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Liquid Web Review 2022 – Premium Hosting But Is It Worth It?

9.5Expert Score
Liquid Web Review 2022

Liquid Web is a Managed Web Hosting provider that offers lots of features in all plans including 100% uptime and amazing customer support, but it could be a little more expensive for beginners.

  • Provides a wide range of high-performance plans
  • Industry-leading customer support
  • Offers 100% uptime guarantee, which is offered by only a few hosts
  • Free GlobalSign SSL certificates
  • Heroic Support with fast response time guarantees
  • It has only advanced plans and has no shared plans
  • A knowledgeable base could be better organized

Are you searching around for a managed WordPress host to use? If you want simple managed WordPress hosting, Liquid Web has you covered. But are they any good?

LiquidWeb is one of the best hosting service providers available today. They are known for their server speed and stability. We are going to analysis of their performance and other factors in our Liquid Web review. Have a look at them.

Liquid Web Review – Quick Overview

This quick overview of Liquid Web hosting will give you a clear comparison list with other potential hosts.

1. Specializations

  • “Heroic” Support
  • High-Performance & Managed Servers

2. Migration Policy

Free migration without any website limits is offered on all plans. They will help you along with the whole process to make things easier.

3. Quality of Support Material: Excellent.

4. Control Panel: Choose from WHM/cPanel or Plesk.

5. Data Centers: Michigan, Arizona, and Amsterdam.

6. Money-back Guarantee: No money-back guarantee or trial period.

7. Cheapest Shared Hosting Plans: The cheapest plan is $19.99 per month.

8. Backup Policy: Optional backup plan add-ons with advanced backup options for a small monthly fee. 

9. Have a Site Builder: No Site Builder Included.

10. PCI Compliant: You can make your site(s) PCI compliant on all plans. You can also get an add-on scanning system which will periodically check your server for PCI compliance and send you a report.

11. Do any big brands use this host: Yeah, The Home Depot, National Geographic, FedEx, Motorola are some brands which are using this Liquid Web.

Are There Any Liquid Web Coupons Or Discounts?

Yes. You can avail of this coupon code for getting a good discount.

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Liquid Web Plans and Features – Is it Perfect Host for Your Site?

Liquid Web has the best world-class customer support and high performance. They are providing their best quality for what you pay for. Now have a look at the Liquid Web offers and whether it is a good host for your website.

Liquid web fully managed hosting


Liquid Web was established in 1997. Till then they are serving over 32,000 customers. It includes large websites like Home Depot and Motorola.

The thing is, if you are capable of affording Liquid Web hosting prices you won’t feel unsatisfied with the service that you get.

High-End Web Hosting

You will get several types of pro-level hosting with this Liquid Web. In this Liquid Web hosting review, we have grouped their offerings into three main categories.

  • Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Cloud VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting

A. Managed WordPress Hosting

Many developers are known for the fact that WordPress has some code bloat out of necessity. As a result, your site will slow down by giving a negative impact on your SEO and conversions.

To be on the safer side, you should get a WordPress host who is having optimized technology in giving a fast WordPress performance.

Servers Optimized for WordPress

To give a fast loading time to your WordPress site, the best web host has custom-built servers. This is what Liquid Web provides in their hosting plans.

According to Liquid Web review, the difference is 5 to 10 times faster than what you get on typical servers.

Speed Technologies

Liquid Web is using some modern technologies to give these fast loading times. They are- 

  • Automatic image compression.
  • SSD (solid-state drive) storage. (SSDs have super performance than HDDs – hard-disk drives)
  • HTTP/2
  • Nginx
  • PHP 7 (Superior in speed and security to other PHP versions).

Designed to Host Multiple Sites

You can use only a single site with Spark’s basic plan. If you want to host many sites then you can go for upper Liquid Web’s managed WordPress plans. Interesting thing is, you can host up to 250 sites in the Enterprise plan, which is $832/m.

Number of Sites1510
Storage (SSD)15 GB   40 GB60 GB
Bandwidth2 TB   3 TB   4 TB   
Staging Environmentyesyesyes
30-Day Backupsyesyesyes
Unlimited Email Accountsyesyesyes

Click here for All WordPress plans.

Features To Consider

Liquid Web is a managed hosting service that has a variety of features and some features are only found here.

These are the unique features available with their plans:-

  • Free and easy migrations from other hosts
  • Automatic plugin updates
  • Automatic WordPress core updates
  • 24/7/365 live customer support via email, live chat, or phone
  • Unlimited pageview or traffic
  • Daily automatic backups
  • WordPress-specific security protocols
  • Free, automatic SSL included in all Managed WordPress plans
  • Automatic image compression
  • Multiple site management tools
  • Full server access for developers along with SSH, Git, and WP-CLI tools.

Sync Pro Control Panel

Liquid Web’s management tool is a control panel referred to as Sync Pro. You can easily manage multiple sites with this dashboard.

liquid web management dashboard

What’s the Liquid Web WordPress Hosting Pricing?

You can get a fully managed WordPress Hosting option for $9.5/month, which is a Spark basic plan and no technical knowledge is required.

liquid web wordpress hosting plans 6 months discount

Note: You can host up to 10 sites with the professional plan for $99/month. It can come down to $10/month per site.

