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Noise ColorFit Nav Review – Noise’s First GPS Smartwatch

This review contains all the details about the Noise ColorFit Nav Smartwatch, including details about its features, pros and cons. We have also answered some of the most frequently asked questions about the Nav Smartwatch at the end of the article, and we hope it helps you in deciding whether or not to get the Nav Smartwatch.

Noise is a brand that has been consistently putting out a variety of new products in the market. Noise is extremely popular because of the top-notch quality of its products, and the affordable price of its products. The Noise ColorFit Nav Smartwatch is one of the latest additions to the Noise smartwatches. The Noise ColorFit Nav is packed with a plethora of features, and it is available at a very affordable price too! 

The Noise ColorFit nav Smartwatch comes equipped with a built-in GPS, a coloured touchscreen, quite a few workout modes to help you keep track of your fitness, an optical heart rate sensor, etc. It also has an IP68 certification, which ensures that it is resistant to water and dust. The ColorFit Nav boasts a battery life of four whole days once the battery is fully charged. The price of the Noise ColorFit Nav is around Rs. 3,000, and you can get the Noise ColorFit Nav online in India for much less too. The Noise ColorFit Nav warranty period is of 1 year.

Noise ColorFit Nav

Features Review of the Noise ColorFit Nav Smartwatch

1. Design

Noise is a brand that is famous for its super affordable products that are not just packed with features, but also extremely attractive to look at. The Noise ColorFit Nav is no different. The dial of the ColorFit Nav is square in shape, and it is available in just one size. The dial comes equipped with two physical buttons on its right side, and these buttons are to be used for UI navigation; one of the buttons allows you to turn the display of the Smartwatch on or off, and the other button helps you go back in the Nav’s interface. Both of these buttons are easy to use and very effective, and they offer pretty good tactile feedback.

The case of the watch is made out of polycarbonate, which gives the watch a good weight that ensures that it is very sturdy and durable. That said, the watch is not very heavy, and it weighs a bare 40 grams. 

The ColorFit Nav has been launched in two colours, namely Camo Green and Stealth black. The straps of this Smartwatch are made out of silicone which ensures that they are comfortable to wear. The straps of this Smartwatch are detachable, and they use a click on a mechanism to ensure that the strap is fit properly and not loose at all.

The ColorFit Nav uses a proprietary magnetic charger for charging this Smartwatch. The pins for the charger are present on the back of the watch casing, exactly under the optical heart rate sensor.

Noise ColorFit Nav design

The Noise ColorFit Nav is hands down one of the best smartwatches in the market when it comes to design, as it not only looks stylish but is also sturdy and durable enough to last you for quite some time. 

Full Specifications

  • System requirement: iOS 9 and Android 5
  • Display Technology: TFT LCD
  • Size: 1.4
  • Resolution: 320 x 320 pixels
  • Customisable watch faces: Cloud based watch faces
  • Sensors: Accelerometer Sensor, Optical Heart Rate Sensor
  • Does it have a GPS system: Yes, it has an inbuilt GPS system
  • Dimension: 38.5 x 42.5 x 11.0 mm
  • Watch Case Material: Polycarbonate
  • Weight: 40 grams
  • Strap Size: 22 mm
  • Strap Material: Silicone
  • Water Resistance Rating: IP68
  • Maximum Depth of Water resistance: 1.5 m
  • Health Monitoring Features: Heart rate monitor, step tracker, calories burned, distance travelled, activity history, sleep monitor, sports mode
  • Other features: Caller Name Information, Call rejection, find my phone feature, sedentary reminder, remote music control, low battery reminder, weather forecast, stopwatch, alarm clock, screen brightness, DND mode

2. Battery Life

The Noise ColorFit Nav comes equipped with a 180 mAh battery, which is pretty impressive. Noise boasts that one single full charge can give the user performance of 4 full days on the Nav. Though this claim is datable, because it is heavily dependable based on the usage of the user, the ColorFit Nav does give you a solid 3 days of use even if you are a frequent user.

Noise ColorFit Nav Battery Life

If you are a heavy user, keeping the brightness of your Nav low, and not enabling the lift to wake feature will help you preserve the battery life of your Smartwatch. The Noise ColorFit Nav is equipped with IP68 waterproof certifications, which ensures that it is dustproof, waterproof, sweatproof, and splashproof. This means that you can use the ColorFit Nav even while working out, without the fear of damaging it.

3. App

The Noise ColorFit Nav has an app that can be used by the user of the Smartwatch to track their progress and use the additional features that are offered only by the app. The NoiseFit X app is available in both the Google play store and the Apple store, and you can easily download them. Once downloaded, you need to feed your personal information like height, weight, name, age, etc in the app, and you are good to go! 

