Magzter Reviews 2021- 3 Year Gold Subscription Plan Offer at $90

This Magzter reviews article will give you all information about the Magzter Gold Subscription plans they offer, and the subscription price, Andorid/iPhone app and much more information. Have a look at the article below.

What is Magzter and How does it work?

Magzter is one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing self-service platforms. This is a cross-platform digital Newsstand. Magzter comprises 8,000 magazines from about 3400 and plus publishers. Magzter has over 70 million users all over the world since its inception in 2011. They are delivering the newspaper across 40+ categories and in 60+ languages. It’s headquarters is situated in New York and has spread its branches in local cities like Amsterdam, London, Mexico City, Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Singapore and it will get expanded more soon.

What Is Magzter Gold Subscription Offer?

Magzter Gold Subscription gives unlimited access to over 5000 magazines that include Maxim, ESPN, and Fast Company found in the reviews. The Magzter Gold subscription costs Rs 399 per month. Gold subscription prices vary with the duration of the service.

You can get 3, 6, 9, and 12 months subscriptions. Remember one thing that, the longer is the duration of the subscription, the cheaper would be the price.

Magzter Gold 3 Year Plan at 70% off just Rs. 3999 instead of Rs 9,999 in India. Click here.

magzter gold 3 year subscription offer

Magzter Gold Subscription Price and Discount Coupon Hack – Worldwide

United States

1 Year Price $30 instead of $100.
2 Year Price $60 instead of $200.
3 Year Price $90 instead of $300.

United Kingdom

1 Year Price GBP 30 instead of GBP 100.
2 Year Price GBP 60 instead of GBP 200.
3 Year Price GBP 90 instead of GBP 300.


1 Year Price EUR 30 instead of EUR 100.
2 Year Price EUR 60 instead of EUR 200.
3 Year Price EUR 90 instead of EUR 300.


1 Year Price SGD 30 instead of SGD 100.
2 Year Price SGD 60 instead of SGD 200.
3 Year Price SGD 90 instead of SGD 300.


1 Year Price AUD 30 instead of AUD 100.
2 Year Price AUD 60 instead of AUD 200.
3 Year Price AUD 90 instead of AUD 300.


1 Year Price CAD 30 instead of CAD 100.
2 Year Price CAD 60 instead of CAD 200.
3 Year Price CAD 90 instead of CAD 300.

South Africa

1 Year Price ZAR 200 instead of CAD 700.
2 Year Price ZAR 400 instead of CAD 1400.
3 Year Price ZAR 600 instead of CAD 2100.


1 Year Price MXN 300 instead of MXN 1000.
2 Year Price MXN 600 instead of MXN 2000.
3 Year Price MXN 900 instead of MXN 3000.


1 Year Price INR 1999 instead of INR 3999.
2 Year Price INR 2999 instead of INR 6999.
3 Year Price INR 3999 instead of INR 9999.

Magzter offers the Magzter Gold Subscription, which is the world’s largest “All-You-Can-Read” subscription service. With this subscription, you are opened to unlimited access to about 5,000+ magazines and newspapers under the monthly subscription price. The interesting thing is, Magzter has an ezRead 2.0 feature for its apps. Through this feature, you can get the news update on your device. No matter how small your device is, you can get access to read all time. In addition to this, you will get impressive videos and high-resolution photographs.

You can get more additional features like a Free family sharing option and Read anytime & Anywhere.

FREE Family Sharing option: 

You will get this with Magzter GOLD subscription. Through this option, you can share your account with upto 4 members of your family/friends for absolutely FREE. 

Read anytime and anywhere: 

For this feature, you need to install the Magzter app on to your iOS/Android devices and be ready to read on the go. If you download the magazine once, you can even access them offline.

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Magzter Gold List Of Magazines In India

The subscribed users will get access to top newspapers and that includes many categories too. Below lists show you about the categories of magazines that are available under the Magzter Gold subscription.

Magzter Gold List Of Magazines In India

Fashion Magazines

Harper’s Bazaar, GQ India, Man’s World, VOGUE, ELLE, Cosmopolitan, Grazia, Verve, etc. 

News and Politics Magazines

Outlook, The Week, Tehelka, India Today, The Caravan, Frontline, etc.

Business Magazines

Fortune, Entrepreneur, Businessworld, Business Today, Outlook Business, Forbes, etc.

Entertainment Magazines

Cineblitz, Galatta, Hello, Filmfare, Femina, Stardust, etc.

Comics and Children’s Magazines

KIDS Explore, BBC Knowledge, Tinkle, Children’s Digest, etc.

