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Mpow H10 Headphones Review

8.9 Total Score
Mpow H10 Headphones Review

The Mpow H10 is decent noise-cancelling over-ear headphones that are good for everyday use casual use. They offer decent sound quality and good battery life at a great price.

Sonud quality
  • Good battery life
  • Decent sound quality
  • Comfortable
  • Sound leakage at high volume
  • Cheap build quality
  • A little larger for a smaller heads
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Mpow H10 vs H12

The Mpow H10 and H12 headphones are quite similar to each other revealed in the review. Both these headphones are giving way better features and sound quality for this price range. The Mpow H10 has Decent sound quality and noise cancelling. It also has great battery life and comfortable fit, but it has cheap build quality.

On the other hand, Mpow H12 does not feel cheap and has better sound quality than the H10. It also has active noise cancellation and good battery life.

SpecsMpow H10 Mpow H12
Weight9.9 oz9.12 oz
Run Time30 hours30 hours
Diaphragm2 in2 in
Charge Time 2.6 hours3 hours
Bluetooth Version4.15.0
Check PriceAmazon.in

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Mpow H10 Noise Cancelling Headphones Features Review


Mpow H10  design
Source – Aliexpress

The surface of the Mpow H10 headphones is largely made up of ABS plastic. However, they’ve decided to slightly polish the outside. The headphones have a foldable design that creates good and compact for over-ear headphones.

Unmodified ABS, even when it’s the proper material for the work, can often end up looking cheap. Therefore the polished version looks better. The headband expands with fairly positive clicks revealing a graduated scale on the surface metal band. 

The H10 is available in two varieties of colors, dark and sky grey. The dark is essentially charcoal black, while the sky grey may be a muddy white. On the left ear-cup, you’ll find the ANC switch. It’s pretty easy to inform when it’s flipped into the on-position. Very smooth for quick operation.

Mpow H10  design
Source – Unreasonablereviews

On the right ear-cup, you’ll see three multi-function buttons. Those buttons feature play, pause, skip between tracks, and affect the volume in either direction. Since there are numerous controls stuffed into three buttons, you need to learn a couple of tapping patterns. And below the analog inputs, you’ll find a charging port and 3.5mm audio port.

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The synthetic earpads feel comfortable and are quite softer than the H5s. They don’t feel to be replaceable. The ear cups rotate over 90 degrees, so even unfolded they might still be stored flat.

The headphones feel very comfortable with the soft cushions and not fit tightly. They’re light enough that you could simply use them within the gym or maybe for a run.

Mpow H10 comfort
Source – NerdyTech

Pairing of Mpow H10

As per the review, the Mpow H10 are both Bluetooth and wired headphones. The H10 headphones make use of pretty ordinary Bluetooth connectivity. Since these aren’t true wireless headphones, it’s not necessary to obsess an excessive amount of about the Bluetooth connection. But there are a couple of things to notice.

For one, the CSR9635 Bluetooth chip is further backed with CVC 6.0. CVC tech basically works by blocking some ambient noise over your voice. The person on the opposite line will hear your voice come through clearly, even if there are six people chatting within the area around you.

It has two separate microphones for sound capture. It’s clear that the H10 can deliver some excellent call quality. Especially in comparison to a more ordinary single mic setup that lacks the CVC tech.

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Battery Life

When you’re listening to music at around half volume, and you’re not using the ANC, the 30-hour battery life estimate is really pretty realistic. Because even the standard of the ANC means half-volume levels are likely to be pretty good for you, it also means battery lifespan will drop towards 22-hours pretty quick. That’s close enough to the type of battery outcomes that the standard listener should be searching to seek out.

So if you’re ready to run a wired connection and obtain obviate Bluetooth, you’ll shoot copy towards 30-hours. However, which will have an impression on sound fidelity.

Mpow H10 batterylife
Source – NerdyTech

Sound Quality

These headphones were built around fairly sizable 40mm drivers. It’s great they didn’t plan to shrink the drivers within the interests of portability. They’re backed with a CSR chip, promising wide support for a spread of audio codecs, these headphones find yourself sounding consistently smooth.

The typical listener probably won’t notice the difference in codec support, but if you’re someone who’s using high-resolution audio codecs, that sort of coverage can count.

The Mpow H10 isn’t breaking new ground, but it still provides hi-fi sound like a stronger hi-fi deep bass. The sound quality is solid and great for the typical user—not necessarily for an audiophile.

Mpow claims that the ANC allows getting rid of ground noise by 32dB. This is often a bunch of nonsense. You can’t predict the quantity of noise removed by ANC because this technology targets different parts of the tonal home in alternative ways. In some environments, the ANC will remove almost no sound. That’s very true for people that are around high-pitched tones.

In other environments, sounds are often eliminated almost entirely. In any case, once you’ve got the ANC running, it’s much easier to understand how nice the H10 find yourself sounding. They ought to be suitable for virtually any genre of music, especially when it involves bass reproduction.

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Microphone Quality of Mpow H10

The microphone can only work while you’re running the wireless mode. So if you opt to travel with the wired mode, you can’t be taking any calls. That sort of limitation remains pretty common for headphones like these.

Mpow H10 microphone quality
Source – TheTechnologyMan

Mpow H10 Specs

Model NameH10
Release DateFebruary 2019
Weight340 grams
Product Dimensions13.4 x 7.8 x 17.4 cm
Connector TypeBluetooth Wired
Accessories IncludedH10 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones X 1 Carrying Pouch X 1 USB Charging Cable X 1 3. 5mm Audio Cable X 1 User Manual
WarrantyMpow H10 does not have any warranty


When it involves portability and luxury, the Mpow H10 has the maximum amount of a passing grade as you’ll give to over-ear headphones as per review. The Mpow H10 has an honest sound quality and ANC feature that makes them suitable for commuting and to use at the office also.

The padding is comfortable, and therefore the headphones are lightweight enough to wear for hours. However, their bulky over-ear design won’t be ideal for sports as they trap heat inside the ear cups and cause you to sweat quite usual. However, H10 still be too high for gaming.

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