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Motorola Edge 20 Pro Review

The new Motorola Edge 20 Pro is launched and it’s one of the company’s top smartphones for 2021. 

The Motorola Edge 20 Pro boasts a sleek design, excellent performance, and superb build quality. The display is fantastic, and the cameras function admirably. This is an excellent smartphone in every way.

But what about the competition for the Edge 20 Pro? The Galaxy S21+, the ZTE Axon 30 Ultra, and the OnePlus 9 are among them. In terms of price, the Edge 20 Pro is comparable to the iPhone 12. Motorola provides superior value for money when compared to these smartphones. This phone offers good features at a more affordable price, which more than makes up for its flaws.


With its intriguing color options, good appearance, and entirely flat display, this phone stands out from the pack. The latter is particularly welcome, given last year’s Edge phones featured curved displays, which some users disliked.

The Edge 20 Pro is a well-made device. It is made of high-quality materials with a beautiful fit and finish. Its metal frame is comfortable to hold, and the curved corners improve grip. This is significant because this phone weighs 190g, which makes it neither the heaviest nor the lightest phone available. You should keep in mind that this phone only has an IP52 water resistance rating, so you should avoid dropping it in water.

The new Motorola Pro phone is a monster. It has one of the largest displays on the market, but its bezels are slim. As a result, the phone’s size is acceptable. The phone’s large aspect ratio makes it easier to grasp, but single-handed use will be difficult. A pretty huge cutout for the earpiece is located above the punch-hole selfie camera.

Motorola Edge 20 Pro design
Source: motorola.com

The earpiece, unfortunately, does not function as a second stereo speaker. There is only one bottom-firing speaker on the Edge 20 Pro. The speaker generates clear audio, but there isn’t much depth to it. Because of its location, it is also easy to muffle. This is a major letdown, considering nearly every smartphone in this price range comes with stereo speakers. Motorola’s audio score would have been higher if it had included a headphone connector, but that isn’t the case. At the very least, I can state that the haptics on this phone is above average. These aren’t quite as nice as the iPhone, but they provide adequate feedback, especially for gaming.

The phone’s back is composed of three-dimensional glass. It has a medium grip and a strong feel to it. The Edge 20 Pro’s back is as slick as a glass phone’s rear. Because the camera module protrudes from the body, it aids in grip.

Thankfully, Motorola included a case with the phone, which aids with grip. The phone’s aluminum sides have a premium feel and appearance. This phone’s buttons aren’t the best. The volume buttons are difficult to reach, and while they provide nice feedback when used in conjunction with the Google Assistant button, they seem flimsy.

Motorola Edge 20 Pro design side
Source: motorola.com

The power button serves as a fingerprint scanner as well. Because it is less projecting than the other buttons and has a less satisfying feel, it can be difficult to locate, especially if you don’t use a case. The side-mounted fingerprint scanner is functional, but I would have rather seen an under-display scanner, especially since other phones in this price bracket have them.

Overall, the Motorola Edge 20 Pro has a good design, but nothing to brag about. It has a beautiful appearance, but it lacks the fit and quality of higher-end phones.


The display on this phone is just stunning. Although it may be too large for certain people, it is still manageable. The Edge 20 Pro is equipped with a 6.7-inch FHD+ OLED display (2400 x 1080). The display’s strongest feature is its extremely fast 144Hz refresh rate. In the settings, you can change the rate. This phone also supports a 576Hz touch sampling rate, making it ideal for high-intensity gaming.

Motorola Edge 20 Pro display
Source: motorola.com

While the Edge 20 Pro‘s display is easy to read in bright sunlight, the cover glass is extremely reflective, which can be annoying.

The display’s colors and saturation have been fine-tuned, and the result is a stunning image. The large aspect ratio (19.5:9) of this display is welcome, as it aids grip and is particularly beneficial when browsing. Finally, the Edge 20 Pro’s display may be its strongest selling feature. It’s a fantastic panel.


The Motorola Edge 20 Pro is capable of doing whatever task you put at it. The Snapdragon 870 CPU in this phone is one of the best on the market. Although it isn’t as powerful as the Snapdragon 888, most people won’t notice. This phone is a powerhouse, especially considering its price.

The Edge 20 Pro has 12GB of RAM, making it a multitasking powerhouse. The heat distribution is on this phone is truly impressive. The Edge 20 Pro is amazing by remaining virtually cool to the touch even when thrown the heaviest of games. Its battery lasts a long time, indicating that the processor is well-matched to the rest of the hardware and software.

There is only one storage option for the Motorola Edge 20 Pro, which is 256GB. For most people, this should be sufficient. This one does not have expandable storage.

This phone has 5G capability. There aren’t any issues with reception or internet speeds.

It’s software and features

There is a pre-installed Android 11 in Motorola’s Edge 20 Pro. Motorola promises at least two significant software updates in the future, ensuring that long-term support is not an issue. The software is stable and fluid, and there are no issues when using the phone.

