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JBL Reflect Fit Earphones Review

Advantages– As per my JBL Reflect Fit Review, it has a powerful bass with sculpted and high sound output. These come with a heart monitor which is easy to use. Comes with IPX5 approval which makes them sweatproof.

Disadvantage- Audio performance is not that appropriate. This has an extra secure fit which may feel uncomfortable for some.

The bottom line – These are great earphones with a secure fit and great sound output. Also supports heart rate monitoring which is great.

JBL Reflect Fit Earphones Review

JBL’s latest exercise-focused Bluetooth earphones come with a built-in heart rate monitor the earphones are priced under $150. These are moderately priced and work quite well. For the price, you pay to get the aforementioned monitor and great earphones. These gave clear sound and loud and powerful bass.

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Anyone seeking an accurate sound signature should look elsewhere—the audio here is sculpted, but it’s well-balanced, at least, and if bass helps motivate your work out, the added oomph here won’t disappoint. The fit is exceptionally secure, and the monitor can also be synced with various fitness apps.

The strong seal of the in-ears and the presence of a collar band may not be for everyone, but all in all, it’s another winner in the wireless exercise department from JBL, and it earns our Editor’s Choice award for its solid design, performance, and functionality.


These earphones are available in red, blue, black, or teal color. This reflects fit has a collar band that rests around the ear. The Reflect Fit has a collar band that rests around the lower neck. The reflective cables extend to the earpiece.

JBL Reflect Fit design

The exterior of the earphone is complete rubber and comes with an IPX5 rating. These are sweatproof and can be easily worn when you are in rain.

These come with three pairs of ear tips (S, M, and L), and also three pairs of stabilizing fins (S, M, and L). Also, these come with a circular zip-up pouch.

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On the left side of the earbuds, there is the plus-minus button for controlling the volume which also helps in track navigation. A long press on the minus button takes it back to the previous track and similarly, the right side takes it to the next one. Though this can be a bit confusing for some as the same button is working for two.

On the right side, there is a heart rate monitor. Also, there is a multi-functional button and also controls the playback and call management too.

The earpieces come with silicone tips and have separate fins too. These are fastened to the base of the earpiece. This helps in a stable fit and allows it to press the fins against the ear gently.

It comes with a 5.8 mm driver which delivers clear audio. The earpiece also has an internal heart rate monitor mentioned in my JBL Reflect Fit review.

App for JBL Reflect Fit

If you use the heart rate monitor you need to sync the monitor with the app. The reflects fit work with the MapMyRun and Endomondo. You need to download the apps if you want to access the information more in detail.

Mic Quality

The built-in mic gives ideal intelligibility. The mic offers a solid clarity, and voice output though the level of the sound can be a little low.

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Battery life of JBL Reflect Fit

JBL rates the Reflect Fit has a battery life of roughly 8 hours. But the result can vary on the volume level and the heart rate monitor working. If the heart rate monitor is off it gives 2 more hours to jam in. The Reflect Fit comes with a micro USB-to-USB charging cable.

Battery life of JBL Reflect Fit
Source- Headphonereview.com


These earphones come with intense sub-bass which is great for those workout sessions. The highs of the earphones ate quite notable and also have quite sculpted sound. The sound stage of the earphone is great these provide clear and easily noticeable sound space. There is plenty of high-frequency presents and the sound is sculpted. The heart monitor also works perfectly fine. You need to connect with the app and easily control the fitness-related settings.

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Driver Size5.8 mm
Frequency Range10 Hz to 22 kHz
Bluetooth ProfileA2DP 1.3, AVRCP 1.6, HFP 1.6, HSP 1.2
Frequency2.4 GHz (2402 to 2480 MHz)
Transmitter Power4 dBm
Battery Capacity200 mAh
Runtime8 Hours
Recharge Time2 Hours
Weight1.3 oz


As per the JBL Reflect Fit review, these earphones are not for the one audiophile are looking forward to. Also, these gave a sonic performance that is bass-forward and highly sculpted. These have a perfect balance of bass which won’t disappoint the ears. These have one of the most secure fits and are quite more stable. The heart rate monitor does work well. Overall, these are excellent earphones with high-quality audio performance and the design is ideal for ones who are into exercise.

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