Automotive Magazines

Overdrive, Car India, Bike India, AutoX, BBC TopGear India, evo India, etc.

Travel Magazines

National Geographic Traveller, Travel + Leisure, Conde Nast Traveller, Lonely Planet, etc.

Technology Magazines

DataQuest, PCQuest, Gadgets & Gizmos, T3 India, Electronics for you, etc.

What Is a Magzter App?

You can download the Magzter app for your device, if you are a die hard book reader. You can also download the app, if you want to read the books on the go. 

Magzter App review

The advantage is that this app can be downloaded to any device and it will provide impressive videos and high-resolution photos. In addition to all these features, you can even read offline if you download a particular book. If you tap on the spectacles symbol, the app will enable the ezRead mode which will display the story in a beautiful easy-to-read layout.

How Much Does Magzter Gold Subscription Plans Cost in India?

As per our reviews, You can get this Magzter Gold subscription at the price of Rs.399 per month or Rs.1999 annually. Through this premium membership, you can get unlimited access to wide categories of magazines.

Special offer – Flat 50% discount on Annual Subscription Plans for BestPlaceForYou users in India. Click here.

No Magzter coupon code required
magzter gold annual subscription offer

Note: Magzter Gold 999 offer is not valid now.

This Magzter offers about three plans for their users. They are as follows:-

Magzter Gold Subscription Plan

Features1 Month
1 Year at
2 Year Plan at Rs.79993 Year Plan at Rs.11,997
Unlimited access to 5,000+ magazines, newspapers & premium storiesYesYesYesYes
Access premium storiesYesYesYesYes
Share with 4 family membersYesYesYesYes
Cancel subscription any timeYesYesYesYes
Final Discount PriceRs.1999 / $30Rs.2999 / $60Rs.3999 / $90

Magzter Gold Lite Plan

Features1 Month
1 Year
Choose and read any 5 magazines from 5,000+ best-selling magazines.YesYes
Cancel subscription any timeYesYes

If you want to join them and to offer your employee/customer a unique experience of unlimited access to 5,000+ magazines, newspapers, you can join them by using the Magzter Gold Business.

How Does Refer And Win Works?

  • Visit the Magzter website.
  • Visit the Refer And Win section.
  • Click on the ‘Refer Now’ button
  • Now share your referral link with your friends or through social media. 
  • Your friend has to download the Magzter app on their device.
  • You will get 1 point if your friend claims the free trial with your link.

The top 10 referers would receive about ₹1,000 every day.

How To Cancel Magzter Gold Subscription on Android?

How To Cancel Magzter Subscription - Reviews

You can easily cancel your subscription with Magzter. Follow this easy methods to cancel your subscription,

  • Click subscription.
  • Now select the subscription that you want to buy.
  • Use the options to manage your subscription.
  • If you prefer, you can choose a different subscription offering or you can select Cancel Subscription.
  • If you cancel your subscription, they will give back your money and they will cost for whatever you used, i.e, the subscription will stop at the end of the current billing cycle.
  • Your subscription plan will get renewed if you don’t cancel your subscription before the renewal date.

FAQ – Magzter Reviews 2021

How to renew Magzter gold subscription?

One simple step, don’t cancel your magzter plan. Magzter will automatically renew your subscription after existing plan expiry date.

How to contact Magzter Customer Care Support?

If you face any issue and want to connect with Magzter customer care, send an email to Magzter team would revert you within 2 days, but according to my experience they are very fast and you could get a response within 1 day.

Always send your Invoice, username, registered email ID which you have used to buy Magzter Gold 3 Year Subscription plan.

Is Magzter Gold worth it?

It is the best online magazines and newspaper site. Once you buy a Magzter subscription of 1 year or 2 or 3 year, you can access more than 5000 latest magazines and read them offline anytime without the internet. I recommend buying a 3-year Magzter Gold Subscription instead of buying various magazines separately. Because you will get Flat 70% discount.
Outside India, users Click here to buy. — India users buy from here.

How can I get Magzter Gold 999 Offer?

Magzter Gold 999 offer is already expired. Magzter latest offer is mentioned in this page. If any website claim 999 offer then don’t trust these websites.

Is it safe to use Magzter?

Definitely yes. Magzter is 100% safe.


Hence, we hope that we have cleared everything with our Magzter reviews 2021. If you love reading and buying a lot of magazines weekly or monthly, you can make this change. You can buy a monthly or annual or 3-year Gold Subscription with Magzter. Hence you can save a lot of money and unlimited access to premium magazines


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