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Master & Dynamic MW65 Review

Advantage – Master and Dynamic MW65 Is made up of anodized aluminum instead of stainless steel. This model is lighter and more comfortable than the previous models introduced. The headphones deliver smooth sound and consist of the active noise canceling feature. The noise-canceling feature works great. This has one-button access to google assistant and the company provides a pouch to carry it around 

Disadvantage – It is on the expensive side not everyone can afford these high-priced headphones. The headphones lack the sidetone feature which lets you hear your voice inside the headphone.

The bottom line –  Keeping aside the fact that these headphones are a bit overpriced, the noise-canceling feature of these headphones is amazing.

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Master & Dynamic MW65 vs Bose 700

The Bose noise-canceling 700 is a bit better for headphones than the Master and Dynamic MW65. Bose noise-canceling 700 comes with a sweat-resistant feature that allows the free use of headphones while workouts and sports. The headphones have a 0.8 newer Bluetooth version that will allow faster data transfer and be more convenient. 

The Bose headphones come with a noise-canceling microphone that will be great for use around the place where there is noise everywhere. This cancels the background noise and focuses on your voice. As compared to MW65, Bose headphones comprise 6 more microphones that allow better sound delivery and will help in filtering out the background sound. 

Master & Dynamic MW65 vs Bose 700

The two best features of Bose headphones are the voice command and the voice prompts. The voice commanding features help you to operate the headphones without touching the buttons and the voice prompts allow you to get all the notifications via the headphones. If your headphones battery is low there will be a voice message regarding this. Also, the bose headphone comes with USB Type-C which is a plus point. Overall Bose has some additional features but the noise-canceling feature of MW65 is much better. 

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Master & Dynamic MW65 vs Bowers & Wilkins PX7

Bowers & Wilkins PX7 is better than Master and Dynamic MW65 because it has a 10000hz higher frequency that will help in producing the clear and crispier treble while playing songs on the headphones. This has a 10 Hz lower frequency than MW65 this will help in the clear base and a heavier playback.

PX7 has 6 hours more battery life than MW65 which will clearly give you more playback time. The headphones come with a newer Bluetooth version which will again provide better connectivity.

Wilkins PX7 also comes with an active noise-canceling microphone so if you’re working at a place where there is a noisy background this will cancel all the active noises and provide better clarity to the one speaking. The headphones have 4 more microphones than MW65 this will lead to better sound output and clarity.

Last and not least the PX7 headphones come with a tangle-free wire so the wire won’t be tangling into itself and cause trouble the whole opening. These are some features that make Bowers & Wilkins PX7 better than MW65. The noise-cancelation of Master & Dynamic MW65 is better. 

Master & Dynamic MW65 vs Bowers & Wilkins PX7
SpecificationMaster & Dynamic MW65Bose 700Bowers & Wilkins PX7
Design 999
Feature 8109
Sound 8.598
Value 878
Price Under $500Under $350Under $400

Master & Dynamic MW65 details 

Master and dynamic is the new york-based company who set its foot in the market single-handedly. They are known for their unique designs that feature good quality material and have great sound output. They are well known for their high-end headphones available in the market. Master & Dynamic MW65 is the first headphone from the company which features active noise-canceling and this is one of the best noise-canceling headphones upto to date.

The price point it comes with is quite expensive which is under $500. They look and feel premium and luxurious and the built is quite sturdy. The weight of these headphones is around 250 grams which are quite lightweight and handy. The materials used in the making of the headphone are anodized aluminum instead of stainless steel which is a thumbs up. These are comfortable to wear and work with. 

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The headphones are available in black, black & metal, brown, and silver. The leather is used in the making of Master & Dynamic MW65 this also includes lambskin ear pads, the size of ear cups is a bit on a smaller side but they fit perfectly on the ear. These are in big size so people with the short head would feel a little discomfort. The best thing about the headphones is that the anodized metal is used in the built not the stainless steel. They work impressively to block the ambient sound. The headphones connect via Bluetooth connect 4.2 and also supports AptX and SBC codecs, but not AAC.

The left earcup has a power switch and a dedicated active noise-canceling button.  The right earcup has the control of the multifunctional button that handles playback track navigation and voice assistant and the plus-minus button the basic powering button. The weight of the headphones is light and overall they are good.  


The earpads do a decent job of taming the surrounding noise and active noise-canceling adds high-frequency hiss that is fairly common that aren’t unpleasant. The ANC does affect the audio performance a bit and it is a good thing. In the high mode, ANC adds the bass depth but the sound signature is very close. 

The mic offers decent quality and sound output. The main mic signal was notably faint in comparison to the basic microphone function. In short, there are two noise-canceling levels one supports higher bass and does have a notable change in the sound. If compared to Sony WH-1000 XM3, then sony also has a more powerful bass and has a good noise-canceling system too at a lesser price.

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Overall the battery life is good but not that efficient for the price they come with. There is also one feature missing that is the sidetone feature. The feature doest bring enormous changes bit with the price they are coming to the company should have offered them. Sidetone work when you are on call so that you can listen to your own voice and detect how loud or soft you are speaking inside the headphones

Overall the ANC performs great, the headphones also have good quality and comfort is also the key to use.

Battery life

The headphones have a backup of 24 hours which is decent for a headphone but the battery life could have extended more. The battery depends on the ANC and the volume of the sound. The headphones are connected via USB port C which means the charging can take less time so the fast charging is great.

Connecting App

The google assistant support comes built-in with the headphones. The moment you pair your android phone with the headphones it will begin the setup automatically for iPhone users. You need to download the google assistant app. A long press on the right-side button activates the multifunctional settings.

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Cover Case

The amount you are paying for the headphones is a bit more so if you are investing in such headphones you need to take care of them. The company provides a normal pouch that can lead to the damage of the headphones so you should always protect them. For that, there are many cases available on amazon you can invest in them and keep the headsets safe.

MW65 Cover Case
Source: Walmart.ca

Specification of Master & Dynamic MW65

Drive size 40mm
Frequency 20Hz to 20kHz
Battery 24 hours
Active noise cancellationyes
Driver motor materialneodymium


Master & Dynamic MW65 is one of the best noise-canceling wireless earphones. These are available in four different color variants. The headphones come with 24 hours of battery backup which depends on the ANC and the volume level. The headphones have a clear sound with a loud and punchy base overall the headphones are of great quality and give comfort. You can wear them for a long period of time. The build is sturdy and overall they are a great buy if you have a good budget. 

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