit Pro 2


  • It is packed with features like the sleep cycle tracker, the menstrual cycle tracker, the step tracker, etc.
  • It helps you control your music settings with ease.
  • The Noise Fit App is very helpful and comes in very handy to track your progress.
  • The display is very clear and is visible even in very bright conditions.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • The display is prone to a lot of smudging.
  • The display does not come equipped with gorilla glass for extra protection.

Frequently Asked Questions – Noise ColorFit PRO 2 Review

How to set up the Noise ColorFit PRO 2?

To set up the Noise ColorFit PRO 2, first, you need to download the Noise Fit Pro 2 app, which is available in both Android and iOS versions. The next step is to put in all your information in this app, and then your ColorFit Pro 2 is all set to go!

Is the Noise ColorFit PRO 2 good?

Yes, the Noise ColorFit PRO 2 is one of the best budget smartwatches in the market.

How to update the Noise ColorFit PRO 2?

Follow these steps to update your smartwatch:
Connect your Phone using the Fit app. Open the Fit app and go to Devices and then go to the update option.
The screen will display the instructions to update the watch, and all you need is to ensure that you have a good internet connection and follow the instructions!

How to add a watch face in the Noise ColorFit PRO 2?

You can add watch faces in the ColorFit Pro 2 by using the app. All you need to do is long-press the home screen of the watch and then select the watch face of your choice.

How to pair the Noise ColorFit PRO 2?

Follow these steps to pair your Noise ColorFit Pro 2 to your phone:
Turn on the Bluetooth and GPS on your phone and open the Noise Fit app’s pairing menu.
Select ColorFit Pro 2 from the options displayed.
Click OK to complete the pairing process.

Is the Noise ColorFit PRO 2 worth buying?

Yes, the ColorFit Pro 2 is a great choice and is a value for your money product.

Is the Noise ColorFit PRO 2 waterproof?

The ColorFit PRO 2 has an IP68 rating, and devices having an IP68 rating are deemed fit enough to withstand dust, dirt and sand, and are resistant to submersion for up to thirty minutes.
Please note that the Noise ColorFit PRO 2 can be used in a shower, but you must avoid using it in a sauna, hot water bath or ocean water.

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Now that you are at the end of the Noise ColorFit Pro 2 review, we hope that this article gave you some insight into this product. The ColorFit Pro 2 is a great option if you are looking for a budget smartwatch. It is packed with features, and these features come in very handy in your day to day lives. The pros of this product outweigh the cons by a big margin, and we recommend the Noise ColorFit Pro 2.

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