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Mpow H5 Headphones Review

7.7 Total Score
Mpow H5 Headphones Review

The Mpow H5 is a great pair of noise-cancelling headphones considering the price and if they wear slightly more comfortable then they'd be one of our Best Buy. However, they look and feel more premium and have better sound quality.

Sound Quality
Noise cancellation
  • Cheap
  • Good Sound Quality
  • Great Noise Cancellation
  • Comfortable
  • Compact foldable design
  • Not much comfort for people with large ears
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Mpow H5 vs Cowin E7

The Mpow H5 Wireless is better to budget noise-canceling headphones than the Cowin E7 Wireless revealed in the review. The Cowin has a lightly clearer mic and a far better isolation performance overall since they also leak a touch less. The Cowin even have a far better noise-canceling performance and an extended battery life.

On the opposite hand, the Mpow has an easier fit even if they seem to be a little tight on the top. The Mpow even has far better sound. It also looks and feels a touch more premium, has better and fewer confusing controls.

SpecsMpow H5Cowin E7
Weight0.5 lbs0.6 lbs
Low-Frequency Extension16.82 Hz10 Hz
Battery Life 12 hours26 Hours
Charge Time 2.3 hours3.5 hours
Bluetooth Version4.14.0

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Mpow H5 vs Mpow H10

The Mpow H10 are better headphones than the similar Mpow H5 model. The general design of the H10 is best and comfortable, and their ANC feature blocks more ambient noise than the H5.

Sound-wise, the H10 is slightly more balanced, especially within the bass range. They even have how better battery life, but you’ll connect the H5 to 2 devices, which you can’t do with the H10.

While both headphones feel fairly plasticky, the general feel of the H5 is slightly better, and that they don’t make a breaking sound when folding them.

SpecsMpow H5Mpow H10
Weight0.5 lbs0.53 lbs
Low-Frequency Extension16.82 Hz 10 Hz
Bluetooth Verson4.14.1
Multi-Device Pairing2 DevicesNo
Battery Life12 hours23.1 hours

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Features review of Mpow H5 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones


The Mpow H5 has a foldable design that creates them quite compact for over-ear headphones. They’re lightweight at 230g and measure 180mm by 120mm by 75mm when folded with their length increasing to 190mm when opened.

The ear cups have a glossy black finish that attracts fingerprints and makes them look a touch cheap. But the rest of the build quality is great for the worth. They’re plastic with a metal headband that expands with fairly positive clicks. They’re a nice amount of flex on the headband.

The synthetic earpads are on the firmer side but still feel comfortable. They don’t appear to be replaceable. An equivalent material lines the headband. The ear cups rotate over 90 degrees, so even unfolded they might still be stored flat.

The right ear cup has the Active Noise Cancelling switch with a green LED that comes on when it’s activated. ANC is often turned on without the headphones being on.

The left ear cup has the volume controls, the power | Bluetooth button, and the micro-USB charging port.

There’s also a 3.5mm port for using the headphones wired if you’ve run out of battery or want to attach to a tool without Bluetooth.

Mpow H5 design
Source – Techgearlab


The Mpow H5 headphones feel very comfortable, a mixture of their lightweight and not excessively tight headband. The cups easily fit around my ears. Their lightweight would also make them an honest companion for the gym or maybe a run, but there’s no waterproofing. 

If you would like a budget pair of headphones that are comfy enough for extended wear, we might suggest watching the Mpow Bluetooth Over-Ear. You create some sacrifices in sound quality, but the ear cups are far more accommodating than those of the H5.

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Sound Quality

The Mpow H5 produced a powerful quality of sound in my review. Its bass quality and clarity are on par with the TaoTronics TT-BH060 and appreciably better than the Mpow Bluetooth Over-Ear.

Overall I’m very proud of the sound quality, feeling that it had been about 70-80% nearly as good because the top of the road models, but came at a fraction of the worth.

The H5 sounds far better with the active noise canceling turned on. This is not simply because of the dampened ground noise, the drivers seem to truly perform better when noise cancellation is turned on.

This should not be an enormous deal for many people, just be forewarned that if you’re trying to save lots of battery by turning noise cancellation off there’s getting to be a reasonably large dropoff in sound quality.

Mpow H5 sound quality
Source – techgearlab


If you are looking for active noise cancellation, the H5 is one of the foremost inexpensive ways to get it. And, as per my review, Mpow H5 active noise cancelling technology worked reasonably well.

Without music playing, we were ready to understand most nearby conversations. This amounted to far more noise isolation than any model we tested that didn’t have active noise cancellation.

When compared to other models that do have active noise cancellation, the H5 is clearly at rock bottom of the barrel. The slightly more expensive TaoTronics were far more adept at drowning out nearby conversations than the H5. 

Mpow H5 Bluetooth Pairing

Press the power button for 2 seconds turns the headphones on and a 4-second press turns them off, both accompanied by audible prompts. The LED flashes blue and red for pairing mode once you first switch them on.

Locate Mpow H5 in your Bluetooth settings to attach. There’s an audible confirmation and therefore the LED blinks blue every few seconds. To attach to a different device, turn the facility off and press and hold the facility button for 6 seconds to restart the pairing process.

You can pair with two devices at the same time and if you pause playback on one device, you should be ready to continue on the opposite without re-entering Bluetooth settings, but this doesn’t always work.

You’ll reset the headphones and clear all pairing records by pressing and holding the quantity up and down buttons until the LED flashes quickly 3 times.

You can pair 2 devices simultaneously

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Listening of Music

The audio quality from the 40mm drivers with ANC off is ok but they sound a touch flat and lack any clarity. Surprisingly turning ANC on really improves the headphones. They sound tons brighter, with deeper bass and crisp mids and treble for such a budget pair of headphones.

They’re also tons louder with ANC on and at full volume on my iPhone and iPad they were uncomfortably loud and began to sound harsh. There’s also a good amount of sound leakage at higher volumes, quite from the TaoTronics.

Mpow H5 Specs

Model NameBH143D
Release DateDecember 2018
Weight231 grams
Product Dimensions18.49 x 13.49 x 8.51 cm 
Connector Type Bluetooth
Battery Life30 hrs
WarrantyMpow H5 has 1 year warranty
Accessories Included1 x H5 Headphone 1 x EVA Carrying Bag 1 x USB Charging Cable 1 x 3. 5Mm Audio Cable 1 x User Manual.


According to the review, Mpow H5 headphones are an honest value set of headphones that are comfortable and offer good sound quality for his or her price, especially with ANC on. I prefer their foldable design and therefore the battery life was excellent. And therefore the glossy black finish won’t be to everyone’s taste – it does make them look a touch cheap. It’s one of the foremost inexpensive ways to urge active noise cancellation.

But if you’re after a budget set of wireless over ear headphones with an honest build, good sound quality and a minimum of an introduction to ANC they’re definitely worth a look!


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