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Koss KSC75 Review

7.5 Total Score
Koss KSC75 Review

The Koss KSC75 is not the most versatile headphones. However, they offer a decently balanced sound that lacks a little bass but should be good enough for many listeners.

  • Average sound quality
  • Stable & portable design
  • Compact
  • Well balanced sound
  • Suitable ear hook design
  • Poor noise isolation
  • Sound leaks due to open design
  • Not durable
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Koss KSC75 vs Koss Porta Pro

The Koss Porta Pro is a rather better headphone overall in comparison to the Koss KSC75 reveals in the review. The Porta Pro has a far better more durable design, although not by much.

On the upside, the KSC75 is a bit more portable and has a rather more stable design if your purpose to use them for sports. The Porta Pro even has a better-balanced sound and an easier on-ear fit that you simply can wear for extended than the KSC75.

SpecsKoss KSC75Koss Porta Pro
Weight43 grams181 grams
Low-frequency Response62.59 Hz32.21 Hz
Product Dimensions16.51 x 6.35 x 16.51 cm14.22 x 6.35 x 18.29 cm
DesignEar ClipsOn-Ear
DiaphragmsTitanium-Coated DiaphragmsMylar Diaphragms

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Koss KSC75 Features Review

Build Quality

Though they’ll seem fragile initially, the Koss KSC75s headphones can withstand tons of abuse. The cups are made from hollow plastic with holes. The foam isn’t particularly soft but not particularly rough either.

The plastics of the housings aren’t particularly high-grade and therefore the clips do come off once during a while, usually, once they get snagged on something, but they’re easy enough to reattach. Long-term durability is superb and Koss’s excellent lifetime warranty deserves a nod here also. 

Ear hook design keeps headphones at the place. With the ear hook design, these are suitable for sports also. Just put them on, adjust the angle to fit your ears comfortably, and luxuriate in. Its super-lightweight structure will feel feather-like and therefore the ear hooks will make them stick with your ears even during fast, sweaty exercise.

Koss KSC75 design
Source – TheHeadphoneList

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Initially, they do feel awkward and not alright secured. The clips are often bent to suit your ears, and that they do stay alright. Very light and cozy for hours.

My ears can get sore from the clips after very long stretches but overall, they’re very easy to wear for an extended time – the clip-on design prevents headband pressure and therefore the open, foam-padded earcups don’t invoke sweat. There’s not much to mention about comfort since it’s such an easy design.

Koss KSC75 comfort
Source – Koss.com


Not good durability, but they’re cheap. There is no sweat protection or Kevlar reinforced cables, Koss KSC75 can still be used for understanding without worrying about breaking them because they’re so cheap.

Plastic exterior and metal internal parts bring the decent design more focused on keeping the worth low than anything.

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Great sound quality for the worth, rather balanced sound signature. The best thing about Koss KSC75 headphones is their sound quality. Some people compare these to headphones for $300 and more, this is often how good they’re.

The KSC75s really shine in openness and fullness of sound. For the worth they are doing almost everything right – instrument separation is surprising for a phone of this price, the midrange is full-sounding, and therefore the highs are present in quantity and may sparkle once in a while.

The bass is slightly muddy and unrefined and doesn’t extend particularly low, instead of creeping abreast of the lower midrange.

The sound is extremely balanced, with punchy bass and rather forward mids which creates a really natural, but musical and fun sound.

The 60 Ohm impedance means these are very forgiving and may be used straight out of virtually any source without hiss.

Koss KSC75 sound quality
Source – Koss.com


The Koss KSC75s headphones provide an unmatched combination of practicality, durability, comfort, and impressive sound characteristics at their price point.

They will also function as a (disposable) bridge into headphone modding, backup or gym set, or decent-sounding loaner phone. Everyone should own a pair or two. The general sound is forward and aggressive, with plentiful bass and treble.

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Koss KSC75 Specs

Model NameKSC75
Weight43 grams
Product Dimensions16.51 x 6.35 x 16.51 cm
Frequency Response15-25,000 Hz
Included ComponentsClips on headphones
Warranty Koss KSC75 comes with a manufacturer warranty


According to the Koss KSC75 review, these are in-budget on-ear headphones with a stable ear-hook design. They’re compact, portable stereophone headphones and can easily fit into your pockets.

The KSC75 has a decently balanced sound. They need an honest reproduction of Mid Range frequencies so instruments and vocals sound full and decently balanced throughout the combination.

They need a comparatively good Soundstage despite the tiny ear cups because of their open design which makes them an honest, budget option for neutral listening but they will not be the perfect headphone to buy for fans of Bass.


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