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Koss Porta Pro Review

Advantage – According to the review, Koss Porta Pro Wireless is lightweight and amazing comfort for on-ear headphones. It has good sound quality and excellent battery life. They are affordable wireless headphones.

Drawbacks – These headphones have poor Bluetooth range. It also has a blue light that constantly blinks when connected. It has a wire design that might distract you.

The Bottom Line – Koss’s Porta Pro Wireless Headphones recycles a 1984 design for 2018, and it mostly works. That’s because of amazing sound, a cushty fit, and ultra-portable design.

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Koss Porta Pro vs Koss KSC75

The Koss Porta Pro is a rather better headphone overall in comparison to the Koss KSC75. The Porta Pro has a far better more durable design, although not by much.

On the upside, the KSC75 is bit more portable and has a rather more stable design if your purpose to use them for sports. The Porta Pro even has a better-balanced sound and an easier on-ear fit that you simply can wear for extended than the KSC75.

SpecsKoss Porta ProKoss KSC75
Weight 181 grams43 grams
Product Dimensions 14.22 x 6.35 x 18.29 cm16.51 x 6.35 x 16.51 cm
Low-Frequency Extension 32.21 Hz62.59 Hz
DesignOn-earEar clips
DiaphragmsMylar DiaphragmsTitanium-Coated Diaphragms

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Koss Porta Pro Features Review


The Porta Pro is retro-cool, but during a black plastic and not during a brushed aluminum kind of way. The shapes of the side pieces aren’t simply the standard round or oval cups that are ubiquitous in modern headphones. Instead, they’re shaped within the sort of a musical note—each of which features a three-position adjustable temperature setting at the highest, with the tiny round transducers mounted below employing a pivoting ball and socket.

It has soft foam ear pads sit on top of the ear, giving the relatively large drivers an immediate line of sit into the ear canal.

As long as these were designed in 1984, you would be surprised not just by the bass response but its complexity; you’re getting tons of bass, but it is also accurate and not overwhelming.

The ear plates fold up and expose a metal hook and loop that fasten the Porta Pro into a compact circular shape for storage.

Koss Porta Pro Wireless headphones have a balanced sound, whereas most on- or over-ear headphones during this price range suffer from an excessive amount of bass. Rather than terminating at a 3.5mm jack, the cable wraps around and connects back to the opposite earpiece; on one side, a reasonably large protrusion holds the battery and wireless gadgetry, and on the opposite may be a three-button remote with play/pause, volume up and down buttons, microphone, and a Bluetooth connection LED. It also provides ample battery life and portability.

Koss Porta Pro Design
Source – Head-Fi

Bluetooth Performance

I didn’t face any connection issues with the Porta Pro Wireless. It features Bluetooth 4.1 with aptX audio codec, and haven’t any dropouts within about 25 feet of my phone or tablet. But across the house and behind a wall, things can get choppy. You’ll pair it with Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, and Macbook), an Android phone, and a Windows tablet smoothly. 

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Sound Quality

Koss Porta Pro has good sound quality. I didn’t experience any unwanted noise using the Bluetooth interface. In fact, the Porta Pro Wireless sounds just like the first wired version.

The dynamic driver Porta Pro has an open-backed design that permits many sounds to undergo. The Porta Pro is probably going not the right choice for those in, especially noisy surroundings.

The Bass response is additionally generally pleasurable and fun. It remains reasonably controlled and tight-sounding and provides the impression of fullness. It balances nicely with the midrange and treble within the overall flavor of the sound.

Battery Life

I’m pleased with the battery of Koss Prota Pro wireless headphones, which Koss rates to last for quite 12 hours and which I’ve yet to completely exhaust even once.

After 3 and 4-hour listening sessions, the Porta Pro Wireless tend to still have quite 80 percent of their charge remaining, and you’ll never feel in peril of running them down too quickly. The very fact they charge via MicroUSB rather than USB-C.

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Koss Porta Pro Specs

Model NamePorta Pro
Date First Available21 October 2018
Weight181 grams
ColourBlack gold, whiteout, rhythm beige, gold, and blackout
Product Dimensions14.22 x 6.35 x 18.29 cm
Accessory IncludedHeadphones cover case
Bluetooth Version4.1 with apt-X
Battery Life 12 hours


The Koss Porta Pro Wireless is decent critical listening on-ears headphones and an update to the classic Porta Pro design as per the review. It’s a well-balanced sound and light-weight, open design. However, their wireless implementation feels a touch lazy, and they are now Bluetooth-only headphones so you can’t reduce the latency when watching movies by using an audio cable.


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