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Marshall Headphone Major II Review

Advantage-  The Marshall Major II review clear that it is a versatile and comfortable headphone. They are light in weight and offer good bass performance than the original Marshall Major model. These headphones can fold inwards. They have a detachable cable. The cable provides a one-button inline microphone and remote. The battery life can extend upto 30 hours which is great for traveling. 

Disadvantages- The headphones don’t come with a case. This will be a problem while carrying them along. The inline remotes don’t have the volume controller. These headphones are a little bit tight on the head

The bottom line-. Overall these are improved designs of Marshall major. There have been many improvements done in the headphones. Also, the price they are coming with is great.

Marshall Major II Vs III

Marshall Major II Vs III

Marshall Major III has lower impedance than Marshall Major II. This provides higher volume consuming less power. The Marshall Major III comes with neodymium magnets. This makes them lighter than Major II. These are more powerful than the one using ferrite magnets. Major III has better bass and sound quality than Major II.

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Overall these are the two major differences between both the headphones. But if you ignore these two factors than Marshall Major II is better with the price point they come with. Both the headphones are similar to each other. They both lack sweat resistance and weather-sealed features too. Marshall Major II and Major III have stereo speakers. They both have a detachable cable with an inline remote and microphone. Also, both headphones are foldable.

If you want to go with budget but then Marshall Major II is a better investment. Major III surpasses Major II due to two reasons stated above. 

SpecificationMarshall Major IIMarshall Major III
Design 88
Feature 78
Sound 77
Value 7.58
Price Under $100Under $100

Marshall Major II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones details 

Marshall Major’s original headphones were a good on-ear model but that bar wasn’t set with those. They lacked many aspects and features that a headphone should have. Marshall Major II is an improved version of the Marshall Major original range. Both the headphones look way more similar to each other but there are some major changes that are done in the Major II.

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Marshall major II wireless headphones are having more rounded ear cup design. The inbuilt Bluetooth built of a smart design of the earlier models, with a textured earpiece and a heavy-duty headband which is far from getting a break until and unless a major force is applied on it.

The headphones come with a one-button inline microphone and remote. It has an effortless playback and a great whole day-long battery life.  It is a greatly improved model presented by the company on which one can invest their money.  The improved features called out for your name to play with the headphones all day long without stopping that too on a budget. 

The double-ended coil cord of Marshall Major II has an inline one button for all your call related work and the cord is detachable so you can use it as a wireless headphones. These headphones support both android and ios. This comes with an L plug than the usual straight plug which makes the wire more durable.

The best part about the headphone is it supports dual cord attachment of 3.5 mm.  This can make it easier for you and your friend to jam on a single track by connecting the cords. The build of this model is great from the earlier Marshall Major original one. The headphones are sturdy and look expensive and stylish. Overall the headphones are a great deal to invest upon. 

Marshall Major II Comfort
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The sound produced by the headphones is warm and soft. Compared to the original version, the bass of this headphone has an improved response and a punchiness. There is more importance given to the variety of music genre and the instrument played in the song. You can have a detailed overview of what is playing and what is not.

The sound can be compared to high-end headphones. The extra oomph can be noticed easily while playing the song with heavy bass. In short, the bass of this headphone is crazy keeping in mind the price point it comes with. This headphone is a wholesome investment. 

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Marshall Major II has a sleek studio design that looks pretty good and decent. The color scheme is neutral. It has the basic color palette that is all black which will suit everyone’s taste. The color scheme isn’t tacky and logically wearable. The headphones have wide headbands and square earcups. The headphone comes with contortionist headband which can easily twist and turn according to your preference. This way it will be easier to carry and portability to increase.

Both the headband and the ear cups have a textured finish that gives the headphone a luxurious feel. The only thing that concerns the build is the plastic used. The plastic probably feels cheap while touching the headphones which isn’t a good feeling. Overall the build of the headphone is strong and sturdy, the style is in trend and looks decent and luxurious.

Design of Marshall Major II

If you carefully notice the headphones the company’s logo Marshall Major II is embossed on the headband from inside. The logo is embossed on both the speaker of the headphone too. The bottom side of the right side of the ear cup is the micro USB jack from where you can connect and charge. The connectivity can extend till a 33-foot range.

The left side of the headphones has the flashy gold button from which you can control the working of play and pause of the music and also you can answer the call. The buttons also help in controlling the sound just by a slide, you can increase and decrease the volume. It may be difficult to locate it at once but with time it is easy.

The headphones can work upto 30 hours; this is greatly extended battery life. The headphones will last you more than a day and so. A great design with good placement of buttons. Superb battery life and charging are also quick. Overall the design is basic and suits the vibe. 

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Marshall Major II unbox
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Before purchasing a headphone it is important to check the comfort level provided by the headphones as it may happen you may wear it for a long period of time, so comfort is an important aspect. The Marshall Major II has a good ear cup padding which will be going to provide good comfort to your ears while wearing them for a long time. They are a bit tight on the head which makes a person feel uncomfortable wearing it for a longer time period.

The square cup can provide pressure to your ears which can be uncomfortable after a period of time. They are lightweight headphones but the band and ear cup can be a bit uncomfortable after some hours of wearing it. If there was a bit more padding to the ear cups they would have provided more comfort listening for a longer period of time.

The weight of the headphone is around 0.32 lbs which is quite light to carry. They are easy to take away with you while traveling as they are not bulky.

Marshall Major II Bluetooth

The Marshall Major II Bluetooth works as basic as all other headphones Bluetooth. The Bluetooth provides mid-range bass superbly. If compared to the wired working of the headphones they lack a bit. The Bluetooth is good, you can play with it all day long. The Bluetooth part is less ideal to play rock music. The bass starts bugging inside which can cause severe irritation. The wired headset performs slightly better than Bluetooth. 

Marshall Major II Noise-Canceling Feature

This is the frequently asked question about Marshall Major II is the noise-canceling feature. The model lacks the noise-canceling feature like other high-end headphones supports. This doesn’t make the headphone any less in comparison to other brands. The headphones are quite effective and a great option for one who has a mid-range budget.

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Price of the Marshall Major II 

Marshall Major II is priced under $100. The price may vary on different sites, the variations depend on the offers provided by the company; they are easily available on all the leading portals.

Frequency response  10 Hz 
Impedance 64 Ohm
Accessories included3.5 mm adaptor 
Connector type3.5 mm 4- pole hole
Warranty 1 year 
Sensitivity 99 dB


Comparing Marshall Major original model to Marshall Major II it is surely improved and there have been many changes done to the headphones. These are a nice upgraded version, the price point for this headphone is great. They are affordable and easily available on all the leading sites. The only thing which can be an issue is the build of the headphones.

The headband can be a bit tight which will make it uncomfortable to wear for a longer period of time. Another thing to keep in mind is the square ear cups that can also put pressure on your ear after wearing it for a longer period of time. The little more padding on the ear cups would have provided that extra comfort to the ear. 

Overall the quality is good, the sound produced by the headphone is refined and clear. Overall this is a great buy keeping in the price point it comes with.

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