Cloud Sites and Cloud VPS Hosting

Most people prefer WordPress, however, others feel it is somewhat cumbersome. If you are one among them, one of your main options is a cloud VPS (virtual private server).

Two Types of Cloud Hosting

You can get two types of managed cloud hosting plans with Liquid Web. 

1. Cloud Sites

Cloud sites provide a single plan. You can host many sites and make it simple to install any popular CMS in a few clicks. Below is the sample of providing a CMS-based website.

LiquidWeb Review 2021 Cloud sites

However, these sites are not technically on a VPS. For getting maximum site uptime and scalability, they are hosted across multiple servers. Here is what you will get with Liquid Web.

  • Offers unlimited website hosting/ domain
  • Unlimited Visitors
  • 1 TB Bandwidth
  • 50 GB of SSD storage
  • Built-in autoscaling
  • Free Cloudflare CDN.

2. Liquid Web VPS Reviews

Cloud VPS hosting offers multiple plans for you. This is similar to Cloud Sites, however, you will get more features. 

But you have to give up the built-in autoscaling. So, if your site didn’t receive regular high traffic, you’ll get more value from a cloud VPS hosting plan than the cloud sites plan.

This is also a fully managed hosting.

Liquid Web VPS Hosting Plans Pricing and Features

Regarding Liquid Web pricing, this Cloud VPS Hosting starts from $59/month. But today is your lucky day, You can get Flat 75% discount on VPS Plans with our Link. The introduction cloud VPS basic plan has

liquid web managed vps plan pricing
  • Choice of cPanel or Plesk Onyx control panels
  • Linux 
  • 2vCPU
  • 40 GB SSD Disk Space
  • 10 TB Bandwidth.
liquid web hosting review
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Dedicated Hosting

Performance is the most important factor if your website needs a dedicated server. This Dedicated hosting is the perfect option for those websites which are growing fast and getting heavy website traffic – in other words, mid-sized to large companies.

Liquid web Dedicated Hosting Plans
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Even if you compare these Dedicated hosting plans with others, the winner is always Liquid Web.

Control Panel Options

This Managed WordPress plan has a custom control panel that is specifically designed for managing multiple WordPress sites.

In other Liquid Web plans, you will have the choice to use the cPanel / WHM, or Plesk.


You will get many options for configuring your servers with the WHM. On the other hand, You can configure a single site only on cPanel.

This single WHM interface can be utilized for creating many sites on your account. These sites can be managed individually with the cPanel. 

cPanel WHM LiquidWeb Review 2021

Plesk is a well-known control panel which plays its role as both server management and site management under a single control panel. It’s available on Liquid Web Windows hosting accounts.

Plesk Liquid Web Reviews
cPanel vs Plesk Comparison

If you have any confusion about the control panel look at this easy comparison.

InterfaceSlightly older but familiarClean and tidy, slick design
MigrationSimple Simple 
Admin PanelWHMSingle log-in

These two control panels are reliable. However, the best is based on your personal preference.

7 Reasons Why Liquid Web Is Better than Other Hosts (Pros and Cons)

We can list many points to differentiate the Liquid Web from other average hosts, however, we have listed a few things.

  • Fully Managed
  • Premium Business Email (Add-On Product)
  • SSD Storage.
  • Migrations
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • Simple Scaling

Fully Managed

We have already mentioned that they are a fully managed hosting provider. Thus, they will take the responsibility for your site’s updates, security, hardware maintenance, and more.

Premium Business Email

You will get a managed email solution with Liquid Web. On their plans, they will take care of email spam, setup, maintenance, and more.

SSD storage

Every plan has a specific amount of SSD disk space.

These SSDs are more reliable than the HDDs and thus, your site loading times will be fast. 


Always a problem arises in the site migration. However, it is made simple with the Liquid Web. The steps are not so hard and even you will be guided along the entire process.

If you are migrating your site from WordPress, then it will be very simple by using a Liquid Web migrate plugin. If you activate the plugin, you will be redirected to the migration form in your Liquid Web account, like this,

Site migration LiquidWeb

Once you submit this form, your site will be migrated to the Liquid Web hosting

Liquid Web’s migration team will migrate your site from other hosts for free. If you are unable to do it yourself.

Cloudflare CDN

Almost all plans from Liquid Web have a Cloudflare CDN to serve resources quicker.

Simple Scaling

This control gets vary with your plan. You can either have no clicks or one click to scale up to manage the sudden traffic spikes.

What is “Heroic Support” or Customer Support?

The Heroic Support is nothing but Liquid Web’s customer service. This tagline is enough to understand their aim to exceed expectations.

They have some unique features like:-

  • 100% network and power uptime guarantee
  • 24/7/365 Customer and tech support
  • You can get support via phone, email, or live chat
Support LiquidWeb Review 2021

Sonor Monitoring Team

Their Sonar Monitoring Team will scan your server and identify the issues before they make any down times on your server.

This proactive security plays a critical role if you have any sites that generate significant revenue.