The software interface is simple and easy to use. Only Motorola’s native apps are preinstalled, thus it’s free of bloatware. However, these apps provide a lot of important functions. My favorites are the chopping gestures for turning on the flashlight and the double twist of the phone to access the camera. These features aren’t unique to the Edge 20 Pro and can be found on other Motorola phones as well.

The ready software platform is included with the Motorola Edge 20 Pro. This Motorola platform can turn a TV or an external monitor into a desktop computer running Android. You may use your phone as a trackpad by connecting it to a screen wirelessly or via HDMI, or by connecting it via the USB-C connector. It allows you to use a larger screen to run your favorite Android apps and games. A wireless keyboard and mouse may also be connected to the phone, which is useful.

Camera features

This is when things start to get interesting for people. The Motorola Edge 20 Pro features a triple-camera system with a dual-LED flash and a third microphone. Audio Zoom is possible with this microphone. Audio Zoom is a video recording tool that increases sound from the location where you zoom in. During testing, the functionality performed admirably.

Motorola Edge 20 Pro camera
Source: motorola.com

The Motorola Edge 20 Pro’s primary camera is a 108-megapixel sensor with an f/1.9 lens and Ultra Pixel technique. This is the same sensor included in the far less expensive Edge 20. The photographs taken with the main camera are fantastic. They have a lot of detail, are well-exposed, and have terrific focus. The only thing I want was that the photographs were a little more saturated. This undersaturation is relevant for all three cameras since they are rarely as colorful as real life. Although you may modify the saturation after the photo is taken, it is still a flaw in the camera technology.

This is also the camera that Macro Vision photographers use. The macro photographs I took were fantastic and contained a lot of information. The only issue I had with Macro Vision mode was focusing, which required a lot of tweaking to get right.

The periscope camera with 8MP and 5x zoom is a fantastic addition to the arrangement. This sensor provides adequate and sharp findings. This camera is the only one having optical picture stabilization, which is quite useful when zooming. The maximum zoom is 50 times, which is more than enough. Overall, the periscope camera performs admirably as long as enough light is provided.

Motorola Edge 20 Pro rear camera
Source: motorola.com

A Super Slow Motion feature has been provided by Motorola. This mode allows you to record a slow-motion video in FHD 240fps with the option of recording a 960fps video for a short time. Despite the lack of information in these videos, the end result is spectacular slow-mo effects that are enjoyable to create. During the night, the Edge 20 Pro’s performance deteriorates. Video quality is subpar at best across all resolutions. During the night, the 8K 24fps resolution is nearly unusable due to its shakiness and lack of detail. The Edge 20 Pro will struggle less if you choose 4K 30fps, but it will still not deliver a better-than-average result.

The other two cameras offer outstanding results during daylight also. The 16MP ultra-wide camera on the Edge 20 Pro takes beautiful shots with a lot of detail and a wide field of vision.

Ultra Pixel technology merges 9 pixels into a single larger one, resulting in a 12MP shot. The goal is to increase low-light performance, but it also has other benefits.


The Motorola Edge 20 Pro has a long-lasting battery. It comes with a huge 4,500mAh battery that comfortably lasted me a day and a half on Auto with the high-refresh-rate setting. This one has excellent battery management, and I believe that if you choose the 60Hz refresh rate, you may go up to 48 hours between charges. The Edge 20 Pro’s very efficient Snapdragon 870 processor also helps with battery life.

The phone’s charging is the only drawback in terms of battery life. The Edge 20 Pro’s rapid wired charging support is limited to 30W, which is far from the best in class. Motorola provides a fast-charging adapter in the box, which is a great touch and should serve to compensate for the poor charging speeds.

Wireless charging isn’t available on this phone, unfortunately. This is disappointing because there are plenty of phones in this price range with wireless charging.

Overall, if you’re not a fan of wireless charging and want a phone that provides excellent battery life even when the high refresh rate setting is used, this is a terrific option.

You can buy it, if…

  • You are looking for a good camera at a general price: You generally have to buy a premium phone to have a great main, ultra-wide, and zoom smartphone camera combo, but the Motorola Edge 20 Pro provides them for a relatively modest price.
  • A 144Hz monitor is required: Some people prefer 144Hz smartphone displays for gaming or social networking, but they aren’t widely available now, so this is one of your few options.
  • You’ll need a large phone with a lengthy battery life: The Motorola Edge 20 Pro is an exception to the rule, and you’ll almost certainly get a full day of use out of it.

You should not buy it if…

  • Your hands are little: The Edge 20 Pro is a huge phone, and if you don’t have big hands, you’ll have trouble reaching the side buttons or simply holding it securely.
  • You’re a fan of wired audio: Because this is one of the few Moto phones without a 3.5mm headphone port, you’ll need an adaptor if you want to use your headphones with it (or a different phone).


When it comes to performance, battery life, and camera quality, the smartphone comes close to being flawless. Motorola also gives a feature that isn’t just a gimmick on a beautiful device with the “Ready For” desktop mode.

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