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Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum Review

9.1 Total Score
Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum Review

The Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum is a comfortable gaming headset with excellent sound that supports a startling number a platform.

Build Quality
Sound Quality
  • Comfortable & Sturdy design
  • Excellent Sound Quality
  • Removable battery
  • Programmable colored lighting
  • USB receiver with cables can work with almost any game system
  • Does not include a case or stand & extra pads
  • Surrround sound isn't effective in a headset
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Logitech G933 vs G935

According to the review, Logitech G935 Wireless Gaming Headset and therefore the Logitech G933 Wireless Gaming Headset are very similar in design, but the G935 isn’t necessarily an upgrade over the G933, especially if you have already got the primary model.

Some features just like the in-line remote controls or the inputs on the dongle are now gone on the newer model. On the opposite hand, the G935 has a better wireless range and really minimal latency.

The G935 even has better sound quality, but you’ll EQ both headsets inside the G HUB app. The G933 also features a slightly better-sounding microphone, which is best for online games.

SpecsLogitech G933Logitech G935
Weight0.8 lbs0.85 lbs
Low-Frequency Response10 Hz10 Hz
Battery Life12.5 Hours12.8 Hours
Charge Time3.8 Hours3.7 Hours
Bluetooth VersionNoNo

Logitech G933 vs G633

The Logitech G933 wireless gaming headset and G633 gaming headset are very almost like each other. The major difference between the G633 and the G933 is that the G933 is wireless.

Aside from that the planning, comfort, and sound are equivalent in both models. They both use a detachable 8th-inch plug and a mini USB plug.

If you go for G633 wired, you would possibly run over the cable, and therefore the plug end doesn’t like wiggling or pressure

SpecsLogitech G933Logitech G633
Weight 0.8 lbs0.82 lbs
Tangle Free CableYesNo
Passive Noise ReductionYesNo
Independence32 Ohms39 Ohms
Removable BatteryYesNo

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Logitech G933 Features Review


The Logitech G933 is out there in both black and white variants, the G933 is a beautiful piece of hardware. It’s quite a big gaming headset, with large ear cups and thick support pillars inspiring confidence in its durability.

I found in the Logitech G933 review that earcups and headband are entirely black plastic, with foam padding on the ears and under the headband covered in black cloth.

The earpads are roughly rectangular, with the backs of the earcups shaped like uneven pentagons to make a stark, sci-fi appearance. The earcups on the left and right sides of the headset are often rotated ninety degrees and have magnetic side panels which will be removed to reveal the USB dongle and replaceable battery.

The right earcup holds all of the controls and connections, including Mic Mute, Power, and three programmable G buttons, alongside a volume wheel, a micro USB port, and a 3.5mm aux port.

A flip-down boom mic sits hidden along the front side of the left cup, flush against the rest of the earcup when it isn’t in use. The left panel also hides the headset’s wireless USB receiver, while the proper panel hides the removable battery.

Veins of RGB lighting span the edges of the headset, with an array of customizable buttons and dials lining the left side. The G logos on the surface panels glow, alongside otherwise invisible lines of lights that run along with the backsides of each earcup.

These lights are programmable with Logitech’s software, letting you light them up together with your favorite color or rotate through various colors with different color-shifting animations. If you’ve got other Logitech G-series peripherals with RGB lighting, you’ll synchronize your lighting schemes across them.

G933 Design
Source – Logitechapps


The G933 headset has over-the-ear cups with soft fabric and tons of giving. The device is equally as comfortable as its wired counterpart but has the additional advantage of not needing a wire.

Apart from that, it doesn’t seem noticeably heavier than the G633, so you’ll still wear it for hours at a time without issue. Overall, though, the Logitech G933 feels pleasant, and that is one of the foremost important features a headset offers.

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Gaming Performance

I found in the review that Logitech G933 wireless gaming headset supports 7.1-channel Dolby and DTS surround sound, and therefore the channels are individually adjustable through the Logitech G software when the headset is connected to a PC (these options are disabled when connected to a game system, though the headset will still light up). You’ll hear the gunshots and footsteps of your enemies above the minimal voice work and music.

While you do not have any equalization options for console play, PS4 games sound great on the G933, and you’ll use either an inline mic or the regular headset mic for a chat. The headset mic quality during an office call is good, and the receiver can listen to the voice clear and audibly, with no discernible fuzziness or imbalance. At times, It can sound a touch distant or “hollow,” but no worse than through a daily telephone connection.

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Music Performance

Music sounds great on the G933 gaming headset, whether you’re listening wirelessly, via USB, or through an audio cable, there are no sound issues. The G933 controls music very capably across multiple genres.

It presents the deep sub-bass of the bass synth notes and kicks drum hits within the Knife’s “Silent Shout” at maximum volume without a touch of distortion. The bass is forceful, but not overwhelming even at very high levels; you will not blow your ears out, but you’ll definitely feel the music.

The G933 may be a surround sound-capable headset, with both DTS and Dolby virtual surround sound technology enabling a more expansive audio experience. The tech has matured well and is certainly worth experimenting with.

The microphone is superb on the G933. Don’t let its smaller design fool you, the microphone records voice clearly, and isn’t particularly susceptible to pop from ‘p’ sounds. 

If you’re after something to exclusively hear music with, a pair of wireless headphones are going to be a far better bet, except for a gaming headset it’s not a nasty performance in the least.

Logitech G933 performance
Source- IGN.com


The G933 wireless gaming headset includes a micro USB cable for charging the headset, a four-pole 3.5mm audio cable with inline mic and one-button remote for using the headset together with your smartphone or the headset connectors on the PS4 and Xbox controllers, a stereo RCA-to-3.5mm cable for hooking up the headset to your Xbox 360, PS3, or the other audio source with RCA outputs, and a 3.5mm-to-2.5mm adapter for pairing the headset’s mic input to your Xbox 360 controller. 

The wireless USB receiver can work with a PC or PS4 directly. The receiver also features a 3.5mm audio input designed to be used with the RCA cable for accepting audio from the stereo RCA output of an Xbox 360, PS3, or other home theatre device.

I had no problem plugging the USB receiver into my PS4 and getting the headset to figure immediately, wire-free. The headset’s 7.1-channel support requires a PC connection; when used with a game system it functions as a stereo gaming headset.

You can even connect the headset to your PC just through the 3.5mm cable, though if your 3.5mm input doesn’t support a four-pole connector for headsets, you would possibly get to get a separate 3.5mm splitter.

Also, Logitech offers 12 hours of battery life on a single charge, and this seems more or less in line with my own experiences.

G933 paring
Source – Carousell

Logitech G933 Specs

Model NameG933
Release DateOctober 2015
Weight374 grams
Product Dimensions17.2 x 8.15 x 18.19 cm
Connector TypeBluetooth
Battery Life12 Hours
WarrantyLogitech G933 comes with a 1-year warranty


The Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum is one of the great wireless gaming headsets as per my review you’ll buy. The excellent comfortable, sturdy design and excellent sound profile at the price of around $250.

They need very low latency, an excellent mic, decent sound quality, and much customization and connection options. The programmable colored lighting may be a nice bonus on top of a really capable headset that’s ready for your PC, game system, or mobile device out of the box.

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