In addition to the great support, you can get about hundreds of tutorials and help articles in the Liquid Web knowledge base.

The quick search features help in getting your topic within a couple of seconds.

Knowledge base LiquidWeb Reviews

Technical Support

Liquid Web guarantees support responses which are only provided by a few hosts.

liquid web support response time

Here you can avail of the 3 options, which are available 24/7.

59-Second Response

You can use this gateway for getting instant help on the phone or chat, in case of any urgency. You will get in touch with a human to solve your issue.

When to Use the Ticketing System

If you don’t get the chat or call support, try placing a ticket through the helpdesk, it has a 59-minute guarantee for an initial response.

This is a good gateway for getting a response to casual questions and potential hosting issues that you may have in the future. 

The main advantage is that Liquid Web has well-equipped support to deal with major issues at all times.

Data Centers Staffed 24/7

Data centers always have staff 24/7/365 by Level 3 technicians. Any server issues are resolved at them, without being outsourced to third parties.

While we have experienced their support for our Liquid Web review and got a great response. They will give instant support and the staff is proven remarkably knowledgeable and helpful.

Alternatives To Liquid Web

Though this Liquid Web has high-performance hosting plans, this is not the best for everyone.

If you have a limited budget, prefer more data center locations to choose from, or for some reason do not like Liquid Web.

If you are one among such people you can look at these 3 alternative hosts.

Cloudways: If you want to get the high speed of Liquid Web and managed WordPress hosting fits your needs better have a look at the Cloudways.

Nexcess: If you want high-speed managed WordPress hosting with Free 15+ Premium plugins then go for Nexcess.

Rocket net: This is another which focuses on premium managed WordPress hosting with the Cloudflare Enterprise plan feature. You will get 100% guaranteed uptime & Google Core Vital Score and 24/7/365 support. Go for Rocket net.

Uptime and Server Response Time

We have made the uptime test for our Liquid Web review. We have given an image of their uptime result.

  • An average server response time of 241 ms (milliseconds)
  • 100% uptime
  • Check all latest LiquidWeb Uptime here.
liquid web uptime

Liquid Web Trustpilot

liquid web trustpilot review

Liquid Web has got more than a 4.5-star rating on Trustpilot by hundreds of customers. So I recommend you to go with reliable LiquidWeb hosting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Liquid Web offer Windows or Linux host services?

Yes, Liquid Web offers these Windows and Linux hosting services with their Dedicated Server and Cloud VPS plans.

What operating systems are available?

A wide variety of 64-bit operating systems are available with their hosting plans.

CentOS 6 and 7
Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04
Debian 8 and 9

With a dedicated hosting plan, you can also install any custom OS.

Does Liquid Web have Virtual Private Servers (VPS)?

Yeah, they also feature SSD storage for delivering the best performance. Also, many specs are designed to fit your computing needs.

Do they offer domain registration? What about a free domain?

No, domains are only purchased designed to fit your computing needs.

Can you host an e-commerce site on Liquid Web?

Yes, u can host an e-commerce site on Liquid Web. You are allowed to use  3 main options for this.

Options are available that you can install the most popular e-commerce open-source platforms like Magento, WooCommerce, and PrestaShop from the control panel.

As a second option, they offer managed WooCommerce hosting plans, where the servers are optimized for WooCommerce.

As the last step, you will get root access along with the VPS and Dedicated hosting plans. Also, you can install a custom-built e-commerce site, as long as Liquid Web supports the programming language it uses.

Is Liquid Web free?

No, it is not free. The Liquid web plans start from $19 per month.

What is Liquid Web used for?

Liquid Web is a dedicated hosting provider for web and cloud professionals like you. Growing enterprises, as well as the designers, developers, and advertising agencies who work for them.

Who owns Liquidweb?

Liquid Web, a Lansing-based supplier of web hosting and cloud computing services, announced Wednesday an investment from Chicago-based private equity company Madison Dearborn Partners. The investment’s value and terms were not disclosed. Madison Dearborn will become the largest shareholder of Liquid Web as a result of the deal.

Where is Liquid Web-based?

Liquid Web is headquartered in Lansing, Michigan.

Is Liquid Web safe?

Google characterizes HTTP sites as insecure, which does not reflect well for potential customers. Fortunately, basic SSL is provided free of charge and is implemented by the Liquid Web support team. If you require better protection, you can purchase additional premium SSL certificates.

How much does Liquid Web cost?

The Liquid web price starts from $19 per month for the Managed WordPress Hosting Plan. Fortunately, you can save up to 50% on a monthly or annual plan using our Exclusive coupon codes.

Is Liquid Web’s VPS hosting worth the price?

According to the premium hosting service they are offering, prices are reasonable but if you’re looking for the cheapest hosting then this hosting is not for you. You can try Hostinger.

Conclusion – Liquid Web Review

From our Liquid Web review, we recommend this web hosting provider with performance and support is far away from most competitors.

If your budget is the primary thing to consider, you may have to choose the plan with low features. 

Are you looking for the best performance and support? Visit the Liquid Web right now and check whether they are a good fit or not. 

You can also write your suggestion about your Web Hosting below.

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