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Noise Air Buds Review 2022 – Best TWS Earbuds with Bluetooth

This article is a detailed and in-depth Noise Air Buds Review. This article will review all the aspects of the Noise Air Buds, including its features. The pros and cons of the Noise Air Buds will also be explored in this article.

Technology is undoubtedly a huge part of our lives, and we are heavily dependent on it, even for the most mundane things. Technology is ever-changing and ever-developing, and this can be seen in our smartphones. As more and more smartphone companies are removing the headphone jack from their newer models, consumers are turning to wireless headphones for their music needs. This creates a huge demand, which is met by major brands coming up with their versions of Apple’s Earbuds, and such wireless headphones are very much in vogue nowadays.

The Noise Air Buds are one such newly launched product in the market. The Noise Air Buds are a pair of truly wireless headphones, and they are quite affordable, resulting in huge popularity in the Indian market currently. The brand Noise has a good reputation in the market because of its affordable audio and smart wearable products.

noise air buds

The Noise Air Buds are a pair of truly wireless air buds. It has been priced at Rs. 2499, and it is one of the best budget air buds options in the Indian market. The GoNoise Air Buds come equipped with a Type C port which is meant for charging, a feature not seen very often in budget air buds options. These Air buds are also equipped to be compatible with SBC and AAC formats.

The mic and the battery life of the GoNoise Air Buds are pretty impressive too. These earbuds give you a playtime of over 4 hours and 30 minutes and allow you to access content with music levels of 80-100%. An average air bud use, along with 80% audio levels will give you a total playtime of up to 5 hours, which is really great. The quality of the mic is also top-notch, and it allows you to speak clearly and produces a truly amazing audio output.

Features Review of the Noise Air Buds

1. Design and Built

When it comes to truly wireless headphones, there is not much choice in the hands of the makers. The Noise Air Buds have the classic in-ear style of earbuds, and they resemble the Apple Airpods quite a lot when seen from a distance. 

The design has been kept pretty simple and neat. The earbuds are constructed out of a glossy finish plastic. The earbuds are super light too, and each bud weighs just 4.5 grams. The buds have been carefully designed and made to ensure that they fit perfectly in the ears of the users. The design of the earbud is such that the tip of it is angled, and this ensures that the earbuds sit snugly in your ear. The oval shape of the earbuds might seem uncomfortable at first, but once you use them for yourself, you will notice that they are not uncomfortable at all.

gonoise air buds design

The half-in design of these earbuds means that there is no scope for the user to switch the earbuds for a better fit, as the half-in design means that these earbuds have a universal fit instead of a flexible one with a scope of alterations.

However, Noise has carefully designed these earbuds, and the people who have used the Noise Air Buds have left reviews about how comfortable and perfect the fit of these earbuds are. The snug fit of these earbuds also ensures that they do not fall out of your ears, even when you are doing strenuous activities, like working out or running

The Noise Air Buds have a stem design, and this is undoubtedly one of the smallest stems that you will see on an earbud. The very top of the stem is the place which allows you to control and use the settings and functions of your earbuds, like changing music, managing calls, etc.

The earbuds come with a microphone embedded in each of them, and these mics are used during calls, and they also support mono listening. The Noise Air Buds, however, do not have an in-ear detection system onboard. The earbuds have an IPX4 rated protection certification, which means that they are water proof, sweat proof and splash-proof. However, it is advised that you do not go to a sauna, a hot water bath, or in the ocean with your earbuds, as these might damage them.

gonoise air buds water resistant

2. The Charging with Carrying Case

The charging case, which doubles up as a carrying case for the Noise Air Buds, are just as well designed as the earbuds themselves. The charging case too has a very simple and minimal design. It has a matte finish, and the case feels smooth and soft to touch, and it has the branding for Noise on the top.

The matte finish of the charging case ensures that the case is not prone to scratches, smudges or dirt, as in the case of charging cases with a glossy finish. The charging case has a Type C port that is used to charge the case.

gonoise air buds charging case

On the front of the case, an LED indicator light has been placed, which blinks while the case is charging. The buds are kept inside the case, and when you put the buds in, the case starts to charge the buds immediately.

