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Master and Dynamic MW50 Plus Review

Advantages- Master and Dynamic MW50 Plus review is an elegantly designed headphone. These headphones work as both on-ear and over-ear. The material quality is amazing. The sound output is quite impressive. This comes with a good battery life of 16 hours.

Disadvantages- These are expensive headphones not everyone can afford them, also the magnetic earpads are weak when stuck to each other. These can’t fold inward which will take more space. Also wearing them for a long time can be uncomfortable.

The bottom line- If you are someone who wants to invest in an expensive headphone that works both ways then this is the one. Overall the quality built and the sound is great.

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Master & Dynamic MW50 Plus Wireless Headphones

Master and Dynamic is a New York-based audio company. This was found by Johnathan Levine and Vicki Gross in the year 2013. The company has a premium quality audio products.

Do you want to finance or invest in headphones that serve as both on-ear and over year headphones? Mater and Dynamic MW50 Plus are premium headphones that cost under $350. These are premium headphones that come with 40mm beryllium drivers. The company offers a wide range of accessories such as a USB-C charging cable, 3.5mm audio cable, carrying pouch, and a case for the ear pads which is great.

These Headphones offer both on-ear and over-ear experiences. The idea behind it is if you want smaller cans you can go for an over-ear version the bigger version provides better sound quality.

Design of Master and Dynamic MW50 Plus

The first thing to notice about the headphones is they do look premium and stylish. These come with detachable lambskin memory foam earpad and also have premium grain cowhide leather headband. The quality and design are surely needed to be appreciated. the Anodized aluminum accents of the headphones give it sturdiness and stability. The hinges rotate vertically and horizontally which gives superior comfort to the users. You can fold the headphones straight so save the storage.

The memory foam earpads are comfortable to wear. These come with sliding aluminum rails and buttressing housing. You can even extend the headphone so that they fit your head comfortably. One thing that is a bit concerning issue is the button control of the headphones. You have to access the control in a very particular way, so that you can easily command the headphones.

The headphones included 3.5 mm audio cable which is a bit short. The MW50 plus is medium weight headphones. To be more appropriate the headphones weigh 205g in the supra-aural ‘mode and in circumaural pads on its weight around 239g.

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on ear and over ear headphones


With the smallest earpads, these headphones are super comfortable to wear. The circumaural version doesn’t feel so comfortable. It is a bit tighter on the head which feels uncomfortable after longer use.

For the long-wearing hours, these headphones are a bit uncomfortable and that was with both pads. The memory foam pad doesn’t help much with comfort that much. This limits the use of headphones. Overall they are comfortable initially but after some hours these become difficult to wear.

Weak Magnetism

The interchangeable pads are fixed with the driver. They work quite well with the on-ear version there is no such major problem. The over-ear headphones pads are a bit heavy for the magnetic strength. This results in falling off the earpads every now and then. This is a major drawback that you don’t expect from such expensive headphones.

Master and Dynamic MW50 Plus magnetism

Battery Life

Master & Dynamic claims a battery life of 16 hours which is great. 16 hours here means 16 uninterrupted hours the continuous song playing and the use. The only issues with the charging port are there is no dedicated charging port. Connecting the headphones to another device is tiresome. This is an issue with the headphones.

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Sound Quality

Some say the sound of the headphones is robust and some say the sound is warm. The sounds can be produced above-average soundstage that has a frequency response from 5Hz – 30kHz.

The soundstage of the headphones is great which means you are able to listen to all the sounds clearly. The bass of the headphones is great. The low-end bass is based on emphasizing the music without distressing the midrange frequencies. The treble of the headphones is toward more neutral learning. This also restraints and control the high frequencies which are quite impressive. Overall the soundstage and the voice output of the headphones are impressive.

Key Features

Master and Dynamic MW50 Plus are great earphones with a 40 mm beryllium driver. These have a solid audio performance when they are used on the ear. These headphones come with an extending Bluetooth range that is 100 feet or 33m in distance. The connectivity range is great. Two sets of lambskin memory foam earpad make them a premium in quality and they do feel expensive. The battery life is extended up to 16 hours which is great. This comes with USB C charging. This results in quick charging. Overall the features are great compared to the money charge. This does lack the active noise-canceling feature.

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Specification of Master and Dynamic MW50 Plus

Earpiece Designon-ear supra-aural/over-ear circumaural
Driver Typedynamic
Driver Size1.57″ / 40 mm
Impedance32 Ohms
Weight8.4 oz
Dimension7.87 x 6.5 x 1.57″ / 20 x 16.5 x 4 cm
LED IndicatorYes
Active Noise CancelationNo
Frequency5 Hz to 30 kHz
Battery16 Hours


Master and Dynamic MW50 Plus headphones work as both on-ear and over-ear headphones. These are premium quality headphones that give a good sound output with heavy bass. The headphones are a bit uncomfortable to wear for long hours but overall they are supremely built. The battery life is great which is up to 16 hours.

Overall if you want high-end headphones with supreme built and good sound output you can surely consider them.

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