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Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 Review

The original Microsoft Surface Headphones launched under $350, while the Headphones 2 cost under $250 revealed in my review. But, there is a lot to like about this second-generation model. They have lost their voice control feature, the combination of some small design tweaks, better battery life, upgraded Bluetooth, and also the new lower price help bump their rating up and make them more recommendable.

Advantage: Cost around $100 less than the original headphones, Very comfortable to wear, great sound and also effective noise-canceling, touch controls and also on-ear dials that allow you to adjust the level of noise-canceling and also great volume, it has multipoint Bluetooth pairing, it has Improved battery life, pair with Windows PCs, also works well for making calls, the ear cups now rotate 180 degrees.

Drawback: The sound quality is not as good as some premium noise-canceling headphones.

Conclusion: You can experience your favorite music and shows like never before using these Microsoft surface headphones 2. These are for all-day comfort, also improved sound quality, and more battery life. Read this whole review to know about this product in detail and buy it right now!

Microsoft Surface Headphones 2
Source: Microsoft

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Microsoft Surface Headphones 1 vs 2?

The Microsoft Surface Headphones 2, which come in black color and also gray color have the same design as the first generation. They also retain the previous model’s touch controls and ring control on the ear cup, which also allows you to cycle through 13 levels of ambient noise control. But their ear cups now rotate 180 degrees for greater comfort around your neck. This includes an amplified transparency mode that lets ambient sound into the headphones, allowing you to talk to a flight attendant on a plane without taking your headphones off. The noise-canceling is effective.

According to the second-generation Microsoft surface headphones review, the control scheme is one of the headphone’s strengths along with their comfort level and also multipoint Bluetooth pairing.

You don’t have to pause before you remove the headphone for your work. It is also worth mentioning that when you take the headphone off, your music pauses and resumes playing when you put them back on.

Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 grey
Source: mspoweruser

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The second-gen black Microsoft headphone is among the better headphones for working from home for Windows users. They have a very comfortable fit and are also very great for making voice calls. There is an adjustable sidetone feature that also allows you to hear your voice in the headphones whether it is through your computer or your cell phone. There is a button on the right ear cup for direct muting calls which is a great feature.

It has multipoint support that enables you to switch between a phone and your computer.

These headphones are to connect to Windows computers which can be finicky when pairing to Bluetooth headphones.

Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 battery life
Source: thurott

Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 Battery life

This Microsoft surface headphones 2 is now rated at 20 hours battery life with Bluetooth and also the feature of noise-canceling on. If you turn Bluetooth off and plugin again, you can get up to 50 hours of music playback. Charging these headphones for 5 minutes (via USB-C) will give you an hour’s worth of juice. That 20 hours still isn’t as impressive as what you get from competing brands like Sony, but it is much respected.

There is a presence boost in the treble along with a bass boost to create that punchy, exciting sound that is typical of many of today’s headphones. The midrange is a tad restrained (lacking definition and being recessed) and the headphones are not quite as open as one might hope.

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Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 cover case
Source: theverge

Cover Case for Microsoft Surface Headphones 2

They provide you with the headphone case that is designed to keep your headphones clean and safe, as well as providing enough space to store other devices via its internal, zipped pouch. 

The case is built with a tough hard exterior to keep your headphones safe, protected, and ensuring great longevity.

Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 Features Review

  • Crystal and clear Omnisonic sound.
  • Touch, tap and also dial controls.
  • Total 13 levels of active noise cancellation.
  • Ultra comfortable ear pads.
  • Dual mics for the smooth call clarity.
  • Great battery life
  • Great Cortana feature
  • 40 mm free edge speaker drivers
  • Hassle free pairing
  • Available in two color like Light gray and new Matte black


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