The inside of the charging case has magnetic points in it, which ensures that the earbuds are kept securely in the charging case. The case is very lightweight, weighing just 38 grams, and they are also not bulky in any way. This makes it very easy for the user to carry the charging case, even in their pockets.

3. Connectivity

The Noise Air Buds are equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, and they are capable of retaining containing for up to 10 meters. The Noise Air Buds have a 13mm driver inside them, and they are capable of supporting SBC and AAC formats respectively. These earbuds are also compatible with both Android and iOS devices effectively. 

4. Audio Output

Noise is a brand known for its top-notch quality, and that is seen in the Air Buds too. These Air Buds have a very good audio quality, and the audio is very well-rounded and crisp. The vocals are very legible and of high quality, and the instrument separation ability of these earbuds is also pretty good.

The one demerit of these earbuds is that the bass produced by them is not very strong, and if you are a bass lover, the bass produced by the Noise Air Buds might not be punchy enough for you.

The Noise Air Buds do not have any issue when it comes to sound leaking, and they are a great pair of earbuds in the affordable range.

5. Microphone

The microphone of most budget earbuds is not up to the mark, but that is not the case when it comes to the Noise Air Buds. The quality of the microphones embedded in the Noise Air Buds is sure to take you by surprise.

The Air Buds have a microphone embedded in each of its earbuds, and these mics can be used in both stereo and mono modes. The quality and performance of these mics during calls is top-notch, and you will have no issue or problem there. While the quality of the mics is amazing in both indoor and outdoor settings, you might have to talk just a little louder in outside settings because of any possible external sounds.

6. Controls

One thing that can be seen very commonly in most earbuds is that they have little to a very limited range of gesture control in them. If you have used earbuds previously, and are familiar with this, then the Air Buds will be a welcome surprise to you.

The Noise Air Buds come equipped with the ability to have a lot of gesture controls in them. For example, to increase the volume you just have to tap once on the right earbud. Similarly, tapping once on either of the earbuds receives a call for you, and tapping any earbud twice will end the call. Double tapping either earbud allows you to play or pause a media content, and a triple tap on the left earbud takes you back to the previous song on your playlist, while a triple-tap to the right earbud takes you forward to the next track on your playlist.

7. Battery

noise air buds battery

The battery of these earbuds is one of the best in the affordable range. The company claims that the earbuds can perform for up to 4 hours on a single charge, but if you are a moderate user, you can use these earbuds for up to 5 hours on a single charge.

Coming to the charging case, it takes around 2 hours to charge it, which it not bad at all. The earbuds take about 80 minutes to charge fully, and once the charging case is fully charged, it can charge your earbuds up to four times without fail. However, the Air Buds do not come equipped with a fast-charging feature.

8. Specifications

  • 13mm Dynamic Audio Driver
  • Touch Control
  • Lightweight
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Battery backup of up to 20 hours
  • Type C Charging Port
  • IPX4 Certification
  • Voice Assistant Support

9. What comes in the box?

  • A pair of Noise Air Buds
  • A Charging Case
  • Type C Cable
  • A Detailed Instruction Manual

Pros and Cons of the Noise Air Buds

  • These earbuds have a well-rounded audio quality.
  • It comes equipped with a lot of easy gesture features.
  • Both the earbuds and the charging case are quite lightweight.
  • The earbuds are very comfortable and fit in snugly.
  • They are waterproof, sweatproof, and splash-proof.
  • It comes with battery life.
  • The Air Buds do not have a fast charging feature.
  • The bass is not punchy enough and can be improved.


If you are looking for a good budget wireless headphone, the Noise Air Buds are a great deal. They have a one-year warranty and are affordably priced. They also come equipped with a lot of features and even though there are some areas where they can clearly improve, the pros outweigh the cons, and we recommend getting these earbuds.

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