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Marshall Mid ANC Review

Advantages – As per my Marshall Mid ANC review, these are a retro-style on-ear noise-canceling wireless headphones that deliver boosted bass and crisp audio. It also has good battery life.

Drawbacks – These headphones are not as comfortable as other competitors full-size noise-cancelling headphones are, should cost a little less.

The Bottom Line – It needed to be a little less costly. However, Marshall Mid ANC is retro-styled headphones with modern tech like active noise cancellation and aptX support. 

Marshall Mid ANC vs Major II

If you would like a wireless and wired design headphones, then choose the Marshall Mid ANC. However, if you simply need a wired headset at a budget price, then choose the Marshall Major II instead.

The Mid ANC has better-balanced sound quality and is available with a cable, so you’ll use them passively if the battery dies.

On the opposite hand, Major II is completely passive, so you are doing not need to worry about a few batteries in the first place. They even have a rather more compact design, but don’t look or feel as premium because of the Mid ANC.

Also, the Mid ANC is wireless and also noise-canceling, which makes them a more versatile everyday option than Major II.

SpecsMarshall Mid ANCMarshall Major II
Weight 0.5 lbs0.32 lbs
Bluetooth 4.0NA
Low-Frequency Extension10 Hz10 Hz
Battery Life20 hours 30 hours
Charging Time2.4 hoursNA

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Marshall Mid ANC Features Review


The Mid ANC’s on-ear design is exceptionally comfortable, with nicely padded earcups and a generously cushioned headband.

There is a leather patina on nearly every surface of the black earcups and headband, and in fact, the gold Marshall logo is emblazoned on the outer panel of every ear.

They need an honest, decently durable build quality. The earcups, which look almost square, fit very securely and therefore the padding manages to dam out a big swath of ambient room noise passively.

The button/multi-directional switch that controls power/pairing, playback, call management, track navigation, and volume is on the left earcup.

The proper earcup houses connections for the included a micro USB port for charging and a 3.5mm jack for the detachable headphone cable. The ANC switch is additionally located on the proper earcup. Internally, each earcup has a 40mm dynamic driver.

The audio cable has gold-colored connection points, includes an inline remote and mic, and features a black cord that’s half-coiled, like many studio headphones, and therefore the black micro USB charging cable features a crosshatch pattern on either end.

It looks like a box, with a magnetic flap that folds over the front and shuts everything in. Overall, this is often a reasonably well-balanced sounding headphone that ought to work well with a good sort of music.

Battery life

The Marshall Mid ANC has a good battery life that will easily last you the whole day, especially if active noise canceling is off. Marshall claims that battery life stays up to 20 hours and after disabling noise canceling it lasts up to 30 hours. So don’t forget to manually turn them off or the battery will still drain.

They also don’t have any app support for added customization options and EQs, which may be a little disappointing and makes these headphones feel a touch bland.

Sound Quality

The Marshall Mid ANC is good sounding on-ear headphones. Their mid-range is additionally flat and well balanced, which caters well to instruments and vocals. Their bass is well-balanced and consistent, which is great for bass-heavy genres like rap, EDM, and dub/drum step. Overall though, they’re going to sound ok for many and will have best with most music genres, podcasts, and audiobooks.

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Marshall Mid ANC design
Source – LifeWire

Noise Cancellation

There is a lively noise cancellation feature on the Mid ANC, but Marshall’s implementation of this point isn’t perfect. They’re better at reducing mid-range noise, which is vital for blocking speech and will suitable for cutting the ambient chatter while commuting, especially if you’re playing touch music. They even have an honest leakage performance for many use cases and won’t be too distracting to your colleagues during a typical office environment.


These headphones support Bluetooth 4.0 and may even be used wired. The included audio cable also features a microphone, so you’ll connect it to your device. They need an excellent wireless range even when obstructed by walls and other obstacles. In an open office space, you’ll easily walk around the office without losing connectivity.

Unfortunately, like most Bluetooth headphones, they need a touch an excessive amount of latency for watching videos, even when using the aptX codec. This suggests the audio is going to be out slightly of sync when watching movies.

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Cover Case

Mid A.N.C. comes with a guitar inspired travel case that features an upscale velvet red lining and a durable vinyl shell that’s collapsible when not in use.

Marshall Mid ANC cover case
Source – Marshall

Marshall Mid ANC Spec

Model NameMid-ANC
Release Date22 December 2018
Product Dimensions16 x 9.4 x 16 cm
Weight 208 g
Accessory IncludedMid A.N.C. Headphone, Micro USB Cable, Removal 3.5 mm Cable with Mic and Remote, Travel Case, User Manual with Legal and Safety Information
Connector TypeBluetooth 4.0
Battery Life20 hours


If you would like great-looking and compact headphones that’s decent enough for many use cases, then the Marshall Mid ANC is an honest choice as per the review. They’re one among the good-sounding in-ear headphones. It’s a light-weight, decently portable, and a well-designed headset with easy-to-use controls and excellent battery life. Overall, this is often a reasonably well-balanced sounding headphone that ought to work well with a good sort of music.

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