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Logitech G633 Review

8.6 Total Score
Logitech G633 Review

The Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum has a comfortable design with great sound quality, which makes it well worth in price around $170

Build Quality
Sound Quality
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Amazing sound quality for music and games
  • Compatible with PC, Mobile & Console
  • Robust software
  • RGB lighting
  • Not easily portable
  • Build Quality could be better
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Logitech G633 vs G933

The Logitech G933 gaming headset and Logitech G633 gaming headset are very almost like each other reveals in the review. The major difference between the G633 and the G933 is that the G933 is wireless.

Aside from that, the planning, comfort, and sound are equivalent in both models. They both use a detachable 8th-inch plug and a mini USB plug. If you go for G633 wired, you would possibly run over the cable, and therefore the plug end doesn’t like wiggling or pressure.

SpecsLogitech G633Logitech G933
Weight0.82 lbs0.8 lbs
Tangle Free CableNoYes 
Passive Noise ReductionNoYes
Independence39 Ohms32 Ohms
Removable BatteryNoYes

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Logitech G633 vs G635

The Logitech G633 and G635 both are wired gaming headset. The G635 is the latest version of the G633 headset but there is some difference between and also the price of both of the headsets will differ.

The G633 is comfortable with the great sound quality for both music and games. It also works well with Pc, console, and mobile.

On the other hand, G635 has a stunning low key design with amazing sound depth and customization. It is also usable on all platforms but Loses all DTS and RGB functionality on any system bar PC.

SpecsLogitech G633Logitech G635
Weight0.82 lbs1.58 lbs
Sound Output ModeSurround SoundStereo
Frequency response20 Hz 20 Hz
Impedence39 Ohms39 Ohms
Sensitivity107 dB93 dB

Logitech G633 Features Review


The Logitech G633 headset comes with a black, patterned design; rectangular ear cups; and an outsized, padded headband. Artemis Spectrum’s industrial design looks and seems like a sturdy gaming headset. The headband feels sturdy and features a number of that nifty new foam padding also.

The ear cups swivel, which may be a nice touch, although they feel a touch lose, making the headset a touch bit hard to place on first. If it isn’t perfectly positioned on top of your head, it might slip off. Once it’s in place, however, the headset features a comfortable, secure fit.

The one interesting feature is that the edges of the ear cups are secured by a few magnets and maybe began. One feature you particularly like about the G633 Artemis Spectrum is that it offers two totally separate cables: a USB cable for computers and a 3.5mm audio cable for just about anything. You turn between the 2 employing a button on the left ear cup.

The USB cable allows gamers to use the Logitech software on PCs, while the audio cable has an in-line microphone, a mute button for it, and a play/pause button.

It’s perfect for taking phone calls or taking note of music on a phone or tablet, and also provides a simple thanks to connecting the G633 to your Xbox One or PS4 controller.

All the buttons and switches are on the left side ear cup, just behind the ear. Logitech went ahead and included three G-keys, which may be mapped to macros or other game inputs.

A volume wheel and a mic mute button sit right below the G-keys. The G633 doesn’t have a detachable mic, but the mic stows away alright and telescopes out to be used. The mic boom mutes on up also, like other Logitech headsets

Logitech G633 design
Source – ParlourPawn


Even though putting the headset on are often a touch of pain, once it’s on top of your head properly, it’s extremely comfortable. The ear cups feel plush and supportive, and therefore the headband is adjustable enough to get a decent fit all head sizes.

If it isn’t perfectly positioned on top of your head, it might slip off. Once it’s in place, the G633 headset features a comfortable, secure fit. I wore the G633 gaming headset for hours, playing a spread of games and taking note of many kinds of music, and didn’t notice any discomfort.

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Gaming Performance

The Logitech Gaming Software features audio profiles for FPS (first-person shooters), MOBA (a close cousin of real-time strategy), and Cinematic Gaming.

The Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum didn’t disappoint according to the review. If you test this with first-person shooter Titanfall and strategy game StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm to get a thought of how the headset works during gameplay.

You’ll hear gunfire and exploding mech suits in Titanfall far more clearly than the meaningless chatter of AI teammates. Heart of the Swarm had a balanced feel that made sound effects and voices pop while subduing the music just a touch bit. While it might are nice to possess more genres available, you’ll always customize your own.

The microphone quality is good. The mic proved to be clear and audible and will help players to keep the lines of communications open during heated multiplayer matches. When it involves adjusting the mic, you have a reasonably standard array of options: volume, mute, and sidetone. 

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Gaming Features

The Logitech G633 gaming headset makes use of the robust and intuitive Logitech Gaming Software app. Each ear cup features full RGB lighting, and you’ll adjust the backlighting colors within the software. 

Logitech offers comprehensive and subtle equalization options, letting you create wildly different profiles and assign them to individual games.

Less-skilled users can strike a general bass/treble balance and choose whether to allow or disable the mic by default, while audiophiles can dive in and fine-tune different frequencies.

Logitech G633 gaming feature
Source – Techgage

Music Performance

The other gaming headset’s ability to play music takes a backseat to the device’s in-game performance, but the G633 Artemis Spectrum strikes a particularly pleasant balance between the 2.

The Artemis Spectrum’s “Flat” profile provides a neutral base for almost any sort of music, but users also can program their own treble/bass-heavy profiles because the music demands. 

Even if you cannot be bothered with profiles, music generally sounds rich and immediate on the Artemis, instead of cold and distant, like it does on some cheaper headsets.

My only criticism when it involves music is that the headphones themselves are rather large and a little unwieldy. They take up a lot of space and do not stash during a backpack that easily.

Logitech G633 music performance
Source – GamerNecessary

Logitech G633 Specs

Brand Logitech
Model Name G633
Release DateSeptember 2015
Weight373 grams
Product Dimensions22.4 x 9.5 x 22.4 cm
Headset TypeWired
Accessories IncludedHeadset, 3.5 mm analog cable, USB data cable, custom tags, user manual 
WarrantyLogitech G633 don’t have any warranty 


All in all, Logitech G633 may be a great headset as per my review. If you’ve got the cash to spend, then the surrounding features, sound quality, and build of this headset make it well worth the money. Since then, the corporate has improved its offerings tremendously. The G633 isn’t just one of the foremost comfortable headsets on the market, but also one among the foremost aurally pleasing, user-friendly, and versatile.

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