Noise ColorFit Nav app

This app is also customisable, and you can make any changes on the dashboard so that whichever tracker you wish to see first, displays your progress there. The app also allows you to change the watch faces and also lets you integrate it with Google Fit.

4. Display

The Noise ColorFit Nav is equipped with a TFT LCD display of 1.4 inches and it has a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels. The display of the Nav is pretty bright and legible for you to understand, in both indoor and outdoor settings. The display sports an oleophobic coating, which helps in reducing the appearance of fingerprint smudges on the display. The screen and display are clear enough to ensure that the font is clearly visible and readable by the user.

The display of the Nav shows you your progress, and it shows you all the important features, like heart rate monitoring, sleep rate monitoring, step tracker, brightness levels, time, etc, very effectively.

Noise ColorFit Nav display

The Noise ColorFit Nav does not come equipped with an Always-On display, and instead, it allows you to delay standby for up to 15 seconds, which might be one way of preserving the battery.

The touch recognition of the Noise ColorFit Nav is very effective and works without any hassle. It does not, however, come equipped with fancy features like gesture recognition.

5. User Interface and Software

The Noise ColorFit Nav is a pretty easy to use and user-friendly product, and it does not take very long for one to figure it out or to get the hang of it. When you swipe down on the Nav, it opens up the notification panel for all app alerts, and swiping up helps you open the Control Center which contains all the important information and settings, like the battery percentage, brightness level, Airplane mode, find My Phone option, DND mode, etc.

The Noise ColorFit Nav is equipped with an inbuilt GPS system, and you can access the settings of the GPS and all other major settings in the Control Center of the ColorFit Nav. It also has a unique wrist orientation feature, which allows you to flip the display orientation on the basis of whether you wear your Smartwatch on the right hand or the left. It also comes equipped with handy settings like the Night Mode, wake settings, and even the watch faces. The ColorFit Nav comes with 12 watch face designs, thus giving you a lot of options to choose from.

The Noise ColorFit Nav music control section allows you to control the music on your phone, and its volume, with the help of your smartwatches. It is also equipped with a workout section, which allows you to track your progress and maintain your fitness levels.

Pros and Cons of the Noise ColorFit Nav


  • The Noise ColorFit Nav is packed with features and is easily customisable.
  • The Noise ColorFit Nav comes with an in-built GPS, which ensures safety and protection.
  • The display is pretty clear and legible.
  • It is quite affordable.
  • It has an IP68 waterproof rating.
  • It comes with a warranty period of 1 year.


  • The battery life can be improved.
  • It comes with a proprietary charger.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Noise ColorFit Nav Review

How to charge the Noise ColorFit Nav?

The Noise ColorFit Nav uses a magnetic charging connector to charge the Smartwatch, and you need to use a 5V-1A charger or charging port from a USB port on a laptop or a computer to charge it.

How to reset the Noise ColorFit Nav?

Follow these steps to reset the Noise ColorFit Nav:
1. Touch and hold the touch button for 2 seconds.
2. The device information pops up on the display.
3. Repeat the first step again.
4. The quick setting screen will pop up now, select Reset.

How to set up the Noise ColorFit Nav?

To set up the Noise ColorFit Nav, all you need to do is follow these steps:
1. Long press the upper side button to turn on the watch.
2. Choose the language of your preference.
3. Download the NoiseFit X app.
4. Select Noise ColorFit Nav from the list of devices.
5. Scan the QR code from your phone and confirm the pairing

Which country is the Noise ColorFit Nav made in?

 The Noise ColorFit Nav was made in India.

When was the Nosie ColorFit Nav released in India?

 31st July, 2020 is the release date of the Noise ColorFit Nav.

Can the Noise ColorFit Nav be used during swimming?

No, you cannot use the Noise ColorFit pro while swimming, as it has a water immersion resistance of 1.5 m only.

Can we reject calls with the Noise ColorFit Nav?

 Yes, you can reject calls with your Smartwatch.

Does the Noise ColorFit Nav have Gesture Control?

The Noise ColorFit Nav does not have a Gesture Control feature.


The Noise ColorFit Nav is a Smartwatch that is quite affordable. It is packed with features and has sensors like a heart rate monitor, steps tracker, sleep tracker, etc, which can prove to be quite handy. The Smartwatch is quite sturdy and durable, and even though the battery life can be improved, the pros of this Smartwatch outweighs the cons by a good margin. Thus, the Noise ColorFit Nav is recommended by us.

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